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August 03 2004

More last minute guest changes for the Oakland convention. Juliet Landau and Robia LaMorte are out and Jenny Mollen is in. They are scrambling to find a replacement for Juliet.

Bummer this means none of the female vamps will be in attendance at the convention.

No writers listed as of yet but they did get Lee Stringer SFX Artist for Angel.

It must be a nightmare trying to organise these things. And I do like the suggestion of getting a Buffy or Angel writer to guest. Someone like Fury or Goddard.
Yeah it's a nightmare and that's why it cost so much to attend the smaller ones like Oakland. I will say that I am disappointed that they had all 3 female vamps and now they have none. Two of which are now doing a convention in Canada with Emma. I was actually promoting the convention to people at other conventions because of the 3 of them being there and then the Dru/Spike connection - it's been quite awhile since those teo have done a convention together - I guess now I have to wait until Halloween to see then at the same convention.
There was a blurb in Spin magazine about the Oakland convention. From my memory, it was something to the affect of "If the $275 Gold ticket doesn't allow you to meet, procreate with, and marry special guest James Marsters, it ain't worth it."

Can't say I disagree. A little disappointed by all the lineup changes that have happened, and will continue to happen, it seems, until the day of the convention.
Yeah, the problem is, we bought our tickets a month or so ago, because we want to meet James, Alexis and ASH. To us, those folks are worth the money. Now if all of them don't come for one reason or another, we're basically left holding worthless tickets. Or at least, not worth the $250 we paid. And looking at the frightful rate actors are dropping from this con, that's a real possibility. I'm not sure I'd pay that much money to meet and get an autograph from just one of those actors, but all together it's worth the money to us. I hope come August 28th, we're not left with meeting an ubervamp and a potential or something. I'll be mightily disappointed!

I guess now I have to wait until Halloween to see then at the same convention.

You hope! If she's got a new acting gig, I'd say anything in the next few months is up in the air!
So two of the actresses dropped out to do a different convention in Canada with Emma?

If that's true, maybe they're getting paid more and/or the idea of going to Canada as opposed to Oakland (and they're probably receiving first class tickets and lush hotel accomodations to boot) was irresistable.
Sheesh this con changes faster than the WB's schedule plans! Yeah all 3 main girl vamps are goners now. And I'm still only half convinced Nick Brandon is actually going to show up given his own personal troubles of late.

But as my wife said, James, Tony and Alexis are the main deal here. As long as they'll be there it's still cool. But we stil have 30 days to go.

Can't say Werewolf girl Nina does much for me either. Ah well, Juliet we'd miss anyway since she was sunday-only, and we already saw Robia at the Comicon I guess. But you can't help worry about what else is gonna happen.

Btw what about Adam Bush? He had to bail on the Comicon because of his band's tour, won't that be a problem for Oakland?
Agree, Rogue Slayer. I just have to remind myself of that. Plus, Nicky Brendon, original Scooby. It's just making me a lil nervous, is all.

And I found it here:

Looks like Emma, Mercedes, and Julie will be in Canada that very weekend. Ouch, that hurts. Anyone else want to speculate what the deal is? I really hope it's not as Oddjob suggested and they will get paid more, or the lure of Canada beats Oakland. A commitment is a commitment.

(and I hope this doesn't post twice, something went a bit wonky when I clicked submit last time)

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Man I feel so sorry for you guys! That must really suck, not knowing if the stars you paid to see are going to actually BE there. What a bait and switch! If I were in your position, and if none of the actors you paid to see actually show, I'd seriously consider suing. That is, unless they gave you a refund.

And look at the lame replacement! Nina? Please. Well hopefully the guys will honor their commitment and you'll have some cool fan moments. I'd love to see ASH and Alexis myself. James would be nice, but I actually feel like I've seen him, with all the pics and posts from those who have.
Not sure about Adam, but I did find it amusing that he was still being listed as attending Comic-Con even though his schedule with Co Ro would put him on the opposite end of the country.

If you do want to see Adam, he will be performing next Saturday(?) at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. And Danny's usually been at Co Ro's gigs as well.
RandyGiles, what is up with your posts? They show a date of Nov 30th? And they jump above all our posts. You're just trying to make yourself out to be the first in everything! This isn't AICN!! ; )
I've tried to put the posts in the right order. No idea what is going on.
Most of the actors don't drop out of UK conventions cause it's a free trip to the UK, although they may cut it short. Like Amy Acker who showed for a day at the convention even though she had work, and Andy attended a UK convention in June a few weeks out of the hospital, which he had canceled the Moonlight Rising appearance before and then the Oakland after he returned for the UK.

Mercedes and Julie left the Oakland con which they were orignally splitting with the Canadian convention. Julie was because she had work in Canada thus could make that con, then Mercedes was dropped because of picking up Clare Kramer, do to cost.

I have the Platinum ticket and one of my reasons was the 3 female vampires in attendance at the event - I have seen Tony before and James twice - Alexis was announced later and yeah he's a good reason for going but he wasn't my first reason for going.

Adam will be there because Common Rotation is doing a concert at the convention - unless he gets work. Then the concert will also be canceled.
Well, I didn't know the vamps were coming to my home town, Toronto.

Only way I knew this was to follow the link above. The "con" is not. It's a commercial comic and media expo, not fan-run, and it's been running for 10 years. So, draw your own conclusions.

That said, I cannot imagine the trio "pulling out" of the Oakland event without unassailable reason. What makes no sense is that they could be double-booked. Something must have fallen apart some time, somewhere. Or maybe deals "were not so solid."
"Cons", represent not just fan run but also commerical conventions, expos, and media signings. "Cons" are places where the celebrities meet the fans normally for autograph signings and some Q&A's. So the Canadian Expo does fall under the "Con" heading in the broader sense of the word.

It was Adam not the Trio that backed out of SDCC and for Adam his band's work would be concidered a working priority over the appearnce at the SDCC. In Oakland his band is preforming at the evenet so for him to back out it would require and acting gig, thus effecting the concert by his band as wll.
Hmm. Well, that kind of sucks. For me, as long as JM, ASH, and AD are there, I'll still be seeing the people I primarily signed up to see (NB would be great too, though he wasn't a guest when I bought the ticket). But I was looking forward to seeing Juliet Landau, and it's a bit disappointing she won't be there. I wonder who they'll get as a replacement? I'd love to see a Buffyverse writer as well, personally, though any of the Angel or Buffy actors would be cool.

I really hope all three of the Trio will be there - I'm really looking forward to seeing them.
Ok, I'm gonna bitch now. Turns out that the tickets we bought for $125 a piece for a 'deluxe' one day ticket at the Oakland con includes autographs from Saturday's headliners.....EXCEPT James Marsters! Isn't that nice? He's only signing for platinum and gold members or something. That sucks! We bought the ticket with the understanding that we'd get an autograph from all the headliners for that day, but now no James? He's my guy!! He's the one Ed and I most want to see(well, maybe me more than him a bit) and get an autograph from. Now we have to pay $80 extra for us to get autographs? What a rip off!
D'oh! You have my sympathies, Rogue Slayer! Well, if it's any consolation, I've been on the fence about going thus far, and my friends who've gotten Platinum or Gold seating have told me *not* to get General Admission because they feel it's too much of a rip-off.
Yeah, you get practically nothing for Gen Admission! But I don't know what else is left for the Con besides gen adm.
I have to give the organizers credit for substituting Robia with Jenny Mollen... someone a lot of fans have not seen yet (and the convention report that I recently read was very complimentary of her). I wouldn't mind seeing Sarah Thompson either, but somehow I think a lot of fans would be opposed to that given how "popular" Eve was, heh.

My point is that I don't mind going out of my way to see Whedonverse actors I haven't seen before. The Metro Entertainment signing later this month being another example (Amy Acker, Christian Kane, Sarah Hagan, Indigo, Clara Bryant).

Weren't there rumors about Alyson Hannigan making an appearance at the Oakland convention?

(Edit: Weird, I'm running into that November 30th bug now, but only after I edited a comment.)

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I just checked, and everything else is gone. Apart from the eBay auctions for tickets, I'm pretty much SOL at this point. :P
I still haven't quite figured out what comes with the (far too much) money I paid, since the website is a bit lacking in clarity for my taste. I figure I'll just get there, see what comes my way, and take what I get. And then be bitter when I find out its less than I expected since there are all those dandy extras for sale ($100 for a picture with the Trio, eep!) If not, we can always arrange a Hard Day's Night style chase around the hotel.

I've been so fortunate to not have to pay for accomadations at SDCC or Oakland, having been raised in San Diego and living up north. Danny Strong is welcome to come over and crash at my nearby pad any darn time.

If this post comes out dated in November, Happy Thanksgiving, Whedonesque!
Ed - I think I PM'd you at the Vulkon site let me know if you got it there site tends to be flakey at times.
"I still haven't quite figured out what comes with the (far too much) money I paid, since the website is a bit lacking in clarity for my taste."

That's puttin' it mildly..... I just love how they took Andy Halett's picture down, and on that same page still show his appearance schedule for saturday...

"I figure I'll just get there, see what comes my way, and take what I get. And then be bitter when I find out its less than I expected since there are all those dandy extras for sale ($100 for a picture with the Trio, eep!) If not, we can always arrange a Hard Day's Night style chase around the hotel. "

Yeahhh I'm with ya. I've never been to a Vulkon con but there's a distinct vibe of 'this much will get you in the building. This much will get you a seat. etc etc' and after that every glance at an actor seems to cost extra!;-)

"If this post comes out dated in November, Happy Thanksgiving, Whedonesque!"

Lol! Yeah there was an earlier post of yours I tried to answer to, but I didn't post it in november so it kept popping up above you. My fault for not waiting for november obviously.....

"Ed - I think I PM'd you at the Vulkon site let me know if you got it there site tends to be flakey at times. "

Sorry RavenU, missed you up there. I'll check for your message.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-08-04 08:46 ]
Wow. My last post became one of the 'November 30' crowd.....look for it higher up guys....RandyGiles and RavenU in particular since I was talking to you guys.
So it seems its the editing already posted comments that is making the November date/jump to the top of the page. Because Ed's post was properly dated and at the bottom, until he added a comment to RavenU. Same with mine this morning. Punishment for always needing to get in that extra word, I suppose.

All this talk has got me reading the Oakland forums and reading into it all a bit more closely. And that of course is making me seriously contemplate a photo session. Damn flimsy piece of plastic fake money, how you tempt me!! And of course, everyone in attendance who has seen my comic-con photos, I expect a great big hello. A hug too if you can handle my grip of excitement come happy weekend.

143rd reminder to self: poptarts and red vines for dinner do not a happy stomach make.
Randygiles if you check out the past con experiences thread I think you'll find some of the photo ops shared there then you'll really be cursing your plastic money.

And to your reminder I must say eewwww.
Thanks Raven, I'm beginning a thorough reading of the board. Just registered under the randygiles name and posted my own query as to people's experience with the photo sessions.

I saw your post about general admissions tickets not being allowed to get the photo opps, so I assume that means you won't be posing on James/Alexis/Tony's lap anytime soon?

And to your eewwww, I say it seemed like a good idea at the time! Delicious, even, to my sweet tooth. I totally forgot about that Angel's Weight Loss Challenge (no fair, blood diet makes you forget the tastyness that is food). Might not be a bad idea before this pajama party I see now taking place Sunday night in Oakland, haha.
143rd reminder to self: poptarts and red vines for dinner do not a happy stomach make.

Ahh, I remember my single days. Cold soup from a can....(cuz, hey, women still have SOME semblance of propriety) Old Chinese food or raviolli for breakfast...good times. Now that I'm married, the big lug expects actual food and stuff!

I can get behind the poptarts cuz...poptarts are god's gift to us. But redvines? Come on, where's the variety? Can't have two sweets for dinner! Unless the poptarts were dinner and the redvines were dessert, in which case it makes perfect sense!
Actually randygiles - I have Platinum to Oakland - so the photo with James is part of the deal and then I also have purchased a few others.
Rogue - LOL! Ya know, I thought about making it a theme event and having a hot pocket for dinner and the poptart for dessert (the theme obviously being something to the effect of "food with handy outer coverings"), but my roommate ate the last hot pocket (she will suffer), so the vending machine called my name.

Raven - Color my monster's eyes an extreme shade of neon green, you lucky gal.
randygiles - if you seen my photo ops then you know I will not be setting on anyones lap :)

I try to stay as far out of the pics as humanly possible.
EdDante's and Obbjobs posts should hopefully be in the right places now.

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