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August 03 2004

Unsatisfied Astonishing X-men review. #3 labeled "Shallower than Cordelia Chase"

The reviewer's big problems with the issue are:

1) The dialogue between Beast and Wolverine vis-a-vis The Mutant Cure.

2) The cliffhanger ending.

The second problem is ridiculous as he has absolutely no idea how Whedon is going to play it. Wait to see what happens before you start calling it a problem. As a cliffhanger I thought it worked well.

The first problem is a matter of preference, I suppose, but I found the situation to be insightful and realistic. I thought it was a very convincing display of the differences of philosophy between two X-men who have some important similarities (both have that feral nature inside of them, and both try to supress it) but never really interact. I think the personal exploration of McCoy's physical mutation is very powerful, and is even more powerful under the strength of Whedon's dialogue.

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I can't really disagree with this review much more than I do. I thought it (the issue/the scene) was spot on. /shrug

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I have no idea why everyone assumes Joss is bringing Jean back. It's her DNA, not her. I expect Our Little Cure Guinea Pig to be another focus point for the tensions around Jean's absence vs. Emma's presence, and the potential for this arc to actually lead to Scott's acceptance of the situation is more exciting than any Phoenix resurrection.

Cassaday's art fills in the gaps Joss leaves to subtext, especially with Hank/Logan. This review is pretty uninteresting to me.
First of all, Jean Grey/Phoenix is one of Marvel's "Big Guns" and given the track record for this publisher actually LEAVING the dead in peace I'd say it's entirely likely that the character will in fact be coming back. Killing her again was almost pointless in the first place, since by this time it's pretty much assumed that the damned woman is immortal. Marvel is terrified of actually allowing the status quo to remain permanently altered. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Joss has been given a "mandate" to bring Jean back somehow.

However, having said that I think that if it were completely up to Joss Jean would STAY dead. The cliffhanger of issue #3 shows Scott jumping to the conclusion that it's his dead (again) wife Hank is referring to. Nothing says he's actually right. Now it just so happens I've seen the first five pages of next issue, so I know at least THAT much of what comes next, but I'm not going to spoil anything. Truth be told it really doesn't answer the cliffhanger, I don't think. So just because Scott assumes Jean is coming back somehow, someway, doesn't necessarily make it so.

Personally I'd love it if it were someone else... Colossus, for instance. He sacrificed himself to end the Legacy Virus, so maybe that plays a role in him coming back.

And of course, as friarfunk stated above, it could just be Jean's DNA, not the living, breathing woman herself.

Bottom line, I say unless there's a specific directive from the Powers That Be at Marvel to bring her back unchanged, expect the unexpected from Joss. Highly unlikely he'd rely on old, cliche plot like that if he has the choice.
Wow that was a rather cranky and bitchy review. Interesting how the dialogue in the Logan/Beast scene clearly shows very feelings this reviewer finds lacking. Wasn't he reading the scene? "I used to have a mouth you could kiss!" seems perfectly in line with what this reviewer feels the moment should be about. The remark that refers to Nova's 'de-evolving' words also only underlines that very point. So, was about that. That was the point. Just read it. It's right there. Strange fellow...

As for Jean, well it's especially ridiculous to complain in a review about issue 3, that issue four will probably be badly handled even though we don't even have the slightest clue what's going to happen. Never heard of this guy's site before and doubt I'll want to visit it again.

Bringing back Jean...I'm not sure that's even what's going to happen. As you guys say, Hank was just talking about DNA. And Scott instantly says 'Jean' but then he would, wouldn't he? Could be Psylocke or Colossus for all we know.

If it is Jean and she is ressurrected, I won't mind as long as it's interesting. Her last death at Morrisson's hand was so underwhelming and clinical I won't mind if they let Joss restore her.
Well all i can tell you is that there have been definate hints dropped with regard to Betsy (Psylocke) coming back from the dead in the near future. Whether that is related to this storyline or she will return in a totally unrelated way i have no idea but her link to the Crimson Dawn has been heavily hinted at so i would guess that has more to do with her comeback than anything Hank is working on.

My guess/hope for a return would be Colossus. He was always a favourite of mine and i think he deserves a second chance at life as much as anyone.

Besides, we all know Jean will be back eventually anyway, right EdDantes ;)

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