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November 19 2002

(SPOILER) Even more Giles. And an very interesting spoiler too.

Tony told a fan two nights ago in L.A. that his character would be changing in ways nobody would expect.

Giles is one of my favourite characters and out of interest has anyone heard if Ethan is coming back? I miss him on the show.
Prol: changing as in shapeshifting, perhaps? If so, eek indeed!
Part of me wants Giles in a big bad role. For dramatic purposes a vamped Giles, in a uebervampish way, would be fantastic, ending up with Buffy having to either stake him... or find a cure for vamp-ness.

Cause that would give Giles more screentime. A. good. thing.

(bloody hell, did we just have "mosts posts in one day"?)

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The idea of Giles as a vampire (and being the big bad) is explored in the Lost Slayer Books. I've read the first one which sets up the story, its not too bad as Buffy books go.
Yeah, I've read the series, it's one of the better books out there, mots of them are pretty much lifeless. I also read that the Lost Slayer story was one of the possible endings for BtVS.

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