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August 04 2004

Spike TV movie mentioned on cover of new Angel magazine. And this is the UK version which is out on August 5th.

Just a pic of the cover seemed interesting. Going to try to find information to post later.

ShotgunWes I've changed your title to make it more meaningful (cause of our RSS feed).
I love how it's called 'All About Eliza' and yet she's standing BEHIND Angel??
Eliza gets the cover all to herself on the alternate cover *g*
The mag. is called Angel, so he appears in all the A-covers regardless the main feature :)
Ok, it's called Angel, but does he have to overshadow the coverstory? I think it should be called "All about Eliza being secondary to David" hehe
2.99 english is equivalent to what, exactly in canadian? 'Cause I know that I always have to pay 10.99 plus taxes for each magazine. :(
With a product that is available in your country, a straight up money conversion usually doesn't reflect what the price should be, since there are a whole bunch of other variables to be included in the final price. If you were buying it directly from the UK, then you would make the conversion, and then you say "ouch".

Last time I checked(last week), it was 2.43 Canadian for each BP.
Awesome. Thanks for that.
There is a US version which has the same articles a couple of months after the UK issue has come out from what I understand.
I don't think it'll have anything new. Its probably re-printing of older articles.
Well these days, anything that is in print form is usually 3 months behind the 'buzz' on the net anyway.
Funny seeing Illyria with a smile on her face.
Second that, Ubqtous.

It took me about thirty full seconds to figure out what Spike TV might have to do with Angel. I'm so lame.

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