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August 04 2004

Superslayer con in Oakland changing again. Update. After one day Robia's replacement Jenny Mollen has been replaced by Brigid Conley Walsh. Jenny got a job but Vulkon has asked and are still waiting to hear if Drew Goddard will agree to appear. They are also waiting to hear on Juliet's replacement, which they hope to be Nathan Fillion. As well as a couple more potential additions.

"We have also asked a young lady by the name of Brigid Conley Walsh who played wesley's love interest "Virginia Bryce" for 4 episodes on Angel the series, as well as the evil witch Tuatha on Charmed (Episode That Old Black Magic) plus was also a vampire in Kindred the Embraced the TV series (Kindred was my favorite vampire/werewolf show until Buffy and Angel. It was an awesme show and only cancelled because the lead of the series died in a motorcycle accident).
I should know about Drew and Brigid today.
You will all owe me a drink or three at Oakland I think?"

Ok, just taking a moment to sing the praises of RavenU!! You're the coolest gal ever in the whole world of the net!! I won't specify the HUGE favor she did for Ed and I, but needless to say it made my day in a Marsters way!! :) You rock!!
Heh, I'm pretty sure I can guess what it was. Congrats. :)

As for booking Nathan Fillion, that would be quite a coup for Vulkon. Gina's done Creation conventions but I can't remember if Nathan has (maybe in the U.K.?). I'm surprised they're talking about this stuff so openly before it's confirmed though.
I'm more interested in the really important news: Jenny Mollen is dating Drew Goddard?
Jenny Mollen is dating Drew Goddard?

I think they've been an item for a while, electricspacegirl. I saw a fan-taken photo from the last PBP (the Wolfram & Hart one, I think) where they were posing together. Very friendly-like. :)
That's not really news. :) I'm pretty sure somebody brought it up back when "Unleashed" aired.
I also read in a convention report that she was up for one of the Global Frequency roles. It would've been odd if it was the same role that Amber Benson was in the running for as well.
Ooh! Drew Goddard and Nathan Fillion? That would so kick ass. Crossing my fingers they manage to get them.

Hmm. Some odd wiring in my brain makes it so that I seem to be more interested in the male guests than the female guests for this convention. And what a fine group of male guests it is! =)
Noooo not Nathan! Because then I would have to go, and all the good packages are sold out, which is good, because I couldn't afford it anyway.
Yay Nathan! Hm well IF Nathan appears I do hope he manages more than just Sunday? Seeing how as we're only there on Saturday. But since he'd be replacing Juliet who was only scheduled for sunday....hmmm...that would suck.

Oh and did we mention how much RavenU rules the 'verse?
Ack - Ed you were suppose to keep that a secret from Rouge and surprise her with it closer to the event. :P

I know they seem a bit more open about getting some people but I know they have been negositating will Nathan for monthes. Ever since Morena was at Cleveland and Nathan called her and asked her about her convention experience while she was there. Nathan has done 3 cons that I know of so far - LA Comic con last Dec, a Starfury con a few monthes ago, and then the SDCC just a few weeks ago. This would be his first solo outing at a convention (ie no other Firefly members in attendance).
"Ack - Ed you were suppose to keep that a secret from Rouge and surprise her with it closer to the event.

Guess you didnt get my mail. Really, I had to tell her, or she would've ordered more than we needed if you know what I mean.

Oh and Nathan was at the SDCC last year too. Unnanounced. He just went with Joss and they both signed at the Dark Horse booth. But he didn't speak onstage though, so I don't know if we can really count it in that list.

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Uh suddenly my post is november 30th again. RavenU, I'm answering you at the top of the thread. Man what is up lately.
Just kidding Ed - she would have found out soon enough when she got the e-mail from Joe. So either way I couldn't keep it a secret for long either. However next time I may not let you know if I am up to something that far in advance. :P
Will this be Alexis Denisof's first appearance at a con since Angel was cancelled?
Yes and I think this is his first US appearance at a convention, not including the PBP which I think he has been at in the past a couple of times.
Well then, I for one would be most interested to hear what Mr Denisof has to say so here's the deal. That Sunday night, I'll post a thread so people can post their reports like what we did for Comic-con. And I'll do one for Joss at Wizard World as well.

I don't want to do threads for every Buffy con but this two are pretty darn big. And I get the feeling that this could be the last big Buffyverse con of its kind in the States.

Oh and we have a facility at Flickr for uploading pics.
Any limits on the photo uploads, like size or quanity.
That I am not sure about, you would have to check.
OK, we're going for the whole weekend and I'm willing to try a report. Is Vulkon ok with taping speakers? I know from college that I can not take notes and listen at the same time. Any advice on taping would be appreciated.
I don't think they 'allow' video or audio recording, but I could be wrong. But ya know, 'allow' is such a subjective word.... ;)
You are not allowed to video or audio James Marsters but other than that no other actors who have current restrictions on audio and video at this time - that could change before or at the event.

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