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August 05 2004

"Jaye" and "Sharon" do yack tracks for Wonderfalls DVD. Producers of Wonderfalls decided to re-record 3 episode commentaries to get Caroline Dhavernas and Katie Finneran on the record. It looked like it was fun. See the kooky photos!

Yesssss! This is one disc I'm really looking forward to.

Wow, that's great! It's good that they make a lot of bonus material when every single episode has leaked onto the net..
They're thinking about a Wonderfalls movie? Cool. Always think big.
A Wonderfalls movie would be awesome. (Though as with Firefly I'd prefer a new season, but I'll take what I can get, especially since Wonderfalls was cut down much earlier than Firefly and had less chance to build any sort of fanbase) Just need to dvd sales to go well. I shall certainly be importing a set (since there's no sign of Wonderfalls being shown over here (UK) which makes a dvd release somewhat unlikely)

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