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August 05 2004

Sims2 Fan designs Buffyverse characters. Not exact look-a-likes...but fun none the less.

We have a Buffy set of Sims characters for the first Sims on our computer that I downloaded a couple of years ago! What a blast it was to set them all up in a house together! I kept having Buffy flirting with both Angel and Spike and Angel and Spike would do that very girlish slap fighting with each other that always cracked us up! Here's a link that has the ones I have (I think -because some of them look a little different - they might've been updated). It also has more of them then when I originally downloaded. Lorne in the hot tub was weird because when he was in a bathing suit his body was normal colored but his neck, face and hands were all green.

Here's the link:

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My daughter was surfing...excited about the upcoming release of Sims2...and stumbled across some of our favorite characters...SimsStyle!!!
Ha! How cute! They put Willow in her hot little hottie costume!

"Who IS that girl?"
those were actually pretty good. The overal look of the characters was caputered especially Spike.
They look like the Manson gang.....
There used to be really good skins at, but it has since turned into a paysite, and I wasn't going to shell out cash for a game. That's just me.

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