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August 05 2004

BtVS Complete Series 1 To 7 DVD Box Set (R2). Well it had to happen. According to the HMV website, the boxset will be out in November of this year at a price of just under one hundred and fifty pounds. No other details available at this time.

I can't see it having new features but it'll probably have new packaging like what they do for those Bond DVD boxsets. And it'll probably come out in North America as well.

But hey it's one of those ideal Xmas presents. Mutters some more stuff about Fox milking the Buffy cash cow dry.

Its probably like The X-Men Collection in the U.S. all the same content, but in new packaging(and maybe) new disc art.
Anyone enough of a fan to want this is already going to have the DVDs.... Who's going to buy it?
Me - because I knew there'd be one eventually and so held off buying the DVDs and just got them out of the video store when needed. Might save me a coupla bucks. Goshdarn I'm cheap.
Geez that boxed set will be HUGE. I already have the seasons, except seven, so I won't be purchasing it. Man, for that price, they should include a ticket to a con or something. Maybe a free t-shirt.

giles, you have much more patience than I. I love owning the Best Show Ever. I could never have waited this long.
I would. I own no Buffy or Angel DVDs. I don't even have episodes on tape. It seems a better deal to do it this way.
No doubt. It really is. Seems like it's around 2 free seasons. Quite a deal if you can quell the nagging voice of the collector inside you that must. have it. NOW!

Those who can are made of sterner stuff than I... (hats off)
I picked up S7 R2 for about 50 pounds including shipping which
was about $95 when the VISA bill came in. The other seasons
were about the same +/- 5 pounds. So 200 pounds sounds much
better than 350 to me...
There are people who have held out for the full box set?!?!

I bow to the strength of your will. The release date of every season of Buffy and Angel is set on my calendar so that I won't possibly miss one and have to suffer one extra day without it.

Giles & Allyson. Wow. You guys are made of tough stuff. :)
I Could Never wait that long.
Not really tough. I get weirded out by the notion that if you're a big fan, you must have the DVDs. I've got the Wonderfalls and Firefly DVDs, but neither series meant as great a deal to me as Buffy and Angel. Which might be why it's difficult to rewatch them.
I can't WAIT for Wonderfalls. Everytime a Buffy or Angel or Firefly DVD Boxset was released, I'd have to run straight to HMV to pick it up. You've got to have a threshold of patience to not have collected so far! :|
Personally i have way too much money and not enough sense so despite already owning all seven seasons on DVD i'll be buying this as well.

If nothing else now it means i can have a set with both the upstairs and downstairs entertainment systems thus saving on the constant use of the stairs to fetch them when they aren't conveniently next to the tv i'm watching lol.
Darkest Soul: Since you have too much money, you need to store all your DVDs on hard disk (could also add all your music files too). Put monitors in all your entertainment systems and then use a remote to select what you want. We have the technology!
I would consider it. I only have the S1, due financial issues and the fact they only released up to 3rd season here in Brazil.

I've even considering importing all the rest of the boxes.
hmm showing as 149.99 now
Thanks for that zeigeist, I'll amend the subject line accordingly.
I've never been that strong. I have the BtVS & Angel DVD release dates circled in red on the calendar. Speaking of which, has anyone heard of the BtVS season seven in region 1 release date? Keep hearing Oct,2004 but I'm still not picking up anything on the vendors.
I also have the dates circled and the second they come up for pre-ordering I order them. I wouldn't have had the patience to wait for a complete set even if I had known that was a possibility, which it never occurred to me. Compared to other shows out there I've always thought that Buffy, Angel and Firefly were reasonably priced.
When it comes to buying TV-shows-on-DVD, I'm more about getting my hands on stuff that either isn't normally available where I am (like HBO shows such as Six Feet Under, though I've wisened up and subsribed to the Canadian HBO-carrier, The Movie Network), or something I missed a whole bunch of episodes for during its original run (Futurama). Firefly had unaired episodes and extras that I wanted to see, plus I wanted to support the show in hopes of getting more series/a movie.

Pretty much a diehard Buffy/Angel fan since the first season (most of Buffy Season 7 was rough though, ouch), but I've held out. I knew they'd have a complete boxed series eventually. I was also holding out 'cause the lack of extras on the earlier seasons was disappointing. Where're the deleted scenes/outtakes? They didn't start having those until Season 5 (on the Region 1 versions at least). I know Joss has gone on record before saying that he didn't really want deleted scenes included, that what we saw aired was the final, complete finished product and that's how he wanted us to view the episodes...but still. Deleted scenes are a huge selling feature on DVDs for me.

Plus I was imagining them doing something more than just plastic-wrapping all seven boxed sets. I dunno why, but I was imagining an over-the-top polished wood keepsake box or metal tool-box-shaped thing, maybe something show-themed. Yeah, it'd be overpriced and unnecessary, but I'd probably go for it.

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