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November 20 2002

BtVS 7x08 "Sleeper". The link goes to the "Spike feed" this time. It's a wildfeed summary, focussing on Spike. (Spoilers for those outside of North America)

I don't read it very often because it really doesn't say a thing about an episode and I'm not obsessed with Spike, but I thought I'd feature this site for a a change.

Not the most exciting episode, I thought. I can't remember much of it and I've seen it twice! Perhaps it would have been more insteresting if I hadn't been spoiled for it. TWO Spikes? Yawn. 30 seconds of Giles? Unfair. And he's not dead. Cause... well, he's not.

At worst, he'll be Nearly Headless Giles.

Loved the Anya/Spike scene... even if it seemed to be in slow motion.

Nearly Headless Giles? LOL. If there was a 'post of the week' that would get MY vote.

This episode intrigued me, sort of in a Rubik's Cube Puzzle way. I kind of understand what is going to happen, but it's on the tip of my brain and when I try to get it, I can't. Make sense?

Perhaps it is the sense of familiarity that this whole season has been displaying, intentionally I am sure.

I love that 'something is in the air'----do you think they'll have Phil Collins in for February Sweeps singing that song? ;)

So, just WHO is killing the future Slayers and their Watchers??? Hmmmm....

The Lady Pele, still chuckling over Prolific's Nearly Headless Giles
Did anyone else get a Christmassy vibe off the episode? When Spike's walking through the shopping mall and all the people are out... it looked like it was cold out and they were shopping for the holidays. Not exactly what I imagine California to be like right now, but then I've never been to California.
Yes! California is just like that. I can't go to a club without bumping into Aimee Mann, either. ;-)

I was totally sucked into the "is he or isn't he" theme of the episode. But, then, I'm a slobbering fan, so....

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