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August 06 2004

Angel CD Soundtrack Update. Robert Kral tells that the "Angel album looks like a go: nearing final stages of completion" but that it will not be released in the United States. A decision which will disappoint many fans.

Ah, well... that's what is for. (That, and hard-cover non-"translated" editions of the HARRY POTTER series.)

Canada: It makes you proud to be a North American.

PS Thanks very much for posting the news, Simon.

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This site has information about the differences between US and UK versions of the HP books. Scroll down a little and there are links for each book. (It's mostly just the changing of certain Britishisms to US terms. For example 'roundabout' to 'carousel.')

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We knew it probably wouldn't be released in the states, but hearing it officially still sucks. I guess I'll have to import it or download it.
Well at least U.S. fans can import the CD. It's good to be British

Nadia to win! (Shell to come in second)
I hope Australia gets a release
I don't get it, but it still shouldn't be that hard to get in the US. Online or Ebay, for example. I wonder what the release date will be???
How utterly odd. I'm frequently mystified at the kinds of decisions "The Suits" make. Still, I'll pony up and then hope that they'll go ahead and make a "songs" album.
It reminds me how US version of Radio Sunnydale got less songs than the versions released in the rest of the world, which were similar to the british ones.

Hope they'll release it here in Brazil.
As Lorne might say, that doesn't make a lick of sense.

None of it.
Would it have anything to do with licensing rights and the WB? And some one pointed out elsewhere would it end up on iTunes?
Dammnit, why are US 'Angel' fans treated like the freaking red-headed stepchild at a family reunion?
Pardon the expression but "That Bites" !
AncientMagicks, not to mention sucks, too.
Right Chris in Virginia! Took a clue from bookrats and already tucked away the website. I'm willing to let them "bleed me dry" - for the shipping - as long as I can get it!
Here's hoping they won't make us wait too long.......
If we have the Whedonesque-Con talked about elsewhere, any Canadian attendees can bring a stack of these....
Hey! I helped with this! Okay. That's overstating things. I got a call from Angel production before it shut down to give them contact info for Darling Violetta. "Allyson, do you know how to get in touch with the band who does our theme?"

I was tickled.
Have the Whedonesque-Con in Toronto and everyone who comes can pick up their own copy.
(Personal agenda? What personal agenda?)
Allyson, you should get your own personal copy.
I hope Canada gets a release.I bet they will, for sure.
Whedonesquers in Toronto, that me and Lioness and ??? !!!
Lets do the Serenity party thing!
Also a Torontonian. :)
Simon, I suspect you're correct with the licensing conflict. A real shame when these matters affects the actual target market. Go figure. Numfar PTB, I've both the US and UK versions of "Radio Sunnydale". The UK version is a much better value for the money.
I still think they need to include Angel singing Mandy, Fred singing Crazy, Cordy's inimitable version of The Greatest Love of All, and Cordy, Wes and Gunn doing We are the Champions!

Hey, a fella can dream, can't he...?
Bookrats - are the US version of the Harry Potter books different? If so, I didn't know that - thought they were the same exact books. Fill me in on some of the differences if you could because I might want to buy some from the Canadian site myself.
Redfern, You're on! Christopher, want to come? Who else is from Toronto?

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