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August 06 2004

Without a Paddle - "Why, Seth Green, why?". David Mumpower laments Seth Green's choice of film roles.

“The talented actor who was soufully laconic on Buffy the Vampire Slayer has followed that show by making a slew of heinous films.”

Scroll to the bottom of the article for the Seth Green bit

Hey, what about "Italian Job". Pretty Hollywood, but I liked it.
I, too, thought Seth was great in The Italian Job.

I haven't seen Scooby Doo 2 or Without a Paddle, but if Seth is enjoying his career then more power to him.
True Ubqtous, getting paid AND having fun. Sounds good to me!
I thought the movie looked stupid.
I think Seth Green can do MUCH better than "Without a Paddle", But, That is just my opinion.
I'm not sure how good the movie will be, but I will go see it. i just love Seth Green, heck I'd watch him watch paint dry. He's just got that *something* about him.
I saw an advance screening of Without a Paddle, and I thought it was a riot. I mean, sure, it's really campy and fairly's not a good movie, but if you look past that, it was kind of fun. As long as he's doing work he enjoys, I say more power to him.
They showed a clip of it on the Today show and it featured him and I thought that particular scene was really funny. I don't mind movies that are just supposed to be silly and funny. The Austin Powers movies were like that and they were a huge hit.
I don't mind movies that are just supposed to be silly and funny.

Yes! Sometimes it is nice to just come away from a movie with a smile on your face—an experience not always provided by “thinkers” ;)
Almost too obvious to point out, but many of the Buffy alumni have made trashy but very enjoyable flicks, and it doesn't appear to have deep-sixed their careers . . . yet (tfoo-tfoo, knock on wood, etc). I mean "Bring It On", "Cruel Intentions", the first "American Pie", heck, I even enjoyed "Eurotrip".

Has anyone looked at Seth's filmography on IMDB? He's been in 55 projects since the age of 10. The guy is pro-lif-ic, and yet he doesn't seem to have worn out his welcome. I'd say he's set for a lifetime of smaller yet endearingly quirky and memorable roles. (However, gotta say that, for me, he'll never improve on "Joe" in "Radio Days". Right up there on my greatness list.)
Uh, while Without a Paddle might not be the greatest movie ever made... the guy does seem to be looking forward to Aliens Versus Predators and Anaconda 2. Both of which I wouldn't go to see if you paid me.

I would say, whatever floats your boat, but that would be a horrible pun in light of the name of Seth's movie :)
OMG, MegL42, too true. I was struck at the convention, as I am struck upon every visit to AICN, by the number of fans who seem to just eat up any terrible sci-fi action movie so long as it has jarring jump and slam cuts, incredibly thudding soundtrack, and cuteish hero(ine). Let's forget about characters and scripts, or any attempt to create an internally-consistent world, shall we?

Before SMG's panel, previews for "Anaconda 2" and "Resident Evil 2" were shown. The former was largely jeered, but the latter was applauded by most of the audience. IMHO it looked bloody awful. Wow! there's Jovovich smashing through a church window on a motorbike toting big handguns! Must be great!

In my bleakest moments, I feel like movies have now been so thinly sliced into so many genres that almost *any* movie can be considered great "of its kind", e.g. "this is a great big-snake-in-river with bloody-awful script and shoddy-camerawork flick" or, as Mumpower referred to "Little Black Book", "this is a great snooping-into-sexual history of SO but-it-isn't-Shakespeare only formulaic-comfort-zone" romantic comedy. Even by his own words it sounds just crap, but Mumpower then tells us that, "as a romantic comedy whore", it's what he wants to see?! Does the man have *any critical faculties* at all?

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