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August 06 2004

TWoP's 2004 Tubey Awards. Angel, Wonderfalls, and related actors, objects and plot situations are nominated in various categories, even a few of the negative ones.

Yes yes, I'm aware most of you hate TWoP, but since there's voting involved, here's a chance to give them a piece of your mind... figuratively.

Yes yes, I'm aware most of you hate TWoP-

I'm actually registered there and I can only speak for myself but it isn't so much that I "hate" it, it's just that they run the place with such a totalitarian-like approach and moniter opinions with an iron fist, it's like I'm serving a need for self-importance by voting in their "hardy-har-har! Garsh, am I clever!" catagories.

Those are just my feelings on it, but I care enough about Angel, so I did it. Plus I always remember they are just doing it for a paycheck and they say they do like the show.

No AA in Fav Actress? No VK or CC in Fav Guest Star? *sigh*

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I specifically looked for Charisma and Amy. However, the overviewers didn't seem to happy with those, so I'm not surprised others are deprived of the choice. Unfortunately, that happens with alot of polls, though. Bleah.


"Ho-yay"? Of course thats going for Angel!

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Voting ends tomorrow. Earlier this week when I voted, I made sure to vote for Angel in all the categories it was in..but (don't stone me!) I voted for Dead Like Me as having the best opening credits over Angel.
It was fun to vote in this but it just reminded me that I don't watch enough television. I made sure I voted for Angel as much as possible (except for the "worst of" categories). I certainly voted for the WB as being the worst network meddlers, those bastards.
"Yes yes, I'm aware most of you hate TWoP"

Okay, I voted but should I feel guilty now? Anyone got the boilerplate pronouncement on TWoP. I never go there actually but got linked to the voting thingy. Yah, I'm sticking with that . . .

Us fireflyers would give Fox the nod in the meddlesome network Hall of Shame. And, yes, I also love the Dead Like Me credits.
We don't actually hate TWoP here and there's a fair number of TWoP posters who read Whedonesque so watch your language in future. I don't want this thread turned into a site bashing thread.
No AA in Fav Actress? No VK or CC in Fav Guest Star? *sigh*
Angel gets a lot of love over on TWoP. Here is an entry someone did for the recent Banner Ads Pixel Challenge we had. It actually brought tears to my eyes.
eddy, no stoning required, "Dead like Me" is a good show. Looking forward to the second season DVD release.
I'm glad somebody posted this--I was going to post it the other day, but when I got to my computer I could not remember why I was there.

I actually love TWOP. But I understand how their "accentuate the negative" mentality can lead to negative vibes when it comes to recaps of our favorite shows. At least a few times, though, the recappers of the good shows have clarified that they love the shows a good deal more than their tagline allows them to let on. So, keeping that in mind, I have a good time at their site. But the Angel recaps aren't my favorite, anyway--it's all about 7th Heaven, really. And, before the truth serum wears off, I'll also have to admit that I voted for the Dead Like Me credits. The other nominees in that category would do best to fear the reapers...

Oh, and unlike electricspacegirl, voting for this made me realize that I watch way too much TV. Way too much...
Everyone vote for Puppet Angel for Best Performance of an Inanimate Object! lol
Simon >>> Sorry, totally not my intention. It's just that people here who don't like TWOP seem to be more outspoken, so I gave a slight disclaimer. I actually do like them, so there. :D I'll try to be more neutral on my next posts.
For the record: I run this place and I love TWOP.

(Well, Simon does most of the running this place, and Milo built it, but it's my baby, anyway.)
Cabus no worries :).

Caroline hope you're enjoying your hols :).

I have to say one of my favourite TWOP moments was the banner they had for Firefly ages ago. Had a cartoon pic of Nathan dressed as Caleb saying "The things I do to keep flying".

Do they keep an archive of the banners at TWOP? I would so love to see it again.
I wish to take a moment to thank Caroline for this site. I've checked all the BtVS and Angel sites, but none compare to Whedonesque. It's the best. That's my word.
"Everyone vote for Puppet Angel for Best Performance of an Inanimate Object! lol"

Heh, done.

And hey, isn't it cool how I time-traveled to November and posted my previous comment? :P
Wonderfalls, I see, was nominated in both the Best New Show and Worst New Show categories! LOL.

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