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August 09 2004

More promising details about Wonderfalls DVD. There will be commentary tracks on 6 episodes, behind the scenes doc, gag reel, 'full music video' (of title song, I assume), and way more.

Is this still set for a December release, because in the newest Entertainment Weekly there's a small bit on what would have happened in the show had it not been cancelled (Jaye's sister would have become pregnant with a miracle child in season 2 apparently) they say that the DVDs now set for January '05. I hope that's wrong, I'd think a DVD like it would sell a lot better if it was released in time for Xmas.

They also say that a movie is a possibility, I'd reckon that's probably just wishful thinking, as were the rumors about a Roswell movie that were going about shortly after the first season's DVD release, personally I can't see a Wonderfalls movie working that well, the concept doesn't lend itself that well to a 2 hour big screen adventure.
I asked Bryan, and he says as far as he knows, the release date is still December 7 and the EW thing was a misprint. We'll let you know on the site if that changes.

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