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August 09 2004

Final Cinescape X-Men Poll Results tabulated. Not a surprise to anyone who has been following the Cinescape poll on who should direct X-Men 3. Joss Whedon named as favorite by a significant margin.

Practicallity also plays a part in this if they want to release in what is it, 2006? They need someone on board in probably the next 6 months if not sooner.

Del Toro is tops on my list. I merely liked Hellboy after seeing it in the theater, but after having devoured the Hellboy DVD and all the extras and commentaries, I think he is a genius and that movie has moved way up my favorites list. Unfortunately (or fortunatly) according to IMDB, Hellboy 2 is slated for a 2006 release, so he is right out too.

If principal for Serenity gets finished on schedule, Joss could be free to do an Xmen film, unless he already has something lined up... An he would obviously do a great job as well!

We can hope!


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Not that an online poll really means much, but the idea of Joss doing the moviefication of the Dark Phoenix story really makes me gleeful.
I think online polls are a good indicator of what the fans of any given genre are feeling.

Granted, they are far from scientific, no control over so many variables, but they do accurately show big major percentages. I mean, someone has to be voting, hitting those buttons, and I'd like to think my opinion counts a little. I don't think that anyone bases any business decisions on these little polls, although it might make someone go "huh"- Mal, Oz.

And can I get a Yay, Joss!?

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