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August 10 2004

Andy Hallet thank you card. Scan of handwritten reply from Andy Hallet, thanking a group of fans for the cards they sent.

I'm posting this courtesy of RavenU, hopefully she can provide more insight into the specific card campaign this refers to.

Andy seems like such a sweetie. Can't wait to meet him someday.

Thanks for posting this randygiles - This was in response to cards that were sent to Andy after a couple of rescent conventions.

If you want to see some of the cards - I did take some photos of them before the were sent off - click here.
Were these the cards we signed at the registration table in Tampa?
Sowwy for not posting the link RavenU, didn't check mail or messages lately. But Randy Giles did better. Cool thing to get I imagine! Yeah Andy sounds like a real nice guy, extra sorry he can't be at the Vulkon Con.
RavenU: Thanks for posting those pics. I got to find my little 'get well son' message and everything.
:( I looked for my message but couldnt find it. Ah well.
spring: They aren't from Tampa. They're from Lake Harmony, PA.
I saw on one of the cards that Stephanie Romanov signed it (very nice of her, so glad she's going to Oakland), as well as Iyari Limon. I imagine others signed too, but I'm just too tired to look! Did any other Buffy/Angel folks sign the cards for Andy?
Yeah they all Signed in some cases more than once,I'm surprised you didn't seeJames Marsters on all 3.

Spring - I have the Tamps ones just not online yet.
RavenU, I will personally spank Ed today for not staying on top of things.

I think that's very cool that the actors signed. And, of course, very cool that Andy sent a personal thanks. I think one of the reasons he can't get better sooner is that he's trying too hard to attend cons and not rest! He does love the fans.
Messages from the other headliners included on the cards (if you couldn't find them);

James Marsters - "Stay." - "Andy, I love you." - "Andy, don't die. I need you."
Iyari Limon - "All my love I send you and lot's of positive energy, you're in my thoughts." - "We miss your wonderful presences, not the same with out you. XXOO"
James Leary - "Good excuse, ohh ... I have a heart condition. Get Well !!!" - "Love you Andy. Get Well!!!"
Adam Busch - "Take care offff yourself."
Danny Strong - "Andy - Wish you were here. You complete me."
Tom Lenk signed the cards with a drawing of a heart beside his name.
Stephanie Romanov - "I knew it couldn't be just the booze! I'm sending a lot of love your way and prayers! OXOX"

There may be more but those are the ones I can find.

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