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August 12 2004

Christophe Beck Composing Elektra Score. Chris Beck who composed the Buffy and Angel love theme is also going to be composing the score in Elektra.

I _really_ wish that the rumours, so long ago, had been true about Eliza playing Elektra.
herb: yeah! I think I wrote on my first post here (which was duly, and properly, ignored, since it was a thread about Eliza and Black Cat talk) about Eliza being the ideal Elektra - the cheekbones, the hair, the complexion, the eastern Med ancestry. Jennifer Garner - nice looking, good actress and all that, but Eliza *is* elektra.
I agree, Eliza would have been great, but keep in mind if you play similar characters for too long, you get typecast. Faith and Elektra are pretty damn similar. Then there's her role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And Soul Survivors (not exactly a bad girl, but a leather wearing pusedo baddy). It's understandable why Eliza would avoid the project (if she was even offered it in the first place.

At least Marvel came to their senses before they hired Lucy Liu, who was originally rumored to play the part.
Lucy Liu would have been a cool Lady Deathstrike. But the girl they got put in a good performance, so can't complain there.

Still waiting for Iman to step into Storm's boots. She's so perfect. She looks exactly like the artwork. She's uber-tall, a little older, and she has Storm's African accent.
Whoops! Electra thread and I'm talking X. Sorry gang, got confused...
Still, Iman as Storm would be quite a coup.
My fan-boy friends want to see Thandie Newton take over the part of storm, which works perfectly for me.

After Tru Calling, I've lost the Eliza-love, so to speak. I'm perfectly happy to see Jennifer Garner in the role of Elektra. She may not have the right hair and nose, but at least she's got an acting range that extends beyond blank stares and a tough girl 'tude. Plus, Garner works really, really hard on every project she does....ahem. I'll just stop there.

Happy to see Christophe Beck on this project as well. I'm hoping this will be a better film than Daredevil was.
wren, glad to see another Garner fan around here. :) I've always been more of a fan of Elektra than Daredevil and the only reason I sat through the Daredevil movie was to see Jennifer as Elektra. Seeing as how they're using two classic Mark Miller Elektra stories as the basis for the screenplay, it should be a decent movie, but you never know.

As for Storm in the X-films. I thought Halle changed her tune and said she'd be open to a third movie based on a script, whereas right after X2 came out she said she was out of the franchise. Did she go back to saying she wouldn't do X3? If so, maybe Catwoman turning out to be a bomb would make her change her mind (again).
Well I for one hope Halle sticks with her earlier conviction. She's a wimpy Storm. Storm is righteous and STRONG! She's regal and elegant and can just whoop ass. Imagine Iman in a cape and big white wig throwing up her arms and summoning up a tornado. Now THAT's a comic book image.

Halle acts like she's doing us a favor by being there. Her ho-hum delivery is wearing. Plus she's like what? 80 lbs.? Storm's a big gal. (muscle-wise)
Willowy, I agree that Halle wasn't exactly the best Storm, but I think part of it had to do with how it was written. But, I agree, I hope they do get a new, better Storm.

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