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August 12 2004

Attn Cdns: Vision TV picks up Wonderfalls for fall sked. All 13 eps to air starting Oct. 4. Yay! Unfortunately, it's a higher tier cable channel (60 in Toronto).

This is oddly strange for a multi-faith channel, but then again, when you parse the channel's blurb, it makes some sense

Holy crap, we've turned into Variety :P.
Spice of life and all that. :-)
Hooray! Not a station I usually watch but I'll make an exception in this case.
The episodes are all now available on bittorrent for those with high speed connections.
All available? I've still got one missing, I've only watched 10, Lying Pig has terrible sound, too bad to watch, and the picture for Caged Bird is rubbish, which was annoying because it took ages to download.
Gee, I want to be Canadian!
Channel 60? I've got to get the word out or nobody's going to know about this but YAY! It feels pretty damn good to be Canadian. :)
Vision!? That's Canada's original ReligionTV! Hahahaha! Also, YAY!
Hahaha, yeah. Some of the programmes on that channel make me laugh. But Wonderfalls: YAY!

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