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August 12 2004

Seth Green Had a Run-In With Andy Dick on Wednesday. "Dick... tried to kiss any man or woman he bumped into, including 'Austin Powers' actor Seth Green... Green was [later] overheard sputtering, 'That guy tried to kiss me,' as Dick was hauled past him."

Should I have heard of Andy Dick before? I must confess not to knowing who he is.
He's probably best-known for his role on Newsradio, but he's currently involved with a reality series on MTV called The Assistant.
You know that petrefied look deers have when got in headlights? Well that was me looking at Andy Dick's resume. I was thinking "I have never heard of any of these shows". He obviously wasnt one of those Americans who has made it big in the UK. Bit like Dave Matthews really.
I don't even think he's made it big in the US. I haven't heard of most of the films and shows on his credits, either, and the only reason I know who he is is because he's one of the more obnoxious B/C level celebrities who, five seconds after his name was announced, had overstayed his welcome. The cocaine request really explains a lot.
Andy Dick is a poor man's David Spade (double redunduncy). He's like a male Kathy Griffin. And if you don't know who any of those people are then you've achieved a very good understanding of who Andy Dick is.

More importantly, I didn't even know Rick James was dead until I internet shopping and saw this T-shirt

I know I should feel something about getting my news from offensive t-shirt sites, but I'm not sure what.

I wonder if Dave is going to do a memorial to Rick on next season's Chappelle Show.
Ha ha Simon: Andy Dick v. Dave Matthews is so sick it's funny.
Andy Dick is notorious for his rumored role in the death/overdose of actor Chris Farley (and actor David Strickland as well). He's managed to clean up enough to get back on television, but he's not so much famous as infamous. The page six behavior is pretty typical stuff; this guy has a perpetual black cloud of death and drugs that follows him around. He's become the Susan Lucci of most celebrity death pools - check out the a short bio here
Andy Dick is currently hosting "The Assistant" on MTV -- a Hollywood take on Trump's The Apprentice reality show.

Andy was discovered by Ben Stiller, who cast him for a comedy short he made in 1989, which became "Elvis Stories." Later, along with Janeane Garofalo, Dick was cast in the short-lived "Ben Stiller Show" on Fox. Andy owes his career to Stiller, as he's often avowed. Dick wants to be a modern-day Andy Kaufman-- as often as not, his antics are put ons.

However, some consider Andy to be cursed. His AA sponsor was comedian Chris Farley; he considered Phil Hartman a best friend; and he was the last person to see David Strickland (Suddenly Susan) alive. Hence, Andy's outburst, "All my best friends die!"
Well, you kind of have to feel bad for the guy but he is chosing his own path of destruction at the same time. Yes, a lot of his friends have died but most of them was a result of their own actions (with the exception of Phil Hartman). I personally have never liked this guy on screen or off, especially his off screen antics. He seems like someone who goes out of his way to be obnoxious and I've never found his type of humor to be funny at all. He was okay in small doses on News Radio but that was an ensemble cast and I couldn't stand any scene with more than a few minutes with him.

I still feel bad for him and hope he gets off the drugs because he'll most likely be the next celebrity to die of an overdose if he doesn't clean up his act.
Simon:Hi, Simon.Andy Dick is a famous comedian in America, and here in Canada.He has his 2 sitcoms, which are currently airing.
He's also infamous for the part of his anatomy that is his last name. Supposedly of monster proportions. He also reportedly spends a lot of time in search of satisfaction for said body part. Publicly and loudly and outdoors most of the time. Hmph. Couldn't care less. Like blwessels said, he's utterly obnoxious (and may I add disgusting?).
I actually thought he was pretty funny on NewsRadio. That's about it though, and that was mostly do to him being Phil Hartman's comedic foil.
Simon, you should be thankful that you're not plagued by the likes of Andy Dick and Dave Matthews. Both are celebrities who I wish I didn't know by name.

sTalking_Goat: I often joke with my friends that if world news isn't posted on Whedonesque, there's not much of a chance I've heard about it. Kinda sad, but often true.
Was this real, or a stunt? Cuz if it's real, that's pretty pathetic.
I also find the comedy of Andy Dick to be incredibly obnoxious (as well as the so-called music of Dave Matthews).
I'm surprised Seth didn't know who he was. Fellow comedian and such. But then, this is all gossip, so who knows really?
Hey! What's with all the Dave Mathews bashing? Spread the love people! ;)

I guess i'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and say that I too find Andy Dick obnoxious. I don't mind him on Less Than Perfect (yay for Sarah Rue!), but I hate his "real life" personality. Icky.
"I still feel bad for him and hope he gets off the drugs because he'll most likely be the next celebrity to die of an overdose if he doesn't clean up his act."

blwessels, Andy Dick will have to beat out Courtney Love for that. Besides, if you've seen the Ben Stiller show, you know he *can* be funny. But yes, he is annoying as hell.

"Bit like Dave Matthews really."

Simon, that's such a low blow. To whom, I'm not sure. Can't stand the DMB or just the DM. I'm outnumbered, though, because I live in the U.S.
a friend of mine in LA claims andy dick walked up to him at a bar, licked his forearm, and walked away.
This thread makes me think we need an "Ask Whedonesque" section where we can pool our collective expertise and knowledge of gossip and trivia :-)
Especially gossip! Being online literate like we all are, you can't help but run into the info. The skinny. The 411. Ok, I'll stop.

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