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August 13 2004

James Marsters 2004 Spacey Award on ebay. The person selling the item states "This award was saved from the trash Bin. When The Angel TV show ended it was found in the trash." - Auction now cancelled. Please read statement from James Marsters' management.

If you look at the person's history it suggest that perhaps they were a member of the crew with all the rare items they have sold that are Angel related.

That kind of cracks me up. I'm a little disturbed that he'd throw it away, but I'm a packrat, and it just goes against my sensibilities =).

Why was this guy digging through the trash? Or was the bag so heavy they decided to investigate?
Wow that really bugs me. I suppose if he didn't want it maybe he could have sold it for charity on Ebay rather than some bin digger doing so for profit. I can't believe he just threw it out.
I'm thinking that since James was given it on the set, someone thought it would be funny for them to use it for a prop on the set and then he forgot he left it there - they cleared the set throwing stuff away, this person probably snatched quite a few items will see over the next few monthes.
What's up with it coming with a signed photo? The seller had one just laying around to throw in with the auction?

One also has to wonder what the Marsters camp will have to say about this when they catch wind of it.
I have doubts about the validity of this item being offered on eBay. I have concerns about an item which could be either a fake or be stolen. So this link may be deleted shortly.
Does anyone ever want to scream "get a life" to some of these greedy trash-bin-scroungers? (Didn't look, but heard that the tissue Alan Keyes wiped his brow with as he announced he was entering the Illinois senate race against Obama was selling for hundreds.) On the other hand, maybe this is just a new occupation in the Ebay age, more lucrative than flipping burgers. Let's see -- resume, under "employment" -- Trash Bin Treasure Hunter, Hollywood, CA.
Oh, a new freelance job for me. I just need a map to the houses of the stars. Anyone interested in Andy Dick's empty beer cans??
Simon - check the sellars history they have sold a lot of Angel stuff that was only for the cast and the crew of the show, the personclaims to be part of the clean up crew for the studio - so it'slikely to be legit. Since James did recieve the award while on the set of Angel in the last days of filming.
Anyone interested in Andy Dick's empty beer cans??

I'm not sure those would sell well - There's probably more supply than demand.
Well that may be the case but I personally find the whole thing distasteful. Not quite as bad as MT's knickers put up for auction but still pretty distasteful all the same.

I am sorely tempted to say something about the person selling these items and the people bidding on them but I shall bite my tongue as minors read this board.
I think someone on another board said James' management had been contacted. But if he DID toss it away, what are they going to say? The only thing TO say, is "OH, what a mistake. James would never throw away any award. We are very unhappy about this."
I am sorely tempted to say something about the person selling these items and the people bidding on them but I shall bite my tongue as minors read this board.

Just curse in Chinese, like they do on Firefly. It's okay then!
Aww..I was going to post this yesturday, but I didn't get a reply from Simon.Simon, I sent you some links, how come you didn't reply?
Haha... okay, I find this really amusing. But I agree with ravenU, it probably just happened by accident.

And, I have no issues with the trash bin scroungers... on sets. You know they throw away really cool stuff, right? I mean, havent you seen that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer picks up the talk show set?
"Anyone interested in Andy Dick's empty beer cans??

I'm not sure those would sell well - There's probably more supply than demand."

Now *that's comedy* - give me verbal jousting over limp Dick physical nonsense any day . . .

This reselling of stuff reminds me of that old Onion piece about how *everything* is now collectible, including used car oil, corrugated cardboard, and chewing gum wrappers (or something to that effect). Add "touched (or chewed) by celebrity" and it's spot on.

TheSlayer246: correct me if I'm wrong, but we're not actually competing over link postage - or did I miss the memo (is there a prize for most/best links)? Basking in the esteem of one's peers is surely reward enough. :)
As a Canadian, I am hurt, hurt! that James might have thrown this away.
Space shows Buffy 10 times a week, Angel 4 times a week and Firefly weekly. It made many of us the fans we are today.
On the other hand, it is sort of ugly.
Is "saved from the trash bin" the same as "it fell off the back of a truck" ?
Rogue Slayer, yeah, they did try to contact his management but apparently haven't recieved a reply yet. It was only last night, though.

Somebody also contacted the seller and they said they were part of the "cleaning crew" (as RavenU said).

Mind you, I don't know much about tv sets, where the trash is located, the psychology of actors, but I just don't get why any actor would throw away an signed photo of themself (which seems intact for being in the trash) and an award (surely somebody would notice before the end) on the set of the tv show they're on.

"But if he DID toss it away, what are they going to say?"

Don't know what they'd say, but if it ends up he did, I'd say he's wierd. ;)
Bloodflowers, that is exactly what I am thinking! Just because the seller *claims* it was in the trash does not mean that James put it there, or that it was actually ever there at all.

Is this guy offering a signed affidavit from JM that says "Yes, you lucky EBay bidders, I personally threw this item into the trash can - Enjoy!"?

Uh, no - he isn't. Gee, I wonder why not?

It is much more likely that this item got set aside, and then sticky fingers fell on it.
Are you all that stupid?! It's obviously a fake. That person's just trying to scam everyone into thinking that James actually did throw his award away. James would never throw his award away for any reason.
It doesn't say that the photo was thrown in the trash, but that it was signed by James on the set of the show. Seems more likely to me that the award was left on the set and when the clean up crew were emptying the sound stage they found it and took it with them. I doubt seriously that James himself threw it away.
As another Canadian fan, from Toronto.I am shocked, and dissapointed.Space is a big supporter for the show.It is currently one of the sponsers, for a big sci fi convention, which the actresses who play Anya, and Harmony are among the guests.I don't care whoever put it there, whether it was some person from the crew.But they should've given it to James, if he hadn't recieved it.I doubt James had put it there.Maybe the award was a fake.Maybe some James hater, made this all up, just so the fans would hate James.There are many possible reasons why.Who knows what happened.Only time will tell.
*is amused by the "Buy it now for 1,000 dollars" option*
Well, James seems like a nice enough guy, but I certainly don't know him well enough to say he'd 'never throw it away'. Maybe he did. But I think he'd probably throw it away at home. Who knows? He's not a saint. If he thinks something's crap, why would he keep it? I'm not saying the award is crap, but I'm not him.
I thik that this was probably nicked! If actors get given awards on set or at ceremonies they are often taken away and put aside to be sent on later ( it must be hard to cart all the stuff home sometimes ) and sadly some of them don't make it to their destinations . Someone has light fingers and Ebay should stop this sale .
Also James' management should make a statement because some people obviously believe the " tossed in the trash" story and that's potentially damaging.
ďAlso James' management should make a statement because some people obviously believe the " tossed in the trash" story and that's potentially damaging.Ē

Thatís what makes it so smarmy. Even if it was found in the trash, the ethical thing would have been for the seller to contact Jamesí management first.
Iím glad Iím not famous because people would be mightily offended by some of the stuff I would ďthrowĒ or give away. Sentimentality be damned! I donít like clutter. Unless an award was aesthetically pleasing, Iíd probably pry off the nameplate and chuck it. : )
killinj, good point they didn't say they got the photo in the trash.

I tend to agree with people who say that somebody would likely throw an award away at home if they don't like it, not the set.

debw makes a good point, too. This was the award he recieved on the set and it's possible it was taken away before a shoot and never go back.

Who knows, need more information first.
When was this awarded? 'Cos if he threw it in the trash wouldn't it have gone a long time ago? Don't they have people empty the trash every day? Since it seems to have been found by a 'clean up' crew while the set was being taken down that would suggest it had got mixed up with the set stuff or props or was in an office or trailer and wasn't meat to be thrown out.

And MT's underwear? When did I miss THAT!?
Spikebad, calling other posters 'stupid' is uncalled for. You might want to rephrase that.
Sorry. How bout gullable?
Maybe I'm being an optimist (heaven forbid - I think that's against my nature) but I'm going to air on the side of I don't think James is aware that it got tossed (whether convinently or not) in the trash. I think being the person who claims it takes a lot more than him to make Spike come alive, he's always siting the writers, Steve (his stunt double), the directors and the crew for helping make him look good. That after recieving the award (which according to the video clip he was on the set at the time) promptly turned around and wanted to share the award with the cast and crew, so he probably thought he'd leave there as a prop and it would later collect and give it to ME to put up at the home offices (we all know the boy even for his age can be niave at times). It probably got lost in all the turmoil over the final days of filming and an opportunist individual saw it and descided perhaps it should be purposely forgotten and to be thrown out in the trash, were upon they could collect it and then sell it on ebay. In the US once something is labeled trash, it is up for grabs (litterally) and I have no doubt that is the reason this person has stated it as such or else they would be in serious trouble for theft but if it was tossed out in the trash then it could be claimed by anyone. In this case I trhink the person was wise enough to label it trash so no one has the legal right to call them a thief or ask them to return the item (the latter of which James maybe able to do but if he would have to go to court to do it). Ah, isn't justice grand. Just my .002 cent observation.
I dunno if I'd go too far in creating a scenario by which James really really appreciated the gift and wanted to share it with all but oops, screwed up. It may be true, but it seems highly speculative to me. I would buy that he didn't actively throw it out, that it got swept up in the detritus for some reason, though. Whether it's b/c he thought he'd share it with everyone, as RavenU suggests, and didn't realize it wouldn't get collected, or b/c he accidentally left it behind, or b/c he actively didn't want it, who knows?

It does seem sketchy to me that whoever this is seeking to make thousands of dollars off of trash he happens to have access to...
SpikeBad: How about actually reading what other people post before making such assertions?

RavenU has provided information that the item is genuine; you've provided your opinion, which you're entitled to do, that "James would never throw his award away for any reason" but without providing a shred of evidence that that is the case. Folks here should be able to comment and come to their own conclusions without running the risk of being gratuitously insulted.
I did make an opinion, and that was that James would never throw an award away. And if you fully read my post you'll see that me calling everyone else stupid was in the form of a question and wasn't an actuall insult. If I wanted to insult some one I would have done it directly. Not that I am insulting anyone but some people just read other poeples post the wrong way. You can't really hear or feel the expression in any of the words that someone writes and that kinda sucks. So please don't take anything I write the wrong way. It's just my opinion.
SpikeBad, a question mark doesn't make the difference and neither does 'it's just my opinion'. Please raise the level of your debate, or don't post at all, thanks.

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