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November 22 2002

This Christian reviewer lays out an interesting argument in favor of Angel: The Series.

"Angel has its share of flaws, but in a world where "recycle bin" has joined "vast wasteland" as the best way to describe television, it stands out like . . . well, a flower in the wasteland."

I don't think Joss could disagree more that "the average American teenager doesnít live a terribly interesting or full life. While our experiences in high school and even college may seem like really big deals, thatís mostly because we lack a context, aside from our own youthful solipsism, by which to judge them. These arenít the sort of experiences that define human life or sum up the human condition. Those experiences belong to adulthood."

After all, ignoring the teenage life (and definitely not making a show about it) are what traditionally follows from holding such a view.
What an interesting contrast the two "Christian" reviews posted here are. Obviously, this is more my kinda guy.

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