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August 13 2004

The Buffy Episode Chart. I'm also posting the Buffy episodes in the order that they are ranked, and the Top 10 are pretty predictable this time, but I really liked "Beer Bad"...

I have to agree with the voters.Doublemeat Palace, was an okay episode.But the poorest one.You can still vote for your favourite episodes.I voted 8, for Chosen.

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I wouldn't be able to choose any "least favourite" epiosdes, but my Top 10 would probably be (in chronological order):

1. Prophecy Girl
2. When She Was Bad
3. Innocence
4. Helpless
5. The Freshman
6. Restless
7. The Gift
8. Bargaining
9. Dead Things
10. Get It Done

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I LOVED Beer Bad...I find it a great "introductory episode" for the uninitiate...and I love, to greater or lesser degrees, pretty much all of them...this reminds me of when somebody asked me my favorite 5 Sinatra albums...I need at least 20...or my favorite Simpsons episode...impossible...

What this shows me is the almost unrelievedly excellent quality of the show from its outset.
What I want... is for someone here on the net to create a Buffy episode dice roller. Every single episode... you click a button, and it displays one for you.

Mostly because I can never decide which one to watch when I feel like Buffy. And I wear out Restless, Hush and whatnot, while neglecting others.
Reptile Boy
Some Assembly Required
Go Fish
Teacher's Pet
Beer Bad
Bad Eggs
Where the Wild Things Are
I Robot, You Jane
Inca Mummy Girl
Doublemeat Palace

This is the bottom ten. But I have fond memories from all ten of these episodes: Sweet Li'l S2 Willow yelling at Giles and Angel in Reptile Boy; Xander and Willow tagging along on Giles and Jenny's date in SAR; the (in)famous Xander Speedo scene and Cordy's immortal "stand by your gill monster" speech in Go Fish; Xander's rawk star fantasy at the start of Teacher's Pet; the Willow/Parker "gotcha!" scene in Beer Bad; the first signs of trouble for the B/A relationship in Bad Eggs; Giles as the God of Acoustic Rock in WTWTA; the "We're doomed!" closer of IRYJ; Xander's deconstruction of the Twinkie in Inca Mummy Girl, and...

ALL of Doublemeat Palace, gosh darn it! Every single greasy, queasy, disturbing, mildly revolting moment. Doublemeat Palace was meant to put you off your food, and if the voters don't have the stomach for that kind of satire, it's their loss. [Harumph Harumph Harumph...]
And furthermore... upon actually viewing this list... I mostly dont agree with Restless being so far down. In my opinion, the best episodes are Restless and Hush. I also have a soft spot for The Replacement, Superstar, Crush, The Gift, Who Are You and I Was Made To Love You for their emotional value.

And Doublemeat Palace... I adore. I adore them all, but, c'mon. I'd list IRYJ as the bottom.

I edited this and was tossed to the top. I'm unpleased and uncomfortable up here.
Yah Restless is easily one of the best episodes of the series, I mean we actually STUDIED IT in my film class, how cool is that.

About the bottom 10 list, I agree with most everything, Beer Bad, Inca Mummy Girl, and I robot, You Jane were in my opinion the worst episodes of the series, and the only ones I won't watch again. The only one I don't agree with is Doublemeat Palace, I hear very often how terrible it was, but I really enjoyed it, it was funny and disgusting, very cool.
I also think Normal Again at least deserves to be in the top 20 just for originality and concept.
Doublemeat Palace is *quality*! Def not bottom of list worthy. And no Season 7 eps at the bottom surprises me too.

Discussing the lowest rather than highest 10 is much more interesting - I think a large degree of consensus exists as to the best.

My bottom 10 (very quick unmeditated essay):

10. Two to Go
9. Where the Wild Things Are
8. Bad Eggs
7. Empty Places
6. I Robot - You Jane
5. Gingerbread
4. Bring On The Night
3. Showtime
2. Help
1. Killed By Death - my least fav ep in my most-fav season.

Only three overlaps with the main list - which shows, I guess, my preference for silly but fun MOTW episodes over portentous heavy-handed episodes (Season 7, I'm talking to you).
THE GIFT??!! Who on earth were they asking? Ick. But really I think the worst episode was Where the Wild Things Are closely followed by I Was Made to Love You (and then the follow up of Intevention) ::shudders::

There were some really...odd plots later in the series.
Interesting. While I do know it's not generally a very popular episode, I would probably put 'Killed By Death' in my Top 20. I've always loved it. I'm also very fond of season seven. I have to admit I have a particular liking for the "portentous heavy-handed" episodes.

I couldn't begin to name "least favourite" episodes. There isn't a single episode I really don't like. Maybe my quality-control is at fault here, but I do think it's a credit to the wonderful writing and acting in this show.
Oh yeah, dashboardprophet, the standard Whedonesque disclaimer applies to my list (as to everything else everyone on this board posts): "The worst episode of Buffy/Angel is better than the best episode of X" or "Buffy/Angel is like pizza" or (insert your choice of phrase here).

"Killed By Death" has the distinction of being the only BtVS episode which caused me to fall asleep - not once, but twice. Maybe Buffy being sick had something to do with it . . .
Oh yeah... Normal Again. Also one of my favorites... I knew I was forgetting something.

I love Killed By Death. It's easily my second favorite MotW, behind the Gentlemen. I guess I'm just creeped out by well dressed silent monsters.

But the real substance in Killed By Death is Xander's devotion to Buffy, and the whole scene between him and Angelus. One of my favorite Xander moments ever, and, as far as Buffy and Xander go... I will go down with that ship.
Want. Beer.
And to show that I don't fear criticism ;), I blurt out a top 10 list for good measure. (Of course, in two hour's time, I could replace 8 out of 10 of these with other favs).

10. Into The Woods
9. Passion
8. Selfless
7. Helpless
6. Fool For Love
5. Who Are You
4. Becoming Part II
3. Innocence
2. Prophecy Girl
1. Once More With Feeling
Hahah, Mort. Thought I'd post YET AGAIN, just to chime in on the Beer Bad discussion.

Loved it.

...mostly for Xander's part. I'm getting really predictable in here, arent I?

I also adore Passion and Selfless.

Okay, someone has to cut me off before I end up listing all the episodes in sporadic order.
For comparison, here's the corresponding BtVS episode chart from GEOS. It largely agrees with the TV Tome one.
Dude! Zeppo down at 47?!!

Just a tip: write a full stop after your headline if you're not making it part of the description. I've added them to your two last posts.
How in the hell is "The Killer in Me" so far up? It's crazy, it beats out some of the undisputed classics!
I'm absolutely amazed that you hate Intervention! I think it is one of the most underrated ever, and was pleased to see it so high. The Buffybot! "We will bring you the limp and beaten body of Bob Barker." Buffy kisses Spike. Just terrific.

I thought Fool For Love was rated way too low, and Enemies was too high. It's good, but doesn't belong with the best ever. I too liked Doublemeat, and I'd rank I Robot You Jane as worst ever.
I really have a lot of affection for Doublemeat Palace, and it's nice to see some fellow Whedonesquers chiming in for it. I also enjoy Beer Bad, though to a lesser degree. Though I have made a top 10 list in my day, I really don't like trying to think of a bottom 10. Every episode has some great moments if ya ask me.
If I exclude season 7, and I do because I have problems with it, there's only one episode I don't care for, Where the Wild Things Are.I watch the Spike parts but that's it. I've watched all the other episodes many, many times and they're all great.
Hehe. Bob Barker. Hehe.
My top episodes that I always seem to watch over and over are:

10. Family
9. Doomed
8. Pangs
7. The Yoko Factor
6. Crush
5. Passion
4. Becoming Part II
3. Fool For Love
2. Once More With Feeling
1. Restless

I am a big fan of seasons 4 and 5. There was no room in the top ten for Triangle, Checkpoint and Intervention!

My list doesn't include season 7. Since it is not out on DVD (in the USA) yet I don't know which episodes I will be watching incessantly at this time.
Wow, another person who appreciates Doomed and Triangle! Good job Passion, those episodes have high rewatchability for me as well.
Sence evertone else is doing it, I'll give you all my top ten.

10. Nightmares
09. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
08. Fear, Itself
07. Earshot
06. Lover's Walk
05. The Zeppo
04. Halloween
03. I Only Have Eyes For You
02. The Wish
01. Prophecy Girl

I Love all of those episodes more than any of the other ones. For me the best episodes aren't neccisarily the most popular episodes but I love'em.
My wife was on business travel a while back...we both were catching up with Buffy (as we were not original fans)...had by then seen nearly every episode, but not quite all. I watched Out of Sight, Out of Mind, and she called me from her hotel...I told her I'd seen the worst Buffy ever and told her which one. She said, "That's not so bad," and I said, "Yeah, it was actually pretty good. Which shows you how good the show is--the bottom of the barrel is way better than pretty much the best of everything else."

I LOVE Triangle and Doomed!

Offhand, a few favorites (including the obvious): The Gift, The Body, Passion, Choices, Amends, Prophesy Girl, The Zeppo, Pangs, Restless, Once More With Feeling (duh..!), Fool for Love, Becoming (I &II), Graduation Day (I & II), Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, Hush, Serial Life, Normal Again, Chosen, Conversations with Dead People, Selfless, I Only have Eyes for You, and so, so many more...
YAY! Finally, a chance to list my top ten. (Just a note, I do cheat by putting two part episodes together, but only if they say "part one/part two")

10. Family
9. Selfless
8. Prophecy Girl
7. Crush
6. Innocence
5. Hush
4. Becoming
3. Restless
2. Once More, With Feeling
1. The Body

(Note: special mentions need to go to Lies my Parents Told me, Conversations with Dead People, Graduation Day, and many, many more.)
Off the top of my head, my fav buffy eps of all time are (in no particluar order casue would never happen)Lie To Me, Angel, Eneimes, Amends, Selfless, normal agin, Restless, Tablua Rosa, CWDP, Help, OMWF, All of season 2 after Whats My Line...(yes including Killed by Death i loved how Xander wanted to protect Buffy.. it was the begining of Xander as the heart of the group.. you gotta love that though it doesn't seem like most ppl do) yea i could really go on and on.... and on....theres not one ep that i can think of that i hate.. so coming up with a list for worst eps would be impossibe lol
i've never subsribed to the theory that you can put parts 1 and 2 together while compiling a best 10 list because, well, it just doesn't make sense. While they don't all say "To Be Continued" and are labeled as such, there are many series of episodes which are in fact 2 parters are more. It's a slippery slop my friends. If youre gonna combine Becoming parts 1 and 2, you might as well combine everything from Empty Places to Chosen. Or from Seeing Red to Grave. Or Smashed and Wrecked. Surprise and Innocence. Or even I Was Made to Love You and The Body.
Worst. Episode. Ever.: Triangle. It's the only episode I positively cannot stand. I will literally leave the room if other people are watching. I find it that horribly annoying and aggravating.

Top 10:
1. Once More With Feeling (listening to soundtrack right now)
2. Conversations with Dead People
3. Restless
4. Passion
5. Wild at Heart
6. The Body
7. Lover's Walk
8. The Gift
9. Hush
10. The Replacement

Special mentions for Chosen, Prophecy Girl, Choices, Doppelgangland, Harsh Light of Day, Intervention, Selfless, Innocence, and Welcome to Hellmouth/The Harvest.
My favorite season 5 episode, apart from the Gift, is Spiral. I don't think any of you hit on it and I think its worth mentioning. Spike pulling up in a WINNEBAGO? The swordfight on top of said Winnie, Giles bravery and stunning mortal wound? Horses? Willow's save-the-day ism? Even Gregor is cool.

All greatness. Love the flight from Glory and all the action. And the cold irony that Ben is the person they call to come help.
I guess its just me that LOVES Bad Girls: I mean c'mon from "Want. Take. Have" to "I. Don't . Care" Whoa that was a cool episode

I also love Vilians. That was just great. So basically, Willow and Faith all the way from me. Lets give them their wn series now.........
Restless is my favorite episode of *any* television series ever.

01. Restless
02. Fool for Love
03. The Body
04. Once More With Feeling
05. Hush
06. Passion
07. The Gift
08. Dead Things
09. Conversations with Dead People
10. Seeing Red
My bottom ten:

135. Bargaining, Part 2
136. Pangs
137. A New Man
138. Doomed
139. The Replacement
140. Helpless
141. The Prom
142. Grave
143. Gone
144. Entropy

Dishonorable Mentions: Inca Mummy Girl, Beer Bad, Where the Wild Things Are, Older and Far Away, Two to Go
I Green - The Prom? Arguably the most deeply romantic episode of all (and SMG's personal favorite).Watch it again, I beg you.

99 hanky-er and it contains one of my two favorite Giles lines:"..every now and then." I won't get into all the 76 and 3/4 reasons that I adore that episode, suffice it to say that it belongs on no one's worst list.

P.S. Also Pangs is one of the five funniest. "Undo it, undo it!!" - Spike
So with Willowy on The Prom...I cried--a lot--three separate times the first time I saw it...and cry the same times every time I see it. A deeply beautiful episode. It is on my top 10, actually.

In fact, it's why I bought a DVD player...I was going to buy Buffy season 3 on VHS because my wife had never seen the Prom episode, and realized the whole season wasn't available, including that amazing episode...hence, the DVD player. Life is better.

"Undo it, undo it!" is classic, as is "That's for giving me syphilus!" in Pangs.
I'll admit that I haven't watched "The Prom" since it's original airing, so maybe I'd like it a lot more on a second viewing. The first times I saw "Amends" and "The Freshman" I completely hated those eps, but my opinions of them completely changed when rewatching them.
"Pangs" is also one of my most-watched episodes - how Buffy keeps focusing on the dinner no matter the distraction; Spike's riff on "that's what conquering nations do!"; the silliness of Angel being out of sight and then Xander blurting it out - and his "oops" after the credits have appeared. Genius comic writing.

And I adore "Helpless" for its subtle redefinition of Giles's and Buffy's relationship and for his ultimate dedication to her. But I agree with Invisible Green that "Bargaining Part II" and "Grave" ain't much cop. I find each rather plodding.

At first glance the GEOS chart referenced above by bovik seemed to accord more with my preferences . . . but then I saw that "Two To Go" and "Grave", at 15th and 16th were rated way too high IMO, indeed more highly than "Prophecy Girl" and "Restless" (and what's that doing at 30th?) And "The Pack" down at 131st and "The Freshman" at 125th, while "Bring On The Night" is at 52nd? Ah, such is the infinite variety of Joss fans . . .
Invisible Green, there you go!

I must confess eye-rolling to a few eps, until subsequent viewings showed me the error of my ways (except for Bad Eggs. I make no apologies for that episode. What comes to mind most is the shot of all the "zombiefied" denizens of Sunnydale with their shovels and such in the basement it the school? Bleah. Bad, indeed).

I do guarantee much satisfaction with The Prom. Let us know if your view changes! ;) Also Lizard, thanks for the accord!
No, I actually find The Prom really boring for an ep, its one of my least favourites
One of the biggest problems with ranking BtVS eps is how much the series carries over the seasons, with an apparently throwaway line or scene becoming hugely important years later.

But worse, now I have to re-watch all the eps, just to make up my mind.
Apocalypse ya gotta be kidding!

She loses the love of her life, researches the MOW, single-handedly takes out those Hell Hounds and Tucker the nut job that trained them, gets glam for the prom sans her date, accepts the Class Protector award, and finally gets her one perfect high school moment. *Whew*

What kind of days do YOU have?
Invisible Green - I'm with you on Bargaining, Part 1 & Part 2, not favorites of mine. Pangs is so funny though. Hope you give it another chance.

Reading these lists I am so amazed. I always thought the great episodes were so "obvious" but we all have diferent opinions.

Someone was surprised Restless was so low on the main Buffy Episode List. I'm actually not surprised. I think the voting on that list was done by casual watchers of the program, Restless was way too meaningful for the casual watcher to "get" at all. It was an episode for the fans to love!

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