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August 14 2004

Charisma Carpenter to guest on Charmed. Well that's the latest internet buzz, and it has now been officially confirmed. She will star in two episodes "Cheaper by the Coven" and "Styx Feet Under".

From what I understand the casting news originated on TWoP (and I did some checking on some Charmed forums and the poster who broke the news is reliable) and it has now been confirmed by Chrissy at the Charisma-Carpenter forums.

Crap... posted to the wrong story. Sorry.

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no matter how much I love Charisma, nothing could ever make me want to watch that show

but i might just watch her first episode... if it is a recurring role afterall
Damnit! I'm going to have to watch "Charmed" just for her? And it's a recurring role? Hasn't "Charmed" already had a seer? This sucks, but in a happy way. At least she has a new role, and she can't do anything but make the show better.

I spoke with her yesterday and I belive she starts shooting this week. Like Cats and Dogs is still in the works. But its possible that we won't hear anything until winter. We just have to wait and see. Chrissy

Does this mean her sitcom's a potential midseason replacement?
I dunno aapac, if Joss were given control over Charmed I would probably start watching it... but that would probably anger existing fans.

I'm probably going to watch a couple eps. I've seen that show before and it lacks the magic of a Jossverse.
"It lacks the magic of a Jossverse." - Caleb

You betcha. And I can't think of a more appropriate statement. Lacks the magic. Heh heh.

Please don't do it Cordy. Don't cross over! It's the opposite of Jossland. It's Bizarro world! Move away from the paycheck, er, I mean light...slowly...slowly...

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Argh. See (way) above. Drat the cursed November.

Why Charisma? WHY?
Even Charisma isn't enough to make me watch this show, it's about the only thing that I still wouldn't watch even if Buffy/Angel stars were guesting. My Dad insists on watching it and it just seems like utter crap, predictable plots, and horrible acting, but of course I can't say anything about it because the WB kept this rubbish on and cancelled Angel

I second nychicks vomitting and "Why Charisma? WHY?"
Awww... I like Charmed... although it has been getting way to weird...

I liked it pre-Phoebe/Coal...

Although last season was pretty good...plot wise.

It's the only thing left on the WB that I'll watch.

Although...if Joss took over...hmmmm I like that idea. ^.^
Yay! Charmed is one of those fluff shows that I watch when I want to relax and not worry about real life. I love Charisma and I think she'll be excellent!
Charmed shamelessly ripped off Buffy from the very start, except they got everything wrong. Loathe it. No offense. Not even Charisma on there will make me watch it.
Though many say that Cahrmed rhe ripped of Buffy, it did not. The only thing Buffy did for Charmed was show the WB that magic works.

Buffy was more of a regular scifi show with witty humor attached.

Charmed was expanding issues the charachters faced into epic proportions. Personifying them and turning them into magic.

Charisma, though was a seer before will be playing a completely different charachter this time around. The seer on Charmed is just so different than what she played on Angel.

You really can't say it wont be god, because you never gave her, and the role a chance.

All I am saying is, bash what Ms. Carpenter does, after the show airs. Because maybe it wont be bad.
I respect your opinion, littledebils, but to call BtVS "a regular scifi show with witty humor attached" is, IMHO, like calling "Anna Karenina" a melodramatic Russian novel with some bits about farming and hunting. Really.

And the only thing of epic proportions on "Charmed" is, sorry to say, Ms. Milano's cleavage.

That said, I of course wish CC all the best and hope that this parlays into greater success for her.
"Though many say that Cahrmed rhe ripped of Buffy, it did not. The only thing Buffy did for Charmed was show the WB that magic works."

A show that has young people facing the evil and demonic forces of the world with their own supernatural powers while trying to maintain their every day lives and the troubles of their relationships.

Can anyone tell which show I just described? And which was first with that?

"Buffy was more of a regular scifi show..."

Buffy a 'regular scifi show'?? No. 'Enterprise' is a regular SciFi show. Buffy was 'fantasy' if you must attach a label. Magic. Demons. That's fantasy, just like Charmed.

"with witty humor attached"

Which Charmed tried at every turn and mostly failed in. Just my opinion of course. But the tone of the conversations always sounded like 'Buffy-esque' attempts.

"Charmed was expanding issues the charachters faced into epic proportions. Personifying them and turning them into magic."

Wow. Everything you just described is exactly down to the letter what Buffy started and Charmed ripped off. Turning personal issues into magic. Magic and supernatural concepts used as metaphors for personal issues in life. That's what Buffy is famous for. That was the whole point of Buffy. And Just because Charmed later tried to do it too doesn't mean all of a sudden that they invented it. Hey to each their own, but don't give Charmed credit for everything they stole from Buffy. That's like saying 'Pitch Black' was this epic movie about people surviving against aliens on a deserted planet that is a classic and 'Aliens' was just a 'regular monster movie'. Really, it's the other way around.

And so many literal plot elements were just lifted straight from Buffy. The lover who is part demon and sometimes turns into his evil alter ego whom they then have to fight which causes great emotional turmoil. Where did they get the ideas for all that?

"And the only thing of epic proportions on "Charmed" is, sorry to say, Ms. Milano's cleavage

Have to agree with that...
I used to watch Charmed. I'm not afraid that I enjoyed it. But, for me, it went downhill after Shannon left. I like Rose McGowen, but did they really need to have Cole stay as long as he did? How many times can you kill and then bring back a villan before it gets tired? I haven't watched it regularly in a few years, but I do catch glipses here and there. What's up with the Hogwarts rip-off suddenly appearing last season?

Back to the main topic, I wish Charisma all the luck in the world (if Charmed is the only show she can get, she'll need it), but i'm going to stand by my boycott. "No more WB. Ever. Or until they do those Angel/Buffy movies."
Let's face it Charmed isn't BTVS, but it's a pretty good show (well everything before season 6 anyway). And I'm just glad to see Charisma on TV, especially on something I watch. Charisma playing the "Seer" might indicate a new "source" and a decent villain this season. This wouldn't be the first BTVS cast member to appear on Charmed (Armin Shimmerman and I forgot her name...That actress who played Sam). I like Charmed, but my heart will always belong to Buffy.
Charmed delt with magic at a deeper level sooner than Buffy did though.

Charmed isn't Buffy...and that's good. Gotta get a variety in the mix.

While the two shows have there comparisons, so do all the other shows out there.
Charmed delt with magic at a deeper level sooner than Buffy did though.

Charmed dealt with magic at a non-superficial level? When'd that happen?
I've never watched "Charmed" so I can't offer an opinion there. However, any screen time is a good thing for an actress and I wish Charisma the best.
I watched most of the first season of Charmed and enjoyed the more serious, intelligent tone it had when Shannon Doherty's character was on board -- the emphasis on spells, the power of three, the repercussions of magick and so forth. Then they killed off Prue and the suck set in. By the time Phoebe and Cole were doing their S3 tortured Buffy/Angel routine, I was long gone. Lots of potential in the series, totally wasted when Alyssa Milano apparently took over creative control and all the storylines began to revolve around her (boring and contrived) exploits and any excuse to show her and the other girls in exploitive, skimpy attire. My opinion, of course.

If CC needs the gig, go her. Money doesn't care where it comes from; when it goes in the bank, it's all the same. But I'd hoped for something more of a stretch for her artistically than what sounds like a redux of her role on Angel. If she doesn't succeed in bringing something new to this role that can successfully seperate her from comparisons to Cordy, it's liable to damage the mostly positive reputation she cultivated from both BtVS and AtS. Still, steady work in Hollywood these days being the crapshoot it is, I guess it's a risk she's got to be willing to take. Here's hoping she can overcome the inherent weaknesses of the material and elevate a sagging show, even though it looks, on the surface, to be a desperate attempt by the WB to get back some of the Angel audience they've lost. Shame to say, it's an effort lost on me.
Okay, a Charmed episode in a nutshell.

First act: The girls discover they are in danger from demon/warlock of the week and promptly start to panic.

Second act: The girls do a lot of running around whilst Phoebe shows as much skin as possible and Piper worries about which of her many men she will be in love with this week.

Third act: The girls suddenly realise that they are the charmed ones and that they have a big old book of magic spells in their attic at which point they hold hands, string some lines together that occasionally rhyme and vanquish the badguy who, after 40 minutes of looking threatening, stands there and lets them do their mojo without so much of a "Hey, don't finish that spell!".

Admittedly this is mostly based on seasons one and two, after which point i lost the limited interest i had in the show (only shortly before Shannon Doherty did as a matter of fact!), but from the occasional episode i have caught from later seasons things really haven't changed all that much.

Sorry Charmed fans but there is absolutely no comparison between Buffy/Angel and a show like Charmed.
Whilst I do admit that overall Charmed as a series is nowhere near the quality of Buffy and Angel, plotwise last season has actually been quite the stunner; a first for the series IMO. It came closer to the level of said shows than ever before. The Chris story arc not only resembled that of Dawn in season 5 in terms of the general theme (that's not saying it's a ripoff, mind you), but also in brilliance. I really take my hat off to the writers for that storyline.
I slowly started watching Charmed repeats since they are on after Angel on TNT, but it took a while to make it through a whole episode. I kind of like it, but it's nowhere near the quality of BtVS and Angel. I'm rather amused by the outfits Phoebe wears and the ways in which they rip off plot elements from Joss (can't think of any specifics). I'm kind of sorry to see CC "sink" to that show, but it'll be interesting.
Demonic, you just made my day. LMAO. That's the most brilliant summing up of the average Charmed ep I've ever seen. And it's funny cuz it's true.....;-)
I heard Stockard Channing once, when asked why she did an exploitive TV movie, say "the check cleared." So good for Charisma.
That said, I feel i have to come to the defense of the Charmed of the last two seasons. The show, at least to me, seems to make no bones about its lighter, whimsical approach to storytelling. It seems to know, and be glad with, exactly what it is. With Angel and Buffy, you had Joss, a singular creative whirlwind who had something to say about growing up and finding your way in the world. Charmed isn't that. Never was, never expects to be.... Comparing the two is like comparing "Pulp Fiction" to "Jason and the Argonauts...."
"Comparing the two is like comparing "Pulp Fiction" to "Jason and the Argonauts...."

Except of course that Tarantino, when he wrote Pulp Fiction, never lifted themes, concepts, ideas, plotlines and overal type of story from 'Jason and the Argonauts'...
Well EdDantes, here's an interesting tidbit on that subject matter. From the Buffy episode guide, on series finale Chosen:

"Two episodes before filming this episode, Joss saw the title of Charmed [episode] Oh My Goddess and decided to use it and make Willow say it."

I suspect that, while obviously opinions of the show's quality differ, that it will do CC's career no harm at all to have appeared on another long-running, high profile show. A failed pilot could be seen as a career dampener but a gig here probably won't look too bad on a CV. I can't make it through an episode of 'Charmed' myself (Buffy 90210, anyone?) but didn't Cole or whoever then get a lead on Nip/Tuck (which I quite like). Irons in the fire keep the fire going, in my non-industry, know-little opinion.
EdDantes - "And it's funny cuz it's true.....;-)"

Yeah it's true alright. I copied that extract directly from the Charmed Writers Guidebook!

The next page actually has a listing of recommended source material including all works of Joss Whedon, Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm ;)
Grr. Argh. I certainly want CC to be working, to be visible. But Charmed!!! My loathing of this show is unreasonable - and I know this - because the fact that it is still on and Angel is not...feels personal. I have seen 5 episodes of Charmed. Trapped at friends houses. I tease a very good friend of mine - "You traitor" for watching it.

There is no comparison between Charmed and BtVS or AtS. None. Ed and Demonic summed it up already, so I won't reiterate.

I can't watch. Love CC, but just can't do it. May she move on to bigger, and much, much, much better things very quickly.
It IS tough when a performer you like is on a crappy show. My good friend is on FX's "Rescue Me" and wow do I hate that show. So I'm torn between being supportive and saving brain cells.
Tuneman570 - Your good friend is on a show you don't like? That's tough. I happen to think "Rescue Me" is fabulous, and I'm curious to know why you don't like it...but that's a different topic for a different board entirely.
How about the charmed episode where Piper thinks she is in a mental institution and all the witch stuff is just a delusion. Hmm.. where have I seen that before?
Charisma Carpenter is a talented and beautiful woman. Charmed is a tolerably entertaining program featuring three talented and beautiful women. I must admit to enjoying Charmed, but it's a guilty pleasure, much like purchasing that chocolate over chocolate desert at Bennigans. Charmed often falls flat and has little substance, but I blame the writing and not the acting.

I wish CC the best, and if she made an appearance on Sesame Street I would watch it if I had the chance. Those of you dissing her for slumming it on Charmed really need to reaccess your priorities. I see this as a win-win for everybody, so lighten up.
fine! Just pull my opinion apart! lol.... thanks
ZachsMind, on that i would have to agree. The main cast of Charmed are generally pretty decent actors who have to do the best they can with the scripts they get.

Ultimately if Sarah, Alyson and Charisma had been cast as the Halliwells all those years ago and Shannon, Alyssa and Holly had taken the roles of Buffy, Willow and Cordy i seriously doubt it would have made a difference to which show i preferred.

Both shows had good lead actresses but only one had an excellent writer and concept behind it. That is what really makes the difference.
"Those of you dissing her for slumming it on Charmed..." - Zachsmind.

I don't feel that those of us who find Charmed badly written, badly acted, and a rip-off, and thus icky, are "dissing" CC for "slumming it". I think it would be more fair to say that she's "slumming it" for totally understandable reasons. Mainly, paycheck. Good for her - everybody's gotta earn a living.

We're just acknowledging our emotional reaction to seeing a beloved 'verse character on "that other show". That other show is icky - to several of us.
Ultimately if Sarah, Alyson and Charisma had been cast as the Halliwells all those years ago and Shannon, Alyssa and Holly had taken the roles of Buffy, Willow and Cordy i seriously doubt it would have made a difference to which show i preferred.

It would have made a huge difference to the point of not watching either of them.
Prufrock, whilst this is something we will never see, wouldn't you find it really cool to see Welcome to the Hellmouth and whatever the first episode of Charmed was remade with the casting reversed as i described?

I mean if nothing else it would give Shannon, Holly and Alyssa a new experience. The chance to read an actual decent script :)
Actually I'd prefer to see an entirely new cast approach a series based in the Buffy/Angel world but one that didn't directly relate to the characters at all. I wouldn't want to see the Charmed actresses playing characters that the cast of Buffy did so well. I'd want a whole new story in the same vein as Whedon's previous efforts, with entirely new talent. Call it "FRESH BLOOD."

And then have actors from both Charmed and Buffy make special guest appearances but not necessarily as their series counterparts. Mix it up. Start fresh and new.
I started watching Charmed before watching Buffy and Angel, and I thought it wasn't that bad. I hate to admit it, but I even got into it for awhile. However, once I started watching Buffy (season 6 because I wanted to see what they did with a character who had died), I loved it so much, the acting, the storylines, and the characters, that suddenly Charmed paled in comparison. It's ok, and I still watch it, but the show has really gone downhill(either that or the show always sucked and I didn't notice because I didn't watch Buffy, which is of course the best show on tv).
I have noticed the striking similarities between plot lines of the two shows. The whole Cole/Phoebe love story was completely ripped off of the Buffy/Angel story. There's even an episode in season 2 of Buffy with a bad vampire guy that is really fat who had the name Belthazar. Interestingly, Cole's demon name is exactly the same!
Charmed does mention Buffy in one episode, though. A season one episode when Phoebe and Piper are in a graveyard looking for a ghosts grave, one of them says, "Where's Buffy when you need her?"
Where indeed.
I thought Charmed was okay awhile back but really just fluff without anything really substantial. It obviously seemed like it was milking off of Buffy's popularity but still entertaining. I don't think I've seen a full season and I stopped watching just because it got incredibly boring and it was the same show over and over again. I realized I had missed a bunch of episodes and I just didn't care about it. Haven't seen anything from the last season and a half. But it obviously has a fan following and I'm happy for Charisma that she'll be guesting on a couple of episodes. Maybe it will turn into a longer run and that would be great for her. I wish her the best and because I'm familiar with the show, I may even tune in just to see how she does. I'm sure it won't take much to figure out what's going on plotwise considering there didn't seem to ever be much of an ongoing story to begin with.

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