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August 14 2004

Joss admits to reading (Link goes to the Con site.) original summary now under more link. Now for a surprise .... a message from Joss Whedon to Whedonesque readers. It's in wmv format(2.3MB).

Ok so the question was asked at his Q&A at Wizard World and he admitted to getting all his news about him from this site. :) And do read the comments section for more details about his Q&A especially the revelation about the Season 7 Tara episode that never was.

Well, look at that. I venture to censure the Joss and my response double-posts. Consider me smited and contrited. ;)

[Edit: And now, consigned to the November club as I attempt to amend the error of my ways. Woe.]

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wow! that is neat to hear.
That is news we've been waiting to hear! Now I must post at least 10 times a day! One thing though, I can't find that info in the link. There's a short article with some bits from his Q&A but nothing about Whedonesque. Am I looking in the wrong places or did you just hear this yourself at the con, RavenU?
I was there. I didn't get to go to the Joss Q & A, but I did get to meet Amber Benson. i am smitten. She was so beautiful.
Oh, that tidbit about Joss's plan (/idea) to have Tara brought back in S7 by Buffy in order to make her best friend's life better just brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes . . . Damn you for making me feel, JW!

And yes, BlindHawkeyes, Amber is truly wondrous. After meeting her at Comic-Con, I was amazed at how the crew managed to make her look relatively frumpy in so many BtVS scenes.
Hi Joss! *waves*
After meeting her at Comic-Con, I was amazed at how the crew managed to make her look relatively frumpy in so many BtVS scenes.

I think she had to have lost weight since Buffy also. But yeah, tiny and petite. I can't believe she was the 'big' girl on Buffy!
I wonder HOW Joss would have gone about doing that with Tara. :(
I think its so cool that Joss reads this!
Now i'm going to go crazy wondering how they would have brought Tara back and who would have granted the wish. WHERE WOULD THIS HAVE FIT IN?!?!?! *pulls out large chunks of his hair*
Just got back from Chicago. Best. Weekend. Ever. Will post a full report on my blog soon.
I didn't see anything about Whedonesque in that thread either but I'm assuming that RavenU is just mentioning that was one of the questions she heard him answer?!?

Anyway, Hi Joss!!! We love you!!! Write me another spin-off!!

Okay, enough "I'm your number one fan" behavior!

Loved that premise of how he'd bring Tara back and that would've been so sweet to see - and believable. Buffy had grown very close to Tara during season six and she saw how devasted Willow was it would've been quite believable that she would've brought Tara back before even her mother and even having Angel in her life (and more proof for the Spuffy's that maybe she had moved on from Angel perhaps?).

As for Amber seeming so much thinner in real life, if you watch the behind the scenes of the musical she, Sarah and Emma are all practicing a dance scene in similar outfits, she is quite thin then and when wearing a tank top and sweat pants. She doesn't look much different than Sarah and Emma. I was surprised to see how thin she looked. When you see the actual scene in the musical, she again is wearing clothing that hides her figure, a baggy sweater and lose skirt. They wanted Tara to look frumpy, meek and unsure of herself and they constantly had her wearing layered outfits and baggy clothing that hid her figure. The rest of the actresses on the show wore a lot of somewhat revealing outfits, tank tops and tight clothing. The only exception to that really was also in the musical where they had her wearing the tight bodice fitting dress which made her look a lot thinner than usual. The character was feeling loved and happy and the song was about how beautiful Willow makes her feel.

But I do think she had lost weight since she first appeared on Buffy. In Hush she looks a bit bigger all around than she does later on. Again, it could be how they had her dressed.
Yep, blwessels, definitely the clothing that did it. I believe "Chance" was shot in 2001 (correct me if I'm wrong, somebody), and Amber looks like her elfin self in that.

Even with the added frumpiness, my wife observed almost immediately after Tara was introduced - I think it may have been during "Who Are You?" - "Look at her, she's gorgeous!" Of course, the scene was rather a hot one . . .
Amber and Me I heart her. Her mother was very nice too.
Adorable photo, BH! You are one lucky guy . . . when my turn came to have a picture taken with Amber at Comic-Con, I asked the fellow standing behind me in line, the one with the expensive long-lens camera hanging from his neck, to use my simple 35mm point-and-click. Lo and behold, the one picture from the con that is blurred beyond all recognition is that one. I could spit . . .
I just posted a pasted together copy of the teaser from Wizard World to alt.binaries.multimedia.firefly. My crappy camera doesn't so sound, so I spliced in audio from one of the San Diego recordings. Hopefully a better version will show up soon, but until then... I've emailed Haken about putting it up on, so it should be in a more easily accessible place soon.
*looks around*

I knew it felt like someone was watching us....

Now that I've finally heard about the plan to bring Tara back in specifics, it sounds very touching. *sniffle*
Maybe when Europe wakes up (no rush - tap tap tap) we can get a link on those shiny words about Our Humble Board. RavenU? (actually, I think you're probably Sleepy in Chicago. )

Anywayforgoshsakes COOL.
So the big man himself is watching us....hehe...I'm going to crawl back underneath my rock now.
I have to agree, the biggest shock for me was how "normal" sized Amber was. I was expecting some Amazon from how she looks on the show. She was very nice to everyone who came up, and yeah, her Mom and I even had a mini-discussion of Chance (since I had my DVD sleeve there for signing.) If only every signing were like that at a comic-con, since most comic creators are bitter, old men, or at least come off that way.

I was glad I managed to get in that line, even if I missed out on the Joss' ticketed signing.
Holy crap, Joss reads this site?

*shakes finger* Awww, c'mon, man. Don't you have, like, anything better to do? Daylight's burning and here you are goofing off when you should be concentrating on building your world-wide entertainment empire. Dude. Where are your priorities?

(Of course, if one of the requirements of empire-building is staying abreast of Jossversian current affairs, well, I reckon we can let it slide...)

Re: Amber -- My husband still insists she was the most beautiful woman on BtVS, bar none. I have to say I agree. What Tara had was a very authentic, unusual and believable beauty that reflected her inner loveliness. She was someone you could conceivably get to know and become friends with, and her prettiness was not the ordinary for L.A. too-perfect-artificially augmented variety, but a genuine, natural attractiveness enlivened by her kindness, wisdom and warmth. Of all the characters who ever died on Buffy, I still miss her the most.
Even though I haven't met Amber I agree that she is hot.

And Joss reads this board? Well now's my chance to ask him a question that's been really bugging me. I know he's the main guy and makes all the final decisions concerning the entire Buffyverse so... Joss, I bought a Buffy coffee mug, the one with "If the apocolypse comes beep me" on it and it's not dishwasher safe! What's THAT all about?! What were you thinking?
It was my understanding that Joss was planning to do stuff today at Wizard World as well so I may post a thread later on today for people to file their reports or I may just use this one.
Thats's lovely news, thanks RavenU.

Joss, if you're ever in Amsterdam and need a guide... ;-).

When we created the site, we made Joss a honorary member. The account is there for him if he wants it.
Joss reads this stuff???

Damn i have to start posting here more often!

Now where did i put that Spike series proposal i've written up? I know it's around here somewhere ...

Hehe, seriously it is kinda cool to think that Joss reads what we post around here. I was aware that he checked out the Bronzebeta but i've never felt comfortable posting there myself. Mainly because the majority of that group have been together a long time and whilst they more than welcome newbies there is definately an inner circle shorthand going on there.

Also there is the fact that the conversation there seem to be 10% Whedon related and 90% chatting about their personal lives and relationships which is fine for the oldtimers who know each other really well by now but for newbies it's kind of offputting.

Don't get me wrong, they are a great bunch of people at the Bronzebeta but i've found this place much more suitable to my needs. That being a place to discuss all things Whedon and get to read to really indepth and thoughtful comments from likeminded people.

I can definately understand why Joss would be checking us out.

Oh and just before i post ...


There, hopefully he will notice that little subliminal message i put in ;)
Yeah I checked out Bronze too, but it did feel like a club of old friends. I'm sure it would've been alright, but I dunno, I really kinda found my niche here.

As for Amber, yeah cameras and clothes can be deceiving, but I still say when I met her at the Comicon, she was the skinniest I've ever seen her, just looking at her neck, jawline, cheeck bones, all that stuff. She looks good either way although I always liked she was a little 'fuller' myself. I just really hope she's not losing weight to please annorexia-obsessed Hollywood, cuz that thought just bums me out a tad.

Oh and if it hadn't been said enough: one of the sweetest people I ever met. I just wanna know her and have her come over for dinner every week. Ok, as Blwessels said, enough of the fan stuff...

And yeah Joss' own heart was a little broken when he didn't get to resurrect Tara. He said he got teary eyed every time he pitched that plotline to the other writers and actors, and when Amber said she wouldn't do season 7 he had to drop it. Well I can understand a season of being the First not sounding all that thrilling to her. Still, the Kennedy thing was a poor substitution and I can't help but regret it... Ah well water under the bridge.

Btw, people, people.....this doesn't mean Joss is reading our every post, let's not get carried away. And let's not try and nudge him about projects. All that subliminal stuff....come on now.....

Better go get something to drink.....*whistling innocently*
I can't recall where I read the plot line, but I remember Joss had originally planned to cast Amber as a form the first evil used to torment Willow through out season seven. For the series final, the FE/Amber tried to interfere with Willow during her big spell. But Willow stood strong and as the spell took effect, she saw Tara/Amber smiling lovingly at her because she found faith within herself. I can see that scene in minds eye and it's a shame it didn't happen. I always wondered if all the negative fan reaction from Tara's death in season six impacted on Amber's decision not to return for the role.
I wonder if Joss read my post about an Anne spin-off - go for it Joss, do it for us! :D
Ok - first yes I was there and not only heard his answer but I have it on video. :)

Secondly - a short summary of the Tara thing - in one of the final episodes of the series like 3-4 before the end. He was going to have an episode where somehow Buffy is given aone wish and she could have anything - and the episode would revolve around her being tormented over what to wish for. Ay the end she walks into Willows room with a pair of new shoes talking about how they are the best shoes ever. After going on and on over the shoes - Willow is upsey and ask Buffy did she use her one wish for the new shoes. Buffy tells her no and then leaves the room, Willow then turns around and Tara is standing behind her.

He said he wanted to end it on one of then having a happy relationship - again to throw everyone off.

Ok that's all for now - I'm borrowing a friends computer - I will try to transcribe the video by early this week. I figured Simon wanyed an answer to his question though. :)
That Tara story just made me cry.

Must be hormones.

"I figured Simon wanyed an answer to his question though. :) "

Cheers :).
One quick thing - We were waiting in line for Joss's Q&A and the man himself walked by saying, in a deep voice "I'm the guest of honor - I can do anything I want." He said this jokingly because it seems he was trying to get to the restroom and walked into the womens room instead of the mens (not knowing it was the women's room at first until security told him as he stepped in the door). He was a bit embarrassed.

PS - sorry about the more then avg typo's - grr argh to whom ever invented the ergonomic ones.
That would have been a sweet scene! Nothing like hearing it from the man himself.
Ok, finally, my Wizard World report: Four posts worth of stuff right now. Was that you in the front row on the very left side of the center seats, RavenU? I really wanted to go up and ask who you were on Whedonesque, but I completely forgot in the tumult of trying to get out of the room.
"It's the site I use to keep track of what I'm up to!"

Heee, thanks for that KerneIM.

Well, I think we'll declare this thread the Wizard Con thread.
Just checked out your blog, KernelM. Great pictures. Amber looks beautiful. And I appreciate you and RavenU clearing up the Tara story line. I must have been reading a fanfic or something.
Madhatter, originally in Conversations With Dead People it was Tara not Cassie who Willow saw in the library. But due to what ever reasons, Amber Benson turned it down.
Having now been given a better idea of the storyline behind the return of Tara and the obvious affection Joss has for it i wonder if he may attempt to incorporate it in some future slayerverse project that focuses on Willow.

If the speculated slayerverse movies happen and Alyson does indeed star in one of them it would be a great climax to the story. Obviously it wouldn't happen exactly the way he envisioned it for season seven but the happy ending we all want for Willow and Tara possibly could still happen i suspect.
BTW - small Serenity **Sequel** Spoiler no plot only wardrobe - Adam Baldwin in a kilt. :)
Isn't it a bit out of character for Buffy, who was upset with her friends for pulling her out of heaven, to do the exact same thing to Tara (assuming Tara was in heaven as well, which isn't unlikely when you observe the character)?
Reading how Tara would have been brought back gave me chills--and tears to my eyes, I must admit. Since love in the Buffyverse always seems to end with someone leaving or dying, I think that scene would have been incredibly powerful and beautiful.

"It's the site I use to keep track of what I'm up to!"

Brace yourselves for a surge in sign-ups.
Yes Simon, that falls in line with what I read. My over active imagination may have reedited the ending. Wasn't Amber filming her movie "Chance" during the latter part of BtVS season 7?

RavenU, trying to picture Adam Baldwin in a kilt. That's kinda' scary. LOL.
RavenU you've played a blinder over this :). Thanks very much for all this and I've addded a little bit extra to your subject just so people can find out more about the Tara episode.
It's neat to know Joss reads this site. I knew he and some of the writers visit Bronze-Beta, but I never really seemed to fit in over there. I have to agree with my fellow *CoughSpikeTheMove* and *CoughSpikeTheSeries* fans.
I just woke up all bleary-eyed and sat down with my coffee cup to check out what you guys have been up to all night.

RavenU that Tara bit broke my heart. Tears just jumped into my eyes, and I think I have the biggest throat lump ever. How fantastic that would have been! How wonderful of Buffy to do that for Willow! For us!

Whooo. Coming back to Earth now.

And Joss reads us! Simon your prayers were answered. That is the best news I've heard all week.
Definitely would have been a highly emotional scene that would've made the episode a classic. He could still use it for a big screen Buffy movie. Listening, Joss?
So, Joss does read this!

As for the Tara storyline, that would've probably been one of the most memorable ones in the history of Buffy.

RavenU: did Joss say why that idea didn't push through? (Sorry, if this was answered already. It's too early on a Sunday morning for me)
Makes you wonder who would have granted Buffy the wish. D'Hoffryn?
I tell ya, if that "one wish" story had happened (to bring Tara back) I would've forgiven Buffy of EVERY awful thing she'd done in the past. All the mean things she said and did to Spike, all the times she ignored Dawn, all the whining, all the George W Buffy speeches. I really didn't like or feel close to Buffy as a character AT ALL in Season 7 (and most of Season 6). I think having that one wish and using it for that purpose, would've made me love Buffy again. I really do. I would've forgiven her right then and there. It would've been enough to show me that the girl I hero-worshippped and wanted to be friends with in seasons 1-5 was still there, deep down...

They SO should have done that... such a shame. SUCH a shame. :-(
Seems likely Simon that it would be D'Hoffryn. Who else? I can't think of anyone. And D'Hoffryn has shown himself to be good-hearted on the rare occasion.

I wonder though, what B would have had to sacrifice in order to get that wish. Her Slayer powers maybe?

Ah well, we can wank this every which way but only Joss knows for sure.
Adam Baldwin in a kilt... wonder if he's wearing it in the traditional manner?!! If so, hope I'm nearby on a windy day!!!
I also adore the idea of Tara coming back from Buffy having a wish granted. But I think Storyteller makes a good point about how Buffy felt after she had been torn out of Heaven. Maybe it would've been something that would of made it clear that Tara wanted to come back because of her love of Willow. And I think Joss probably had some very creative way of finding the reason for the wish being offered. Maybe Anya finds out she has one last wish in her or maybe the monks show up again and offer it to Buffy in thanks of her protecting the Key. The Anya one though wouldn't make much sense though because Anya always seemed to resent Buffy. I hope Joss (hint hint if your reading) will elaborate more on how he was going to do this. And if there are movies or spin-offs that he'll somehow still do this (hopefully Amber will be willing too). I'm hoping that because he's talked about it it won't hurt any chance of him still doing it. I know how he likes the surprises! But it also seems like not being able to bring Tara back is his greatest regret too!

As for Buffy needing to be redeemed or forgiven, I don't feel that way at all. Buffy was always someone I admired and would've loved to have been friends with throughout the entire run of the show.
nice to hear that Joss comes to see what his fans think.
If you are listining Joss, please continue the buffyverse in the not to distant future I am really needing a fix. My DVD's are getting worn out there is nothing left on tv for me to watch.
"Chance" was filmed during the end of season 5. Amber had more free time when Tara's brain got sucked by Glory.

So "Chance" had nothing to do with her declining on season 7.
Wow, come back from a huge Whedonesque dry spell now I'm hanging around like a bad smell : P. Thanks for the update RavenU. Damn I wish I could go to some of these Cons.

Oh, and G'Day Joss ; )
I was there but didn't get into the Q&A. It being my first convention I guess the intricacies of the events were lost on me. For some reason I didn't really get that I should be there very early to stand in line for high-profile events. It was a bummer, but I suppose I know better for next time.

Now I'm really thinking of going back to Chi-town next month for the Browncoat's Ball.
Blwessels, i couldn't agree more about Buffy. Her actions and choices were sometimes a little questionable during season six and seven but in the context of her life and what she was going through during those years there was nothing that happened that i could not understand and empathise with.

She may not have been the airhead cheerleader we met her as but after seven plus years of slaying, dying twice and finally being put in charge of saving the world from the First and watching the people (mostly young innocent girls) under your protection dying around you i doubt anybody would not become a little colder and more distant with their friends. It would become neccessary to shut yourself off from your emotions just to keep going.

In fact Buffy became in those last couple of years exactly what she was destined to be when you look at all the chosen before her and how they eventually became, putting the mission before friends and family. She became a slayer. It's just a shame more of the fans couldn't see this and feel for the girl rather than turn against her.

End of off topic rant, lol.
Cool that Joss reads some of the posts on here. And since this seems like the right time and place to make with the "Are you there Joss? It's me, Matt" posts, I hereby submit my informal spin-off pitch:

Created by the mind behind such celebrated series as Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and co-created by the mind behind such celebrated Whedonesque posts as How Joss got me to Start Reading Comic Books and Wow, it Really Sucks that they Cancelled Angel Today, Doesn't It?, is a bizarre new sitcom, sure to take audiences by storm. Andrew (Tom Lenk), an outsider who is unfamiliar with many of Earth's customs and oftem seems not of our planet, becomes the unlikely roommate of a rogue attorney (Christian Kane), formerly of Wolram & Hart, who makes it his duty to assimilate Andrew into human culture. But Andrew's roommate soon realizes that he's getting more than he bargained for, as mishaps, hijinks and national catchphrases ensue, all at the hands of Andrew's eccentricities. And I call my soon-to-be-hit sitcom Dork & Lindsey.

Do I smell a winner? Yes, yes I do. Oh, and if I may flash back to my opening paragraph, yeah, Matt is actually my real name. You guys are really getting to know me even better than most people who actually, ya know, know me.
Hi Joss! *waves like mad*
Why did you not do that episode! And what the hell was up with Season Seven!
Still Joss, you are God!
Good gosh guys, quit asking why he never did the ep! Amber didn't want to come back! Enough said. Poor dead horse...
The return of Tara would have been great. Can you imagine if they had managed to keep it secret? Everyone just watching a regular episode and wondering what Buffy would ask for? Maybe a few hints that it would be Joyce, and then we, and Willow, see Tara..

As to the 'being torn out of heaven' bit, I'm sure whoever did it would have been a 'pro' and could have asked Tara first, not just thrown her into a coffin with no warning.
KernelM, nice pictures. I was sitting in line (for Amber Benson) right across from the girl dressed up as Illyria when you took that photo.

I had no idea there was a Browncoats table otherwise, I would've dropped by. Did see Jason Mewes though. I was suprised his crowd was really small.

I, too, wish I could've gotten there earlier. It was my first con, so we got there at 10 AM, which was I guess bad, but we still managed to meet Amber, which was the best.

Don't we make a great couple? Heh heh heh. When we talked to another fan, she told us that it was rumored that Amber was dating Adam Busch. Tara dating the guy who shot her... weird.
May be a form of Stockholm syndrome, BlindHawkeyes ;-)
Hi Joss if u are reading this, I think u are great!! Thank u for giving me your autograph after I saw Alyson in 'When Harry Met Sally'! You made not only my day, but my life!!
Lots and lots of love, Crystal xxxx
Joss just kicks ass

For I am suck - up guy, let all lesser suck up guys bow down before me

Also seeing as everyone is lobbying for their favourite different characters to have their own spin-off e.g Spike, Spike and Spike, I thought I'd shout my own support very quietly: "Go for Faith, Go For Faith" (in quiet and peaceful voice)

[ edited by Simon on 2004-08-15 22:32 ]
"He said he wanted to end it on one of then having a happy relationship - again to throw everyone off."

I knew it! I've always said that was the reason he threw Kennedy in there and rushed the whole relationship. He wanted to end with at least one happy couple after all the ones he destroyed hehe. Sorry, wallowing in a personal "I knew it" moment. Ignore me.

And you know what? I'm just gonna say that in some alternate Universe, that's what happened and Tara came back. And Kennedy sadly got eaten by Ubervamps....

Anyhoo, thanks for all the info RavenU! Last time I was among the ones giving the info about the Comicon, but now I'm doomed to be here in the trenches of the 'wish I'd been there' folks. That was the only 'downside' of the Firefly panel; Joss wouldn't do as much talking as usual at his Q&As. And I love to hear the man talk. He's always interesting and is just a great speaker. Not to mention funny! I love his DVD commentaries too.

Say RavenU, is there any possible way I could get a copy of that video you have? I'll pay, of course.

Oh and KernelM were you at the Comicon too? There was a guy sitting next to me at the Firefly panel that gave me some orange Firefly flyers. He didn't have glasses on but he kinda looked like you I think. Was that you? Row 5-ish? You wearing a brown coat?
"And you know what? I'm just gonna say that in some alternate Universe, that's what happened and Tara came back. And Kennedy sadly got eaten by Ubervamps...."

Hee hee! I was just telling my kids about how Joss had planned on bringing Tara back and I said that in my alterntive universe, that's what happened. In mine Kennedy never showed up but I kind of like your version better :-)
" In mine Kennedy never showed up but I kind of like your version better :-)"

Why, Blwessels, I never knew you had a mean streak, hehehe;-)
EdDantes: Oh, how I wish I could have been at Comic-Con. Must have been somebody else, unfortunately. And I just heard that Joss stopped by the table today! Nooooooooooo. I mean, I'm happy for all the Browncoats who were there. :)
KernelM, ah well didn't that that good of a look. The stage was more interesting you know? But I think he was smaller, no glasses or facial hair. Ah well just wondering. And yeah the Con was a great, but it looks like Wizard World was too.

"And I just heard that Joss stopped by the table today! Nooooooooooo. I mean, I'm happy for all the Browncoats who were there. :)"

I know where yer coming from. Like I'm still really HAPPY for Randygiles for instance, that she did manage to get auographs from Joss and the entire Firefly cast. Rrrrreally happy....for her....I am.... (die, green eyed monster die!)

And I had another similar moment at the Comicon when I heard that Joss made an unannounced stop at the Marvel booth 'yesterday'....grnffff....
Just a note on Buffy's reaction to being brought back vs. Tara's potential reaction. When Buffy died, she had chosen to sacrifice herself for her sister, her friends, and the world in general. And she was in heaven, where she could give up the mantle of the slayer and be at peace. Tara's death violently stolen from her. Even being in heaven, where she, too, could be at peace, she may have welcomed a chance to return and complete her life.

EdDantes, are you kidding? AU, Kennedy didn't even make it to Buffy's house. (Insert evil chuckle here.)

Darn it! Blwessels beat me to it!

BTW, Joss, you are, indeed, a God. :D

oh, did i say that outloud?

edit: grrr argh. i've been postdated.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-08-16 00:07 ]
I bow at your feet Joss and beg you to serve up your mercy in the form extending the Buffyverse...soon!!!
All hail King Joss, may death come swiftly to his enemies.
Hey Joss, if your reading, thanks for Buffy and Angel, if it is done, then thanks for everything, goodluck in the future.
Sorry, Ed, it's just while you're busy being all happily married, I'm busy soliciting the right securities guards for favors.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll let you touch it someday. Behind glass of course. With gloves.

"Sorry, Ed, it's just while you're busy being all happily married, I'm busy soliciting the right securities guards for favors."

What, and you think me and my wife are above that somehow???;-) (I'll only work the female ones though. I do have some limits. Darn it.)

"Maybe, just maybe, I'll let you touch it someday. Behind glass of course. With gloves. :) "

*much grumbling and muttering under breath*
Wow! So many things to agree with! :D

I guess I'm a bit late jumping in here but thanks to everyone for posting news and pictures. Y'all rock! :D

*waves* Hi Joss! :D
OK - I just got home. Whew, what a weekend and I must say I have never been so awed by a person that I couldn't really talk, for years, until today. Joss is everything you could hope in a guy that created shows like (well you know the ones) and more to the nth degree. GOSH - I was such a **fan-girl** - I wasn't this flustered the first time I met Gene Roddenberry. I got a VIP ticket and went to the meet and greet this morning and got to meet him and chat for a few moments with him - OMG - my mouth would not work and my brain was on it's own track. Anyway more to come and so forth.....

... including a surprise. :)
Hi Joss, er, MISTER WHEDON THE GREAT... just letting you know that I shall be working as a writer for the great ME in about 3 years. That is, of course, assuming that you grace the public with another excellent show by then.

-adam deal ;)
Another surprise, RavenU? You took everyone's breath away with the Tara story. Can't wait.
Who is this Josh Wheldon guy? Sorry, a little 'SMG at Comicon' humor there :)
... including a surprise. :)

Thank you, RavenU! We're cool! Im cool! (except for the embarrassingly squealy fan-girl thing I just did)
If this "surprise" in any way involves the continuation of the slayerverse in a televised or cinematic form then RavenU will officially make my entire week.

And it's only Monday! ;)
Demonic - afraid not the surprise was the message from Joss to whedonesque which is now in the link. Sorry.
Fantastic news about Joss!

I love the idea of Tara coming back, and I hope that if a future Willow movie is made that Joss will revisit the idea.

I'm still holding out for a Spike movie or series. So, Joss......*hint* *hint*
RavenU, ah well, my hopes were not high lol.

Besides, this surprise is equally cool! ;)
What's the message say? I can't open it here at work. Can someone transcribe? Thanks!
Rogue he is basically saying whedonesque readers are cool - but you need to see it - cause all I ask was if he could say "Hi" to the whedonesque readers but he wanted to do more.
Numfar whedonesquers, do the dance of sycophantism!
RavenU, that was a surprise. Joss' message was sweet. Thank you.
Awesome! Thanks very much, RavenU.
Rogue Slayer, a transcribe wouldn't do it justice. Best to wait until you can watch RavenU's video.
RavenU you're the best. So Joss might even remember the user names of the most regular posters. He actually, reads a few of the not so genious things we write here.

Someday when we least expect he might even show up to tell us something.

Just hope he doesn't do it too much, I'd like to see him busy, really busy creating new amazing worlds, or going further to the ones he already created.
We are cool cos Joss said so! Yay for us!!!! Thanks Raven U for that! JOSS WHEDON RULES AND ALWAYS WILL!! ;) I just love the man!!! He is sooo sweet! He should be president or something! LOL! Then he would have more control and could order everyone to watch Buffy and Angel 24/7 lol!!! Much Love 2 Joss XXXXX
*blushes* We are cool he he!!!
I would just like to take this moment to point out that I think Joss Whedon is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I have ever known in my life. Just in case he's read down this far of course. =) I wouldn't wanna be left out of the "WE ARE COOL WE SO ROCK" blah blah blah party.
Where is the page, where Joss says he goes to this site?It doesn't say.
So, Joss thinks I'm cool. Awesome. Now if only he could spread the word to, like, girls, maybe I wouldn't be so very lonely right now. Sigh...
Let me the 102nd person to say thanks to RavenU and ... we're so cool!
TheSlayer246 - It was during his Q&A, when he said it at Wizard World this past weekend - which I am trying to transcribe right now.
Yes, Thank You so much RavenU for sharing that with all of us! He is just such a nice guy and just seems so down to earth! And RavenU - I envy you so much that you got to actually exchange words with him!! And were standing that close! Wow!!
Now that I have calmed down a bit...
Congratulations, site admins! We are that much cooler because of you.
That message was so cool! I love Joss. Thanks, RavenU!
*grumble* I have to wait until my teen gets home from school so he can convert it over for me. Dratted cross-platforming problems! Four more long hours to go...tap tap tap...
RavenU-You meant that it's not on the page?How do you know?Where you there?
TheSlayer246, it helps if you actually read the thread. And I'm deleting one of your posts. It's inappropriate.
Yes I was there and I'll confess I'm the one that the question - I am trying to trascribe the video and will post it as soon as I can.
Thank you RavenU, for all of this. It's really heartening, as most of us have been wondering for a long time now if he reads this board. You have answered a burning question for everyone here. Gracias!
I downloaded it, but it won't play! I get an internal application error. Any idea what I can do?
What he said should be incorporated into the title banner on the main page, or made so it plays every time you visit the site.

What a cool guy, amazing that he'd take the time to record something like that for his fans.
*waves at Joss*

Yeah I wanna see that transcription, cuz I'd need to see the actual wording. I mean if someone made a website where there's hundreds of people saying wonderful things (and constructive criticism) about me and it was called "ZACHESQUE" I'd be saying that's cool too, whether or not I was a regular lurker.

...woah.. how'd I get near the top of the thread? ...Waitaminute. I'm supposed to be down there at the bottom of this thread. Not that I'm complaining, but I didn't purposefully mean to cut in line.

[ edited by Simon on 2004-08-16 22:07 ]

...woah.. how'd I get back down here? *blinks*

[ edited by Simon on 2004-08-16 22:18 ]
Zachsmind before this turns into a long running farce, we're having trouble with people editing their posts. For some reason, it's resetting the date back to November which means your post goes back to the top. So I've tried to edit it to get it back to the bottom.

And regarding the clip. Very cool, must have watched it 10 times already :).
Sorry about that! Ya gotta admit though that was cool, too. One minute I'm down here next minute I'm up there then the next minute I'm down here then the next minute I'm up there again.. That was hella cool neato fun! =) Wheee!!!

Yeah, now that there's no first run Whedonesque television programming, doesn't take much to keep me entertained, does it? *shrug*
On November 7:00 CET...the world will end...

It was kind of weird to hear the word "Whedonesque" spoken out loud. It's a word I've seen almost every day for the past couple of years but never heard someone say it. It has a nice ring to it.
Hehe well it was already cool he knows the site and apparently does check it out every now and then, but this is a nice little bonus!

(And multi-extra kudos for RavenU who once again went above and beyond. Honorary member I say!)

Well it's obviously just a nice and funny little nod to us, but we probably can't resist doing something with it. Come on Caroline, you know you wanna put it up somewhere in the site's layout;-)

And anyway, you heard the man people. We're cooler than anyone else. Let's start acting that way till friends and family start avoiding us!
Walk around doing totally ridiculous things, when people start avoiding you just say "I don't care what you think, Joss Whedon thinks I'm cool".
Sister Spooky; "I downloaded it, but it won't play! I get an internal application error. Any idea what I can do?"

Check with Microsoft to see if you have the latest updates for the windows media player.
Just wanted to say welcome back Zachsmind...haven't seen you posting in these parts of late...always have enjoyed your posts. Glad to see you're still out there!!!

Nice blurb from Joss, er, Master Whedon. that just sounds silly!! But I'm giddy!!! He has read where I read...maybe we were looking at the site at the same getting beyond silly!!! But...again...giddy!!!
It was kind of weird to hear the word "Whedonesque" spoken out loud. It's a word I've seen almost every day for the past couple of years but never heard someone say it.

Well I've heard myself say lots of times (to anybody who would listen ^_^), but to hear Joss actually say it is great! As for the phrase 'Whedonesque', I think one of the writers says it in one of the extras on the Season 3 DVDs, earliest example I can think of.
Way to go, RavenU - you've made a lot of people happy! I was just wondering the other day whether or not Joss knows of this group. I feel a COOL!!! coming on... I'll try to spare you all.
I've seen people on other sites use the words "Whedonesqued" and "Whedonesqueable" when talking about this site.
Cooler than anybody else I know... Whoa. That's pretty cool. Yeah... *nods head slowly*
...when my husband calls home or asks what I'm up to...the answer a majority of the time is "I'm whedonesqueing". Is that a good thing or a bad thing???...the majority of the time??? Hmmm...must think on that one!!! ;)
Milov? A new mod? Or maybe one before my time? Anyway, howdy.
Not really a mod (only when I feel like it), I'm the one that actually hacked together the whole backend of this site; every link you post and comment you write passes through my php scripts.
Oh! Good to know. :)
"...haven't seen you posting in these parts of late..."

I lurk now and then. =)

"It was kind of weird to hear the word "Whedonesque" spoken out loud..."

Really? For me it's become a household word. When comparing Whedon's past works to a movie for example. Something that's darkly humorous with a swashbuckling flair is Whedonesque to me. For example, Spider-Man 2 was more Whedonesque than I Robot, and Fahrenheit 9/11 was the first documentary I've seen with a hint of Whedonesque to it, like hot sauce sprinkled on a taco. =)
*falls out of the lurker tree with absolutely no grace*

Thank you RavenU for the video. That was very cool.

*scampers back up the lurker tree and hides in its branches*
The fact Joss reads this board is perhaps the natural need of a busy guy to do a quick scan of everything Whedonesque before doing Big Important Things. After all, the news and link orientation is actually what drew me here. So congrats to the founder (Caroline) and mods (Simon and Herb) and programmer (Milov) for building such a great service (hope I didn't forget anyone because if I did, I'm sorry . . .) Always happy to keep things planted on the good old Earth. heh, heh.

In summary: we're so cool it hurts.
"In summary: we're so cool it hurts.

Weeeeell we knew that....;-)

Except now we have been deemed officially so from on high, hehe.
Thank you for asking the question and for filming and posting the clip, RavenU! (And was that your voice we hear prompting Joss? It was rather deliciously deep - or maybe you were hoarse from the con excitement. I've made that mistake before . . . ;))

JW seemed tired, yet happy and focused. G_d willing, he'll have the strength to finish all the projects that everyone is so keen to throw at him.
Whedonesque is a household word around our parts!
Okay I finally got a chance to see the video itself. Earlier I was at a place where streaming video is mildly frowned upon but at the moment I'm at my home so it's okay.

With all due respect to Mr. Whedon himself, let's put this in perspective. The guy was at a convention where twenty times per minute someone's walking up to him and putting a comic book or a video tape or a scrap of paper in his face and begging him to sign it. Likewise in today's technologically saavy world, people are putting video cameras and cell phones and cell phones that think they're video cameras in Whedon's face and begging him to do anything from saying hi to friends far away to leaving a message on their answering machines. What's the message normally? Probably something like this: "Hi! This is Joss Whedon on ..what's your name again? Oh yes Evelyn Jones' answering machine. Hi I'm Joss and you've reached Evelyn. She can't come to the phone right now because she's too cool. And you're too cool too because you've called her, and you should behave accordingly. Buh-bye. How was that? ..Oh well thank you it was nothing. Next please?"

He's a gracious man who knows which side of his bread gets buttered and he'll do anything.. well there are a number of legal and socially acceptable things he'd be happy to do for one of his fans at any particular time, but that doesn't necessarily mean he actually visits this website, nor that he actually, honestly and sincerely thinks that it is in fact cool. He just said that cuz someone put a cell phone that thinks it's a video camera in his face and he's a gracious, kind, creative and improvisationally amusing man.

It's great that he did this, but I don't buy that it means anything. And even if it did what difference does it make? We don't find ourselves drawn to this monolithic website because we want to ingratiate ourselves. We come here because Whedon's efforts, and the efforts of those whom he has brought together time and again to create art and tell stories, are efforts which each and ever one of us find to be more cool than liquid nitrogen.

Whether or not Whedon actually acknowledges this place or our opinion of his efforts is irrelevant, and it shouldn't become relevant. It's nice he knows this place exists. Really, that's more than enough. There. Have I covered all the bases without being too sarcastic, facetious, buttkissy or downright rude? I'm just trying to keep everyone's feet firmly planted in the ground. I don't want any of us getting big heads or anything.


* ...waves at Joss *
THERE'S that loveable curmudgeon that I asked about days ago. Big Z! Where ya been?
Having a bad hair day, Zachsmind? Way to suck the fun out of the thread.
Well, ZachsMind, in that irrepressibly sarcastic and facetious way of yours you do speak some truth. It *shouldn't* matter whether Joss knows or cares about this site. And it's obviously functioned terribly well for years without any royal seal of approval. But you know what? If he does, it makes me just a little bit happier, and gives me just a more spring on the step. So sue me . . . ;)

Additionally, in response to your first two paras, I'd been working on the assumption that Joss told RavenU he had looked at whedonesque *before* she shot the clip. The clip alone, which is more by way of a bonus, wouldn't justify the strong statement she made in the header of this thread that he admitted to reading it. So I think you might be mistaken that he was simply obliging his fans, as nice a gesture as that would be. RavenU - what's the deal?
Well, I have to admit, Joss does look very tired and even awkward in that vid. But he's still a legend for doing it, and it certainly doesn't mean he's just churning out another fan message to keep the line moving. He says he thinks we're cool, and no doubt he does to at least some small degree, and that's enough to make my day. But what exactly did you think everyone expected it to mean ZachsMind? We're all just Goo-goo-gah-gah-ing at our hero. Its nice to hear from the man himself, especially when its about us :P.
Joss also asked to say more than just "hi" to Whedonesquers, as RavenU pointed out, so I think we can give him credit for being honest and appreciative of everyone's efforts here at Whedonverse Central. :-)
I know Caroline mentioned that there is an honorary account waiting for Joss here on the site, so anyone think we will be lucky enough for him to start posting here?? *prays he will*
And now this is our longest thread :). And it would be nice if Joss posted here, I must admit.
Maybe now would be a good time for either Caroline or Simon to send Joss an email at Mutant Enemy and let him know that the account is there waiting for him.

BronzeBeta prepare for a little friendly "Which site does Joss love more" rivalry! ;)
After a handful of bad experiences with record companies I made a deal with myself not to bother artists too much with the fan stuff I do about them. It doesn't get me anywhere, but it also doesn't make me a nuisance - which works nicely for me. So no, I won't be contacting anyone, I'm afraid.
I don't understand why he doesn't just gravitate to this site naturally. It's so much better! It's organized better, laid out better, the threads are all clear, and we are all his people! (Plus Whedonesque is just PRETTIER ;))

And Simon I was wondering about that, the length of the thread. Cool!
I didn't mean to diss the thread. Lemme try to put it this way. I just tried to call a radio station to get tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic. I had to be caller ten. I was caller nine. Now had I won, I mighta jumped up and down and gone crazy and freaked out everyone around me, or I could be realistic about it and realize that all it would mean is I'd get to sit in a very large room where the greatest living satirist accordian player in the history of mankind just happened to be breathing the same air. The fact that I was number nine and not number ten, and therefore have no Weird Al Yankovic tickets, sours the whole metaphor, but you see what I mean.

Sure it's neat, but let's keep perspective. It's not like he's actually going to post to this website and buy us all ice cream. Now THAT would be something.
...Joss Whedon buying us ice cream I mean, not Weird Al Yankovic. Although that would be something too.
...actually come to think of it, Weird Al is more of a parody-ist than a satirist accordian player.. However, satirist sounds more impressive than parody-ist. I don't even think parody-ist is a word...

What were we talking about?
I didn't even know he played the accordion. Perhaps piss-taker is better than parodyist but I get what you're trying to say (I think ;)).
You know what I'm trying to say? Good. That makes one of us. =)
Much as most of us would like to be invited over to Joss' house for those legendary evenings, we won't ever be. So we jump on the news that he reads Whedonesque once in a while, as though he is coming over to our house. We rejoice. We make merry.
But I agree with ZachsMind that maybe, just maybe, Joss doesn't think we are cooler than everyone else. But that's ok. We know we are. And I still appreciate him saying it.
Speak for yourself Lioness, i'm working on getting my invite to one of his Shakespeare evenings as we speak.

All i need to do is get good enough as a writer to work for Mutant Enemy and i'm half way there ;)
ahah! that is so cool! thank you RavenU and congrats to Arista for falling out of the lurker tree.
Ok - just to defend myself from Zachsmind - I do not normally ask for video comments from celebrities and all I ask for was a simple "Hi." (cause when will I ever get another chance like this again), he also had the option to say no but he ask if he could do more. He was very nice about it. Unlike Kevin Smith - who did not come to the meet and greet or allow video at his Q&A. All his choice. So he could have said no and it surprised me when he wanted to do more, I even explained to him that I had no problem if he didn't want to do it at all, but he said "Yeah lets do it."
You make it sound like I begged for him to do this, which I did not, I never beg. I know he is a person and in the grand scheme of it all no better than anyone else - except he has a high profile job that he does very well.
As far being tired - that was actually a hangover - he went out drinking the night before with the Marvel comics guys. He had a whole table to himself and ask people to sit down but for some reason no one would, so there were people who could monopolize his time but no one did. As amatter of fact there was a lady ahead of me who had made a t-shirt she was wearing with a Firefly design she created on it. He liked the shirt and wanted one - he asked for her e-mail address and mailing address and said he'd contact her about buying a shirt from her with her design. To tell you how his fans are, he was going to give her his e-mail address and quite a few of us said no get her contact info instead, then he realized that would be the best way and that we were looking out for him and his privacy.
That's Hell's Kitten over on The shirts are all up for anyone to see. She's in contact with a silkscreen guy as we speak. She might even have prices up by now. The shirts are pretty damn shiny!
And RavenU I think what you did was beyond cool. Very respectful of Joss, yet knowing how badly we all wanted to be there and to get him to SAY something to us? Just a great feat. You have a huge heart. Don't listen to Zach, he has been known to be grumpy.
"to defend myself from Zachsmind..."

There's never a need to do that dear. I'm a pacifist.

"You make it sound like I begged.."

I did no such thing. Based on what I saw in the video, I described my opinion of my reaction to what I saw. I never put words in your mouth. In fact if memory serves I was putting words in Joss' mouth. Which in hindsight was probably stupid but it was also funny. So quit bein' so defensive. I wasn't attacking you.

"Don't listen to Zach, he has been known to be grumpy.."

I've been known to be dopey, sneezy, bashful, and all seven of the dwarves, but that's no reason to ignore me.
*waves* evil evil evil evil yet truly brilliant man--you rock my socks off!!!!! Thank you for some of the best times of my life. :D

[ edited by buffyfanatic18 on 2004-08-23 02:16 ]
I'm not sure if people get notifications of me posting almost ten years later... but I was at the Wizard World Chicago 2004 where Joss attended.

I asked him a question in the Q&A... I remember seeing video of it, but never saved it for some reason.

Is there anyone who has videos or transcripts from his Q&A in Chicago in August of 2004??

I've been searching online but have come up empty.

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