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November 22 2002

"Don't invite Buffy into your home." Buffy gets reviewed by Focus on the Family.

"Sadly, the actual spiritual battle between darkness and light never gets a second thought. Buffy's creators are preoccupied with using the occult to banish the occult--not true good versus evil."

I read every Buffy review I can get my hands on, and most of them are very similar (great writing and acting, depth, metaphor, real emotion, etc...).

Every once in a while I come across a dissenting opinion (like the link above), and it's a window into a different worldview.

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Once again, a "well meaning", self proclaimed defender of family values rails against something they, judging by the things mentioned in the article, know nothing about. Buffy was not "Murdered in a school prom massacre", nor was Angel compelled to fight demons because of "His reciprocal affection".

I know my commentary is pointless since Buffy fans are the only ones who will read this. It just burns me to see websites such as this that are looked upon for guidence be so irresponsible.
Firstly, I'm going say something to the Focus on the Family lot. "IT'S ONLY A TV SHOW". Ahem. So stop picking on easy targets and focus on the real issues: child poverty, abuse in the family, teenage alienation and teen suicide etc.

And lets be honest here. I'd rather invite Buffy into my home than Focus on the Family.
I'd rather invite any vampire into my home than Focus on the Family.
Zeppo: LOL. I agree, btw.
My thoughts on FOTF? "The king of cups expects a picnic, but this is not his birthday". :p

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