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August 16 2004

2004 Watcher Retreat Shirt now available to order! But due to the tragic death of all of the Council 2 years ago(sans giles), the shirt will only be available until September 5th. Here is a view of the back of the shirt.

Ha! I love the 'deus ex machina amulets'!! Too funny!
Who would actually but this shirt?
TheSlayer, I'm betting a lot of people.
That is funny Rogue Slayer, also it took me a moment to get "the Silver", then it hit me...Oh! The Bronze! Duh.
Good one, Willowy. That one went over my head!

The cool thing about this shirt is, if you wear it out in public, most people won't get it, so they won't mentally ridicule you for liking 'that show', and you get the personal satisfaction of knowing that those geeks don't get it! hehhe
First thing I thought of when I saw the deux ex machina amulets was, that would be a cool device in my D&D campaign :)
I'd buy one but I'm already over my t-shirt budget for the month.
That's too bad sTalking because just put up a link for a COOL Serenity shirt. It's a retro-style movie poster with Mal and company looking all brave, and old-style type face. It's neat. I ordered one.

Reminds me, Simon! What's the latest on our Whedonesque shirts?
I like the spoof on Subway, Eat Fresh....which reads "Zombie, Eat Flesh". HEHEHEHE This one is great. Some of the other shirts on that site are cool too.
I wouldn't mind that shirt. Alas, no money. :(
Willowy, put me on the short bus and call me clueless, but I don't see on the site where to order the shirt.
God bless Glarkware. I have long coveted the Imperial officer rank insignia teeshirt. And the Eat Flesh one has been around for a while, as a seperate design.

I'll have to pass on the Watcher shirt (although it's tres funny -- "Sweet's Bar-b-cue and karaoke" is worth the price right there) because I'd have to explain the back to my kids. "Both naked and silent" is a phrase rich with potential misinterpretation.
Chris in Virginia, go to the latest discussion list on the front page and look for the "T-shirt for Serenity retro poster" thread. In that thread is a link directly to the spot where you can order the Serenity shirt. I'd post the link but I don't know if Simon would allow it. So "just go, man!"
Ok, I finally got the Gentleman's Club joke, but the Deadly Nightshade eludes me. Help?
No idea Rogue, I even checked the Buffyworld Dialogue Database and there's no matches to reference.

Hopefully somebody knows...
Not getting the Deadly Nightshade reference either.

But, Willowy, thanks--I just ordered a pair of t-shirts for my wife and me! (I went with the stone green background--very nice.
isn't deadly nightshade a plant or something? sounds familiar but I don't know from where.
There are plants in the nightshade family, the only one i can think of at the moment are tomatoes. I seem to remember Dru saying something about nightshade once, though I'm not sure. And there are references to nightshade in bits of gothic literature, though not sure I could provide any examples :)

[ edited by herb on 2004-08-16 21:37 ]
You're welcome! I went with the fitted baseball jersey. Black sleeves/white background. I thought it would contrast nicely with the poster border. Shiny!
It's a Wiccan reference, deadly nightshade is ingested by those who wish to foresee the future, or so it goes. It's an England import but can be found overseas now, and it looks like this. I don't recall it being mentioned on the show, however, only Dru's fondness for Jasmine.

[ edited by Faith on 2004-08-16 23:59 ]
Oooh, I like that! But what I really want is a "The Bronze" T-shirt, though I've never seen any. I have two "Wolfram & Hart" T-shirts (different colours) and a Sunnydale High School one, but a "The Bronze" one would be cool.
Well deadly nightshade is also known as Belladonna which translates to beautiful woman so it could have something to do with that?

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