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August 16 2004

Harry Groener in the musical "I Do! I Do!" on Aug. 23 at 8 PM at UCLA's Freud Playhouse.

My wife and I recently re-watched "This Year's Girl" and we both wondered why we haven't seen more of Harry Groener...he was utterly superb as the mayor.

True confession: I don't like Sen. John Warner (I'm Chris in Virginia, remember) and have never voted for him. I wrote in Frank Sinatra in 1990, and Homer J. Simpson got my vote in 1996. In 2002, I was going to write in Buffy Ann Summers, but in a flash of inspiration instead wrote in Richard Wilkins III.

Just retire, damn it!

Good for Harry--we'd love to see more of him.
Last year Harry came to Sunnydale Central (in Toronto). He sang and danced his way through the weekend and in a totally uncreepy way was amazingly like the mayor. Very nice guy.
I always thought he played the best big bad on Buffy. He was a sheer joy to watch on the show.

Whilst i have major problems in picking my overall favourite season, due to each having it's own strengths and weaknesses, there has only ever been one best Big Bad for me.

Harry absolutely stole every scene he was in during all of his appearances in Buffy. I had hoped he would be utilised more as a form for The First but sadly we only saw him in Lessons and Touched. Better than nothing though.
He really is a scene-stealer, isn't he? And I mean that in the best possible way.
But: best Big Bad for me had to be Glory.
He really is a scene-stealer, isn't he? And I mean that in the best possible way.
First Place - My vote for best season Big Bad was the Mayor - he was a delight!

Adam was disappointing, Glory was fun (season 5 was great) but the Mayor was my favorite.

Second Place - Angelus was wonderful in Season 2 - I personally thought Buffy Season 2 was David's best acting season in either Buffy or Angel.

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