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August 16 2004

Tony's factual supernatural documentary series "True Horror" scheduled for Halloween 2004. He'll also be appearing in the film "Fat Slags", and that opens October 2004.

Good Lord. They made a movie out of Fat Slags? For those who haven't experienced this rather gross british comic strip, you can see examples at under archives and then Fat Slags (possibly NSFW - frames prevent direct linkage)
Yessir. I've heard about the project for a while, but I still can't quite imagine such a movie either, since "Fat Slags", like all Viz strips, is essentially a one-note/one-joke schtick. (The two main characters are very, um, large and unattractive young women who spend their time drinking in pubs and pulling inebriated young men. And on and on, in a thousand permutations). I love the strip, and Viz, but once you read one, you've kinda read them all. How this becomes an hour-plus movie is beyond me.

And I'm not familiar enough with the strip development to know of what role ASH could possibly be playing; there weren't really any recurring male characters were there? And *Jerry O'Connell* will be in the movie!! Curiouser and bloody curioser . . .
Fat Slags in Chiswick? Coo lordy, everyone knows they're Geordies!
JudithS: cor, I didn't even notice that aberration! I suppose the archetype Fat Slag could be anywhere, but they're ever so much funnier and just more *right* as Geordie lasses. Course, if the studio wants anyone in the world outside of the Tyne-Tees broadcasting range to understand a *single word* anyone in the film is saying, that would have to be changed. Then again, probably won't help if they have broad cockney accents. My American father-in-law has difficulty following any kind of "regional" UK accent, meaning anything other than BBC Oxford. "Last Orders" lost him completely. I wouldn't even try "Trainspotting".
Hello, SoddingNancyTribe -- I think we should give other viewers a taste of U.S. medicine: I have a lot of difficulty understanding American accents, despite many decades of diligent U.S. viewing. That's 'cos they all drawl! ;)
Thank goodness for teletext and DVD subtitles.

(NB, This posting is meant with humorous intent, I do not mean to offend anyone!)

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