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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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August 17 2004

Ask Joyce! Slayerverse are giving you the chance to send in questions for Kristine Sutherland, who plays Buffy's Mom. They will ask her these in an exclusive interview at a convention in Germany.

I can't think of any questions to ask Ms. Sutherland. I'd just wanna thank her for five years of great acting during her time on Buffy. Season five worked largely because of her subtle but effective performance. The little moments like when Faith and Buffy start fighting in Joyce's bedroom and after Faith's long diatribe, all that happens between mother and daughter is "hi mom" "hi honey" and we know they understand one another. Sutherland's delivery of just those two words sold the craziness of the scene. Less is more.

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