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August 17 2004

Buffy Summers "Preview Test Shot" PALz figure. It was made as a Wizard World Chicago 2004 Convention exclusive.

I suppose it's, um, kind of cute?

I think I fought it when I played 'Champions of Norrath' on the PS2 last night.
I'm not familiar with what a "PALz" figure is supposed to be. Is it connected with a computer game or something? (He asks, sounding like his old grandpa). Cos, resemblance to Buffy Summers? Not so much.

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They're block figures. :)
PALz figures are block figures (think Lego). This one is a prototype of the Buffy figure. It hasn't been painted yet.
Thanks Daburcor and Sister Spooky! Gosh, you'd think if I had one area of expertise, it would be kids' toys, what with having some myself. (Kids, not toys - well, actually both). Never heard of these. I'll check them out.

Still, couldn't it have looked just a little more like Buffy? (Or at least a generic vampire slayer?) It could be a medieval knight, a robot, pretty much anything.
Oh but see, its the PONYTAIL that makes it truly Buffy. ;)
Behold the mystical energy of the ponytail. The seat of power for all that is The Slayer.

Its kinda hard to make those Legoesque figures look like anything in particular, imagination is a key ingredient. I knew a guy on the net who used to built little dioramas, mostly of movie scenes, from lego pieces/figures. Some of it was pretty damn cool.
what is she holding? A giant toothpick?
Looking around that site most of the BtVS figures look nothing like the actors. Some of the Cordy figures look like Joyce. I saw one figure where Buffy looks like Buffy ( ) but when did I miss THAT outfit on the show?

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