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August 17 2004

Angel - Season 5 DVD (R1) released in Feb 2005.

"According to an insert within the Angel: Season 4 box set, we can expect season 5 to be released in February, 2005. Of course we all know that time-frame is subject to change."

Man I just don't understand why they don't get these sets ready by Christmas. I bet there would be double the sales. It's not like them to miss out on a big cha-ching. What gives?
If they rush all the sets out(with all of their shows) then they flood the marketplace.

Just buy Wonderfalls(another Fox DVD) in Christmas time instead.

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eddy, not only would the marketplace be overcrowded, but they would run out of seasons faster. I've always been curious why they release the seasons with five or six months gaps. Is it simply because they want to give buyers a chance to save more money, or does it have something to do with the licensing agreement?
Come to think of it, I believe I read something that said it has to do with syndication. I guess they have to run the episodes so many times before they can release on dvd?

I could be wrong but I swear I read that somewhere...
Is that region 1 or region 2?
Region 1.

thekey1313. I think its to let people save money. Some sets are releaed a year apart or more or don't even have a time table on when the next set will be released. I'm glad Whedon shows are distributed by Fox and not Paramount(who are infamous with long periods between Season releases)
Thanks Eddy, I tweaked your subject line to show that.
I can't wait for season 5 to be released in the US; at least we finally get season four next soon (due out in September 7th according to

But but I really want season 5
I really want S5 as well but the market is SO flooded with other material that it is probably best to wait until after the new year. Give everyone a chance to save a little, I usually buy 2 copies of the Buffy & Angel sets to give as gifts.
Just as a reply to the comment that Paramount is notoriously slow with season sets...that's not always true. Just look at the Star Trek sets. Both the entireties of TNG and DS9 were all released within the same year, and that is what they're currently doing with Voyager and will be doing with TOS. A season set every two months or so. The difference there, though, is those shows had aired their entire runs and been in reruns for many years before the sets were released.
So I'd guess that a Region 2 release will be before this, it would seem unlikely that Region 1 would come out first when all the other Buffy and Angel releases have come out in Europe first. Not much of a window for that though, as the adverts for the VHS versions of season 5 say that it won't be on DVD till 2005.

Otherwise it'll be a question of whether I'm so impatient that I order the region 1 version.
yeah syndication plays into this. note the US releases coming after the UK ones.
Hehe, some of my American friends are often complaining to me about the fact that we get their shows on dvd before them :) I think it's about time we get something early though, I've been waiting to see Hellboy for months and it's still not out over here yet. I was hoping that all the piracy and filesharing would cause the studios to panic and start doing simultaneous releases as they did with Spiderman 1 and a few other big films, sadly however, this hasn't yet come to pass.
eddy, thanks for the info! I'm marking another calendar date in red. And I'm kinda' sadden at the same. Sigh

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