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August 18 2004

Coming to a comic book store near you, Buffy season 8? From the latest All The Rage column: "Whedon is said to be in discussions with Dark Horse regarding an "eighth season" of Buffy, to be chronicled as a monthly comic".

I know there's talk of a Serenity comic book and there was that post season 7 Buffy story in one issue of "Tales of the Vampire" but as far as I can make out this is a new rumour.

If it is true it will be awesome, I have always wanted to find out how Buffy adapts to life outside Sunnydale.
Cool. I may have to actually buy a comic! Of course, I'll have to start practising. "It's not for me, it's for a friend...", "It's NOT for me, It's for a friend...", "I'll have this Playboy, a Newsweek, Socialist Worker Magazine, Aisan Babes Monthly, Puppy Drowner Weekly....... and, er.. COUGHBuffyCOUGH..."
Yeah, I have my doubts too. Wouldn't Joss have hinted about it during his recent many interviews? But then again, it's Joss and he likes to keep things underwraps. That would be so cool if it's true though. Not a big comic book fan but this I could easily see myself buying and it would be great to see what's going on with our favorite Scoobies!
If I remember correctly, when they stopped the regular Buffy comic, it was never meant to be gone permenantly, just until after "Tales of the vampires". They wanted to find out what they could do with the characters post-Buffy which woud have to include some involvement with Joss, who's always a very busy man.

The last year or so of the comic book was prequel, so it'll be good to finally see some new stuff.
Yes you're right Ghost Spike, that was Dark Horse's intention after the end of the regular Buffy comic.
I get my Asian Babes monthly delivered...

a post-Sunnydale Buffy comic could be interesting. At the very least we can finally answer THE burning question of season 7.

Is Andrew Gay?
I thought the burning question was what happened to Kit and Carlos?
A comic of season 8 of Buffy would be cool but personally I would want a comic of Angel season 6. From the rumors it was going to be very dark, post apocalyptic. I think it would be an awesome comic book and we wouldn't need DB to do it.
I don't want a comic. They are always WAY too short and then you are stuck for another month.

Do it graphic novel style, I say hell yeah! That's the very least that a "season" of Buffy or Angel deserves.

And please, get someone to draw the thing that is FAMILIAR with the actors/characters. I hate it when they have this awesome cover art and crap inside.
Buffy season 8? Angel seasn 6??? Let's hope so.
ShotgunWes, I agree. Buffy's tale was finished. Angel's wasn't. I'd read a BtVS "Season 8" comic book series, but I'd much prefer an Angel or Angel spin-off series or mini-series.

BTW, which TotV story took place post-season 7? I can't remember.
Invisible Green: It was the Dracula story "Antique" written by Drew Goddard (in No.3).
Better yet, how about a different season 7??? Minus the potentials?? Joss could make it all a dream in Spike's newly soulled-insane brain.....yes, that's the ticket!! Then Spike will come back to Sunnydale and Buffy won't treat him like dirt for the first half of the season. Oh, I'm on board!!!
*(b)latent Buffy hatage...*

But really, this would be awesome. Hope it's not just a rumor. And I hope they'd get someone decent to draw, not Cliff Richards. That guy is horrid!! And Willowy, if you wait long enough, they'll put out a collected version!! But that's only if you can waaaaiiiiittt!! And only if it's trrruuuueee!! ;)
Willowy: Very few "graphic novels" started out that way. Almost all the famous ones are collections of monthly (more or less) issues. This includes Maus, Sandman, Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, etc. The true graphic novels tend to be more avante garde: Jimmy Corrigan, Persepolis, etc.
Yeah I always mean to just wait the pamphlets out and get the graphic novel/trade paperback to read it all in one sweet go. But then way too often I just can't wait that long.

Still I'd love to see this happen. Let's see how the 'New Council' is doing. I just hope they wouldn't focus on the SiTs too much.

Also? Get a GOOD artist! One who can actually get some likenesses a little bit right. Or general dynamics. And where faces don't look like half finished things of clay. (Sorry, but I never liked Cliff Richards)
Heh, I'd almost be on board with Rogue Slayer's suggestion, a completely Joss-penned alternative Season'd probably mostly feel like a re-tread though, he'd use a lot of the same stuff. And he probably doesn't agree with what a large portion of the fanbase feels were the weaker elements of the (in my opinion easily the worst) season. It'd be great to see him do exactly what he wanted to do with Tara and any other characters played by guest stars they weren't able to get a hold of.

Over any sort of Buffy story though, I'd get much more excited about continued Fray (I know it's been talked about, but there's nothing definite yet) and maybe some Angel if it doesn't show up on TV again in the next year or two.
I could get into this. I'm not interested in getting into this whole X-men thing with all these characters I don't know and consequently can't get worked up about. But a Buffy Season 8 comic I'd definitely read. Or look at. Or whatever it is you do with comics. (That's my problem, never know whether to read the balloons or look at the pictures.)
lol Caroline, I think maybe you should try a combination of balloon reading and picture viewing. I was an X-men fan long before Joss started writing and so although I hadn't bought a book for 3/4 years, had no problem getting right back into things. I would be extremely happy with a Buffy Season 8 comic, though given the choice I'd prefer a movie :)
True, KernelM. I actually got hooked on graphic novels way back in the 80's with Elfquest (full color compilations). The Pini's art just rocked my world. And the stories were so Jossian. (Although I didn't know it back then!)
... Elfquest (full color compilations).

We must be of a similar age, Willowy. I too got into the Pinis in the '80's and was totally sucked into the world of the little elves. Along with Love and Rockets, another amazingly full-blown comic-'verse with deep characteri-
zation and great plots, they were my introduction to cool underground comics, when what was popular in the mainstream wasn't very appealing to me (mostly superhero-y stuff).

Makes sense that many of us cut our teeth on similar stuff that set us up later for Joss's addictively compelling storytelling.
I hope Joss will make season 8 comics.

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Wow I Googled Love and Rockets and it looks great! I wonder why I never heard of it before this. Wiseblood, what does the title mean? Is it like a soap opera? "As The World Turns" kinda thing? I know its set in the future because the mechanic works on spaceships and robots...

Cool about the Elfquest. You are the first person I've spoken with on this board that knew and loved it too. I still revisit the Wolfriders from time to time. And how right you are about us cutting our collective teeth on similar stuff. When going over it in my mind I can't help but make the comparisons to the 'verse. I wonder what Joss thinks of Elfquest and Love & Rockets...

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