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August 18 2004

Buffy season 7 DVD (R1) details and cover.

Weren't Kitty and Candy rumoured to have been doing commentaries? And why are Buffy's eye so.. blegh!?

I would have liked a cast photo instead. :(
The box art is definitely uninspired. Isn't that season 5 hair? Also I thought SMG's eyes were brown. "Huh." (Oz)

However! The extras look great! Extras on every disc! Oooh can't wait to get my mitts on this! I'll wear out that last disc in a week!
She has green eyes. Great shot of her eyes when she makes Angel bite her and take her blood and they zoom in on them. Also, a couple of internet sites say that too. I agree, a group shot would have been really nice.
Willowy, that is Season 5 hair...and a season 5 shirt - I'm disappointed in the cover, but really, it's the insides that count! Can't wait for the outtakes!
Maybe they'll change the art. Who does the cover art anyhoo? Do you think if Joss gets wind of this cover that he has the ability to make them change it? Or is it all out of his hands? C'mon, it's the LAST one! They should at least make the quality of the exterior reflect the quality of the content.
My first thought was "Oh the shirt she wore in OMWF". I can't be too critical though, because even though I too would have liked a group cover, I'm just excited to know I'll soon be able to watch the show from beginning to end!!!
I thought it would've been great to have Sarah, Aly, and Nick on the cover, possibly Anthony. I like the blue scheme, which I was expecting because the R1 cover is usually the same color as the menus in the R2 DVDs.

It's so stupid that there were never any season 7 promo pics that could've been used.
The Buffy photo used is actually the main the season 6 promo picture. As BlindHawkeyes said, It is weird how they didn't shoot any promo pics for season 7. I mean, how difficult or expensive could that have been.

I like how they have kept the focus of the cover art on what the seasons were actually about such as S6 having the Willow/Buffy/Xander cover and not featuring the very popular Spike. This cover reflects that Spike & Buffy's storyline is the (arguably) prominent one of S7.
Ethan and one of Kitty or Candy (the other had a scheduling conflict) were interviewed for the fans featurette.
We should just all be happy that it doesn't feature Buffy and the potentials, or worst, Kennedy!
It'll be interesting to see whether you guys get the "Willow Demon Guide" in region 1. Region 2 got it, but me and my region 4 brethren found no such ROM extra even though it was listed as an extra on the packaging.
Finally I have been waiting for a release date forever It was my least favorite season, but I want my collection to be complete.
There appears to be one difference from the R2 release.
Disk 3 in the R2 release lists "12 trailers" in addition
to "Buffy: It's always been about the fans".

Also, the R2 release has plenty of photos of SMG in the
same top as shown on the R1 cover, but none exactly match
the R1 photo.
I have to say I think I prefer the Region 2 cover. That region 1 cover has the air of a "Will this do?" about it.
Region 2 cover definatly looks better.

Well...put it this way...the colour is so bright and ultra-violent....we won't miss it on the store shelves...
Gawd, are they still recycling those same pictures?? It's one of my least favorite Sarah photoshoots to beging with. They went out of their way to make her look so pale, and then add too much rouge on the cheecks...just don't care for it.

The earlier one with the brownish tint, when she's leaning on the stone ledge with the dark shirt with cleevage and the beige leather pants. Now that was hot yet classy. And the way they had the colors work with her hair and her skin. Now that was happenin' I tells ya.

But no, they recycle the 'look I'm dead' ones a zillion times.

And yes, how much WOULD another photoshoot have cost?? Pfff...
Usually "Outtakes" is the same as a gag reel, right? So I guess we can't expect any deleted scenes in this set? That sucks, I was really looking forward to seeing what was trimmed in "Chosen". The lack of deleted scenes are still a sore spot for me on most of these releases. I'll probably continue to hold off for as long as I can in hopes that either a full series collection will feature an extra disc with unseen extras, or that they'll re-do these some day.

The DVD cover pics are always uninspired. I sorta like Season 1's, Season 2's (classic) and Season 6's cover is okay (very spoilerish unfortunately though for those few people mostly unspoiled and new to the series), but for the most part I think they could've done a much better job. And I understand the titles of both shows are "Buffy" and "Angel", but would it have killed them to have at least one set where the entire main cast is on the cover? They're such ensemble shows, it's a shame to not have that acknowledged on what will now be the definitive format for the shows for the forseeable future. Or even better, I always thought some artsy "collector's edition"-type covers would've worked (y'know like how many movies do theirs, with a steel, wood, stone look, etc), especially for a huge cult franchise like this where the fans are gonna find it easily and buy it no matter what's on the cover.
So much for my October 26 release forecast. Note to self: "Must change batteries in crystal ball". FOX must have pushed back the release date just to spite me....yeah, that's it. It's a conspiracy! Isn't Sarah a natural green-eyed brunette?

I'm also disappointed with the cover art. Think you right, Simon. Is someone at FOX just flipping through promo pics "Oh here, use this one"? At least, the region 2 art shows a little more class IMO. Also not too pleased with BtVS season 6 cover art since they put a major spoiler on it. Oh well, I'll still buy this DVD and cherish it.
Hmm I liked Buffy Season Six Region One Cover. I suppose it was spoilerish, but the program would have already aired in the States befor it would have been released on DVD. And it was all vibrant and snazzy and colourful. I didn't like Region One's Season Four and Five Art, mind you I didn't really like Region Two's cover of the former. The U.S have more variety on their covers.

I don't think Spike should have been on the cover alone. I love the character, but as this season was supposedly about going back to the beginning, so Willow, Xander and Giles, should have been on it with her. Spike wasn't in the begining. However he did have a key role (although I don't think it was the main storyline) so that should warrant him on the cover

But we beat you guys hands down when it comes to the Angel Cover Art (except Season One). The Season Three (R2) is such a beautiful cover, I love looking at it. The Season Four R2 is also gorgeous, and the Season Two has got this mystical, shimmery sort of effect. I am looking forward to see what they come up with for Season Five, because that is my favourite season and the last. I really want it themed with a light blue, as that is what the season, with all it corprateness and lawyers sums up to me

Go Blue!
I personally love this S7 cover. I always thought it should have been Buffy and Spike from the beginning.

I don't really know if I'd say it looks "uninspired," but you can definately tell that whoever designed this cover also designed covers for the Slayer Collection series over in the UK. I think it's going to look great next to all the other seasons, especially since seasons 1-2 are so much different than seasons 3-6. Now season 7 is going to be very unique, and I like that.
I'm with you slayerjunkie......
I think S7 WAS about Buffy and Spike, and I think he deserves a prominent place on the cover. All the rest of the cast have had their turn, and honestly, I don't think S7 was about the core group anyway. Buffy and Angel had their share of covers together, its about time FOX recognized the 'other' love in Buffy's life. So I say thank you FOX for finally giving Spike some long overdue respect.......
Buffy & Spike for the season 7 cover is fine with me - I think the season was "their" season. And afterall he did save the world; however I wish they used season 7 photos of both Buffy and Spike (no one mentioned this yet but Spike's is a season 6 photo too).

I heard it before, what was said earlier about the season being about going back to the beginning, I think Joss said it in an interview; so a group photo would have been best. But when I think about it as a season Xander's role in it was very small.
Personally, I like the cover. hmmmmmmm...Spike.
I can't claim to speak for others in the Region 2 zone but I'm used to seeing Buffy on her own on the cover. And personally, I think more effort is put into the designs of the region 2 DVDs.
I can't believe they chose "The Killer in Me" as a commentary episode. That was probably, to me, the worst episode in theh entire run of Buffy.

Now that I think about it, an episode THAT bad deserves some recognition, and that's probably the only way they could've gotten me to watch it again. :)
I can't believe they chose "The Killer in Me" as a commentary episode. That was probably, to me, the worst episode in theh entire run of Buffy.

Flawed episodes often make for the best commentaries, though, because you get to hear the writers explain what their intentions were with the story, and sometimes even admit a little when something didn't go as smoothly or in the direction that they'd planned.
Well, I'll never complain about seeing Spikey anywhere, but updated pics would have been nice.

And while the Spuffy part of me is happy, the show fan in me wishes that it would be either just Buffy or the entire gang. I know a lot of characers got short shrift in S7, so it would have been a nice little tribute to have them all on the cover for the final season.
I like the colour...

I wish they'd done new promo shots for Season 7 though. I mean, why the hell didn't they? They did EVERY other year. Seriously, if they knew (and Joss has said they did) that it'd be the last season before they even began shooting, why didn't they take knew promo shots? Jeezus, was UPN really THAT CHEAP?

I'm glad (I suppose) that Spike's on the cover with Buffy. Their story in Season 7 might have been annoyingly underwritten at times but it really was the only one that had any continued emotional resonance. If only it had been better written...

Adding my eternal thanks to the chorus of gratitude that the cover didn't feature those bastions of "girl power" that were the Potentials (and Kennedy). Phew!
Hey Bad Kitty - don't give eternal thanks yet - You may open up the package and have the Potentials (and or Kennedy) looking back at you.

Remember the packaging for season 6 (at least here in the US) had the Trio on the inside panel (which btw I really like).
Man, these people are cheap! I think the cover looks terrible. It has nothing to do with Spike/JM Buffy/SMG perse (hell, they were on it together with Dawn in season 5), they are just bad photos (old ones at that) and the quality looks incredibly poor.

And Buffy and Angel were on season 2 alone, so I don't think having them on it is a big deal at all.
That! Who the hell decided on that?! "Let's take two season 6 promo pics, change her eye color...they won't know the difference!". Like we're all that stupid? They should have just used the cover of the Buffy season 7 trading cards as the cover art for the season 7 box set.(For those of you who have seen it, it has Buffy in the middle, with the entire cast for that season surrounding her.) But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna buy it.
Also I am looking at my season 6 set right now, and Buffy is wearing the EXACT same shirt!

Looks like season 7 box was designed by the department of redundancy department.
I think that the Cover Art for Season Seven is OKAY. Although I am not sure if I like the pic of Sarah. Her eyes are a vibrant green and match the background cover perfectly. Spike looks good though. I definatly would have liked to see the entire cast on the cover, as would most other people. They really didn't use good pics. Sarah has worn that shirt before and the pic of Spike looks like the pic from the "Slayer Collection" DVD of him.

With the money made from selling the DVD's, they should have more than enough money to take new promotional photos.

~I am still going to buy the DVD's, because it's what inside that counts~
The pics are promo shots from season 6, so I get really confused when I look at it. But I'm all for the Spuffy!
I'm with Simon in that i'm more used to seeing Buffy alone on the DVD covers. Given the fact that the cast of the average Buffy season is large to say the least, and the fact that each character is somebody's favourite and least favourite, it makes sense to just have Buffy on there. It stops debates like this one as to who else actually deserved to be there.

Just wondering how many people here are going to be getting this set now that the news of the combined season box set is going to be available.

I currently only own seasons 1 to 4 of Buffy and season one of Angel so i seriously doubt i'll be buying any further single season collections of Buffy and just put the money towards the complete box set. I'm assuming they will do the same with Angel too so i'll wait a little longer before spending more on them as well i think.

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