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August 19 2004

SFX's Buffy and Angel desktop wallpapers. Excellent pics of James Marsters, Amy Acker, David Boreanaz and Anthony Head (as taken by SFX's photographers) to put on your PC or Mac desktop.

Ooh - James in a suit - very go take a cold shower.
Damn....those James pictures are awesome. The suit picture I have always loved, but the face shot is just beautifull. And the pictures of she is truly lovely. Very nice photos.
Sweet! Those are awesome! Hmmmm james....
Pity they did glamour shots of them all except Tony who gets the novelty picture.
Some of these have been around a while. Check out Mark Robert Halper's website, where most of these pics are archived (albeit smaller). There's also shots of actors from Farscape and Enterprise, for anyone who's interested. DB's got his early S5 hair, so it must have been summer or early fall of '03 when his were taken. (I can't get back on the page right now to check, but I think there are some really lovely b/w Stephanie Romanov shots there, too. Yowza!)

I've never seen the ASH one before; agree that it would have been great to see how MRH would have photographed him. Lots of raw material there to work with!
Didn't like the ASH shot. The image looks like it's low-res (didn't feel like DLing this cliche pic to find out).

I went to MRH's web site. I could slideshow a different pic of his for every day of the year, subject irrelevant. Typically, you see a person's output and you find the odd middling work. Didn't see a single also-ran.

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