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August 19 2004

Video clips from Angel season 4 DVD. present "sneak peak" clips from the bonus features on the DVD.

A heads up that the .wmv options are mostly all incorrectly linked. For High, only the jail break clip and the one where David discusses Angel work, and for Low it's only the Faith clip, which the rest are all linked to. I'm not having any problems with .asx.
Oh and thanks for the link :)
yep. the asx files all work.
Just use where the "?" is replaced with 1-6.
I'm so looking forward to this DVD release. Because of travel, I missed the latter half of ATS season 4. So, in my eyes, these are all new shows. Yay!
Not my favorite season (Connor, Cordy), but I'm still looking forward to getting my DVDs. DB and AD were both at the top of their games, and I'm thinking that a marathon viewing will allow me to appreciate the strengths more than the weaknesses of the season. In any case, it's still Angel, so it's still good storytelling.
This is my favorite season of all, even though I love Cordy and hated to see her as evil. I am really looking forward to it coming out on DVD!
This is my favourite season of Angel too, Angelus, Faith, Willow, The Beast ah good times :) Guess I'm just a sucker for the big plot arc stuff.
Okay, these clips just don't work -- I get audio only (no video) for the .wwv ones, and the .asx ones don't play at all (I tried both VLC and Windows Media Player for OS X).

Grrrr, I hate these inconsiderate folks who cut off Mac and Linux users from any chance of being able to view their files -- use some standard cross-platform codecs, people.

However, as for actual content, the audio interviews that I did hear were very interesting. Thanks for posting this! Cool.
chickenbird: MPlayer (mainly for Linux) plays more files than any other video player I've seen.
There's an OS X port at:

ETA: All asx files are are wrappers for wmv content. Some players can automatically parse an asx file, but otherwise you can simply view it in a text browser to see what the actual file is. (In this case, unnecessary, since the wmv links are already also on the site.)

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That Faith scene, her jail break, is one of the top ten moments ever in the Buffyverse.

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