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August 21 2004

Angel season 5 VHS trailer. Care to see how Fox are trying to sell the final season?

The season 5 boxsets are out on video in the UK on Monday 23rd.

And if anyone is interested, you can see the trailers for the other seasons here. The season 3 one is just odd.

And someone better tell Fox UK that Alyson Hannigan did not guest in season 5.

And the marketing of season 5 as "The Angel & Spike Show" continues, no mention of it being the final season or anything.

Annoyed that this and the buffy boxes are probably the only ones that still bring out their VHS sets out 6 months ahead of the DVD ones, it's usually the other way around, you'd think Fox would want it to be the other way round to, 'cos the DVDs are more expensive.
Actually, it makes good business sense to have the VHS tapes come out first: many fans will buy the tapes now, and then upgrade to the DVDs for the improved video quality and/or extras a few months later. On the other hand, I have a hard time imagining someone getting the DVDs first, and still picking up the VHS sets as well.
Caught that one too Simon. Alyson Hannigan, not in AtS season 5 (kinda' wish she was). But lets not be so quick in pointing out the error. Perhaps Aly can collect a royality check for her "appearance" ;)

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When you read the descriptions of the box sets, it sounds like more than just the Angel and Spike show. The trailer features Spike but the words actually include references to Mercedes and Alyson. What concerns me though is that I don't remember Alyson making a guest appearance during Angel Five. Maybe I missed that episode, but I thought the last time Willow popped by was during the Faith versus Beast thing, to get back Angel's soul, and that was late in season four.

Why didn't they mention ...well at the moment I'm having trouble remembering either the character or actor name.. ANDREW! Uhm.. Tom Lenk? Well that might explain it. Even people who don't watch Buffy or Angel have probably heard of Willow and Giles, but I'm a fan of the show and when caught off guard I forget the name of an ex evil wannabe Triad member.
This trailer just reminds me of what was horribly wrong with season five. How could they advertise this show with not even a glimpse of Gunn or Wes or Fred or Lindsey. ITs all about Angel and Spike. Here's what's worse: I've been watching through season three. Lilah entices Wesley with Wolfram and Hart's mystical library, and wesley -- abandoned by his friends -- says NO. Lindsey warns Angel "Don't play Wolfram and Hart's game" But that's exactly what Angel did for most of season five.
I know it's only a 30 sec trailer but a glimpse of Cordelia and Illyria would have been nice.
Yeah but Simon those would've been spoilers for anyone going into Angel Season 5 mostly-blind. I kinda respect them for not spoiling anything other than the Spike-addition, which you'd have to have been incredibly spoiler-paranoid and avoiding of all entertainment news to not know ahead of time.

I hate how it's marketed as The Angel & Spike Show too, but I'm sure they believe that's what sells, and they're most likely right.

Not Triad.

Not Troika.

Trio. Not a big thing. But just for accuracy's sake.

tuneman570, interesting point--the temptation of W&H's resources was just too great to resist. And let's not forget, it allowed Connor to have a real life at last.

Re: the Angel & Spike show: I guarantee that focus group research indicated that this was the best way to market the show...for all the good it did...
Something I've been wondering for nearly 3 years now.....

Where the hell did the term "troika" come from, it was never used on the show, and yet they're referred to as that practically everywhere.
Well, promotion is always of the good, but the trailer itself isn't exactly very good. I don't particularly mind it being marketed as Spike and Angel centric, it's just that it seems to fall a little flat. Season five was my favorite season but I didn't see any of its best moments highlighted.

To answer Ghost Spike, if I remember correctly Joss referred to them as the Troika at one point, and it caught on. To be perfectly honest, however, I'm not entirely sure.
It's stupid that the trailer actually gives away the ending of the big Angel vs.Spike fight. The 24 Season 3 trailer is spoilerish too, though. I wouldn't recommend those trailers to anyone who hasn't seen the new seasons yet.
Hmmm maybe because Joss loves us so much he secretly filmed another 15 minutes of Not Fade Away and that Willow miracuosly joined the gang to kill all the bad demons and save the world?


"I know it's only a 30 sec trailer but a glimpse of Cordelia and Illyria would have been nice."

It's only a trailer for the first part of the VHS set - and as we know Cordy and Illyria weren't in the first half of the season.
Well I wondered about that, but they're releasing the two box sets on the same day.

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