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August 21 2004

Amy Acker, Christian Kane, and Potentials Autograph Signing August 21st in Santa Barbara. Post your experiences here if you went.

Ed and I went. We *think* we saw RavenU, but I'm never one to introduce myself unless I'm 100% sure of someone's identity. Christian arrived 30 minutes late, but no one seemed to mind much. He was very charming. Called me 'Sweetheart'! :) Amy seemed less comfortable with the event. Hubby gave her a drawing he did of Fred/Illyria, and she liked it a lot. She said she wished she was as pretty as he drew her, hehe.

Ed got his picture with Amy and I got mine with Christian. He was VERY comfy with the pics. He moved in a lot closer than I was going to, but who am I to push a hunk like him away? And something odd I noticed, he was giving off a lot of body heat. Just radiated off of him. He was very warm to the touch. May have had something to do with the Bud Light he was drinking, but who knows, hehe.

All in all, we were a bit disappointed(or maybe just naive) with how it was run. First you stand in line outside to go in for an autograph, then you have to go back outside and stand in a NEW line to go back in for a picture with the actors. And when it came to getting autographs, some guy just took our picture of Amy and said, "Do you just want it signed?" and gave it to her. Novices we are, we didn't know what else she was supposed to do with it(eat it?), and it wasn't until after she signed just her name that we realized we should have asked her to personalize it. Christian did it, but then he didn't have a 'henchman' standing in front of him. The event guy also took Ed's drawing for Amy and gave it to her when Ed kind of wanted to give it himself. And it wasn't like we weren't *right there* anyway. Just an odd setup. But it didn't take very long, less than 2 hours from start to finish. Glad we went. We have nice little polaroids with the actors and it was a beautiful drive up the coast!

Anyone else? RavenU!? Where you there??
OK, I was there, and I'm very disappointed with the lack of hello (if you've seen the comic con pics, you know who I am!) I did also think I saw RavenU, but wasn't sure either. We obviously really do need those t-shirts since it seems some Whedonesquers are a little more shy in real life.

**ahem** looks at a certain married couple **ahem**

Too tired to report interactions with the adorable stars. Later, promise. 8 hours of driving alone does not a happy randygiles make.
Ahem, well RandyGiles we had comicon pics up too and I don't recall you saying any hellos to us, hmm?;-) And apparently the same goes between you and RavenU. I really didn't see you or anyone looking like you. I'm pretty sure I would've recognized you if I'd seen you, but there's such a crowd. And I was so nervous about giving Amy that picture I had other stuff on my mind. Wasn't really looking.

And Rogue thought she had eye contact with the girl that may have been RavenU but there didn't seem to be any recognition when she smiled so she figured it wasn't her. (And we're scared of saying "Hi!" and have it turn out to be a complete stranger)

If you saw a tall guy with a goatee being bugged by his short and fidgety-fussy wife, that'da been us, hehe.

As for my experiences, well obviously, met both Amy and Christian and while they were cool and nice and all, the whole event was a Even more than other things we've been to, this was assembly line stuff. High speed. I know the store needs to make a buck here, but still. The cool thing is meeting them. The pic with autograph is a nice memento of that meeting. But the attitude is a bit 'here's yer autograph, now scram'. Well, not quite so rude, but that was the idea in general. (And frankly plenty people there indeed seemed to only want an autograph edition to their collection. So maybe it was just us...We're still new, heh.)

Did give Amy my drawing of her, she was surprised and said she liked it. But there was a guy of the store there who (while probably well-meaning) just messed things up. I wanted to give Amy the drawing, then give her the pic I bought to have her sign and have her personalize it. But the guy just starting taking things from my hand and while I was getting the drawing out, he already gave Amy the pic, who, without being told otherwise, just put her name on it and nothing else, before she'd even seen the drawing. So that kinda messed things up, and threw me off a bit. She said thanks several times, and that she wished she looked *that* good, which was nice,(And really she looks far better. But then, ya know... what else is she gonna say) and then the guy started talking to her about it, again taking things over and kinda butting in. And I didn't get it personalized. Nice. Suppose I could've asked afterwards but it was already a bit messy and they'd already had the next person come up, so....suppose it doesn't matter much, but in those 15-20 secs you get, I wish I'd just been 'left alone' with her ya know? Blah...

Then it was outside again, and waiting to go back in for the picture. Messy organization. People were cutting in too. Christian Kane was clearly more used to this and knew how to be fun and stuff. Amy was sweet and nice to everyone but seemed a bit out of her element and perhaps a little dizzy from the speed at which everything went. Picture taking too was 'Next! Next! Next!' She recognised me from earlier which was nice. Then I didn't really know how to stand with her for the shot. She moved in close to me but I felt kinda forward and weird just grabbing her waist which she seemed to expect. And that hesitation seemed to confuse her for a sec, probably surprised I suddenly didn't seem to wanna touch her or something. (Which of course was definitely NOT the case. Ahem.) So she moved in close again and put her arm around my waist and I put mine around hers and the pic was nice.

Christian Kane pretty much cuddled Rogue. You can tell by her huge grin on the pic. Sigh, it's easier for girls.... Well it was still nice and all, but some things could've gone better for me. And really, if that drawing shows up on Ebay next week I'm gonna be a tad broken-hearted..... ;-)
If you saw a tall guy with a goatee being bugged by his short and fidgety-fussy wife, that'da been us, hehe.

Not my fault you had fuzz on your shirt, your tagged flipped out a few times, your collar wasn't straight, etc, etc, etc. Wasn't just needed tending to, is all.......

(Sorry I keep revising this...)

Oh wow, all of you went?! I also went and had a blast.

Regarding the line situation, I agree that it needs a little improvement, but considering how small and intimate the signings there usually are, I've usually had a great time there. Plus, in comparison to the larger conventions, you do get to spend a little more time with the actors, which is really nice. I'm still amazed that so many of the Buffy and Angel actors have made appearances at the store (the only major ones I can think of offhand who haven't been there are SMG, CC, and DB).

So judging from the reports, no one saw Clara Bryant, Indigo, and Sarah Hagan at noontime? It was Clara and Indigo's first fan event (it was also Sarah's first time at the store although she recently did a private signing for them), and all three were great. I overheard that Felicia Day and Iyari Limon had expressed interest in coming, but I guess things fell through. That's too bad, because it was pretty damn cool seeing a few of the Potentials reunited like that. Indigo has lent her voice to an upcoming episode of Family Guy and I believe she's also in an upcoming episode of Cold Case.

Amy Acker's apparent uncomfortableness, even though she did a store signing about three years ago with J. August Richards (Joss even dropped by with his wife that time) may have stemmed from the fact that she still hasn't done many conventions yet, so she's still probably overwhelmed by the experience. She was a complete sweetheart though and really nice. That smile of hers is just amazing. I asked her about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel(?) that she was reportedly filming, and she doesn't know where that rumor came from (the recent film that she did was The Novice). Speaking of voiceovers, she recently did some work as The Huntress for Justice League Unlimited. And she revealed some news that I want to verify before posting it.

As for Christian Kane, the man is an absolute riot.. and absolutely smooth with the ladies. He certainly has that country boy routine down pat, and he had quite an entourage of female fans (a la James Marsters). A good friend of his even brought him a cooler of Bud Light for him to consume during the signing! There is one male fan who's a regular at the signings who's known for getting photos taken with the actresses, prom-style (i.e. he stands behind them with their arms around their waists). Some actresses have been creeped out by the request, but others have been totally cool about it. At any rate, after said fan got a Polaroid taken with Amy in that style, for the group shot, in a sort of spontaneous moment, Christian took Amy's spot in front of the fan, with the fan putting his arms around Christian's waist, and Amy stood behind the fan and put her arms around the fan's waist. It was a really funny moment.

It was great pairing Christian with Amy since they're both from Texas and their personalities are so different. Amy certainly seemed to get a kick out of his antics for sure. She was a real trooper though, and was clearly the reason most fans came up to the store in the first place, as most fans were there to meet her and get her autograph, so I'm sure her hand was really sore from signing afterwards! Christian even called for a round of applause for her as she left the store, which was certainly well-deserved.

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So you were there too, huh? Funny. Possibly 4-5 Whedonesquers then. And funny you should say that about time, since we felt this was the shortest time we ever got at a signing. I suppose we could've pushed for more but I hate overstaying my welcome time if you know what I mean. And, like I said, that guy just butted in and kinda stole my moment there.

No we didn't see the SiT's. Just didn't care that much about their characters. I hope they had a good time with the fans.

And yeah Amy's inexperience showed, we had a feeling she wasn't as seasoned as Christian. But she was indeed a sweetheart.
Ed, yeah, I was there, and got lots of photos too (I'll send a few privately to Simon, Rogue Slayer, and randygiles on Sunday since those three have e-mail addresses listed in their profiles... which is fine since you have some affiliation with Rogue, heh).

No offense, and I know this was going to come up, but regarding lines, I'm sorry your experience wasn't great. But try going to one of Creation's conventions and getting autographs or photos taken with some of the actors there. I've really felt like I've been herded like cattle there! Moooo! Or the Serenity autograph line at Comic-Con. I don't want to beat a dead horse about how badly-handled that line was, but you were only able to stand in front of each actor and Joss for just a few seconds. That was ridiculous, especially for those of us who waited in line for close to four hours!

Also, it sounded like Clara Bryant and Indigo said that they'd like to start doing conventions and meeting their fans, so if you missed them at Metro, chances are you'll get to see them elsewhere.

BTW, I'm *not* doing Vulkon next weekend, but I'd love to hear the reports nevertheless!

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I think next time if people want to talk about a con or a signing they went to, they should email me or one of the other admins first.
Ok - Simon.

Just note a few things learned from this signing. I was there btw so yes people saw me. First, Christian Kane just finished filming a footbal movie called Friday Night Lights. Amy Acker had just finished her voice over to a Justice League animated movie also Amy is 5 and 1/2 monthes pregnant with a boy.

I did meet the 3 potentials, I got there at the end of their signing. They were all very sweet. Amy is extrememly tiny, and Chris was as always a good-old country boy. It was fun.

BTW - Amber Benson will be signing at Metro Sept 25.
Sorry Simon. Wasn't sure if this was cool or not, that's why I put 'If it's okay with Simon' in the descriptor. And when we got home, you were probably in bed(with the time difference) but I guess a day doesn't matter with something like this. Just wanted to get it up while it was still fresh for me, cuz I have a sucky memory.
Are there any US based mods? I know Caroline is in NL, but I don't know where Herb is from. Or if there are other mods.

RavenU- Okay, Amy was wearing a shirt that showed her tummy(at least in her pic with Ed), and she SO did not look pregnant at all! Much less 5 1/2 months!! TINY!!! But then Christian was a small fry too. Angel did call Lyndsey a 'tiny Texan' as I recall....he's right!
I don't mind people giving us a head's up before hand that's all. For instance, I plan to do a thread for the Oakland Convention next Sunday night so people can post their recollections.

And I would imagine people might be going to Dragon Con as well? There's going to be interest in what Nathan, Adam and Jewel have to say about 'Serenity'.
Simon - where did you hear Nathan was going to be at dragoncon. I know Adam and Jewel will be there and I was planning on by-passing this one cause of the sheer insanity of it (a very huge and crowded convention) - and 4 weeks in a row will kill me. But if Nathan is going to be there all bets are off - I'd have to go. I don't see him listed on the site yet.
Amy's pregnant? News to me and congrats to her.
Yeah, Amy being 5 1/2 months pregnant was the big news. I wasn't sure if it was okay to reveal that news since she had told the store staff about it, but I suppose word was going to get out.

And... it's a boy.
She told a lot of people in line as well, not just the store staff.
She was almost 6 months pregnant?? Unbelievable! She was still so tiny! I had my arm around her and I swear I could probably pick her up with one hand! And she was wearing tiny hiphuggers. Man....

And, so that was you RavenU? Did you see us? (Ya know, tall guy, fidgety wife;-)
RavenU check this out. People were talking about it at the official movie site and
Simon you know how to make and ruin a girls day in the same moment. :)

**sigh** as I try to figure out how I can get there **sigh**

I posted my 3 shots from this event here.

As for not intro-ing myself to y'all. I was luckey if I knew I was there - since I had work the night before drove an hour caught a plane (and you know how comfortable it is to sleep on those) drove another 2 hours from LAX - got lost for a bit. Found the place met the 3 potentials, then hung out at the place up the street after finding a few friends of mine (including the guy that brought CK his bud). Heck I didn't even speak to CK when I got his autograph, for which I got a funny but understanding smile from the boy. Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it and now I will get back to work or go to sleep which ever comes first. :)

"And Rogue thought she had eye contact with the girl that may have been RavenU but there didn't seem to be any recognition when she smiled so she figured it wasn't her. (And we're scared of saying "Hi!" and have it turn out to be a complete stranger)"

I could not see straight pass the end of my nose, so if you made eye contact with me. Believe me you were the only one seeing it, cause if you were more than 2' away from my face I didn't see you. Sorry but I was lagging on all fronts. I got a hug from CK when he left for the day. Did I not tell you he knows how to make a woman feel real womanly, yeah he and James would make a deadly combination if they ever appeared at a convention together it would be the battle of the lady killers.

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Don't worry about it RavenU, just funny thought several Whedonesquers were there. Me, I'm just thinking about who I'm about to meet so much that I'm usually oblivious to my surroundings myself.

Oh and I got a mail from someone I didn't know about pics from Saturday. Was that you Oddjob? Just wondering. And uh, there were no links or attachments to any pics, hehe.
Ed, that was me who sent the e-mail. There should've been four photos attached to that e-mail, but I'll try re-sending it again. Or maybe your ISP stripped the photos out of the e-mail?
I got the pictures, Oddjob. Thanks so much! I could tell it must have come from someone who worked there since Amy and Christian were outdoors signing loads of 'em, instead of were the crowd was. I saw the other Buffyverse pics on the walls, it's very impressive who has visited Metro.

The thing that bugged me the most was not the two line system (though that was kinda wonky) or feeling like cattle. It was the fact that it wasn't first come, first serve! It seemed like me and about 8 other people who had waited for hours were pushed back by practically everyone once they decided to go in ticket order. Had I known that, I would have wondered around and shown up much later. But that was ok, we all ended up getting pushed back together, so I could stay with the nice folks I had met in line. In fact, one couple there (don't know if they are members of Whedonesque) were the proud owner of several of the ebay auctions that most of us drool over, including a leather coat of Angel's and a stake later signed by SMG and ED. Another girl had gone to USC acting school with Danny Strong and was an extra in the episode Primeval.

I saw the Potentials but couldn't really afford to get anything out of them, besides some nervous smiles. Which is a shame really because I love Sarah Hagan in Freaks and Geeks, she's just hilarious as Millie the Christian Mathlete.

Amy and Christian were a good pairing. Lots of teasing from him and lots of "awwwws" from her. And we spent a good time trying to decide which Lindsey and Fred/Illyria lines to have them sign, which we of course know far better than the actors themselves.

So EdD has a goatee....theoretical couple not really you guys then....darn!!
To those of you whom I e-mailed (RavenU, I would've e-mailed you as well, but I didn't see an e-mail address in your profile), there will be more pics. I just haven't had a chance to go through all the pics in Photoshop yet. :(

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