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November 24 2002

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield appearance at the Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention.

From "Spoiled Rotten":

- Emma said Joss would love to do another Buffy movie, but there's a barrier in the way. But if that barrier is ever removed, then she would love to play Anya again in a movie.
- She called this season bittersweet since it was her last.
- Xander and Anya will not get back together (she was emphatic about this and said that's all she could say)
- Emma doesn't know what happens with Giles. It didn't seem like she's seen Sleeper. But she said that no one really dies.
- When asked if Anya and Giles would get together, she replied that it was a trick question since it would depend on if Giles was killed or not.
- Anya will not go all vengeance demon again. She hates the make-up.
- Emma's hair was much lighter. She said she lightened it on a whim last week and joked about her ever changing haircolors, which are her idea.

If there is a season 8, I wonder what they will do with the character of Anya.

And I wanted Xander and Anya to get back together *sighs*.

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