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August 22 2004

Congratulations to Amy Acker. She revealed at the Metro Autographs signing on August 21st that she's five and a half months pregnant with a boy.

All the best to Amy and her husband. What a great consolation prize for being out of a job!!! I hope all continues to go well.
Blah. I just realized someone already posted this in another topic.

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Never mind, I didn't see the other topic. :-)
I imagine the little Acker will be quite handsom!
aaah how wonderful! Congrats to Amy and her hubby!!
Pregnant, bloody hell, she still looks like a good gust of wind would knock her over!

Wonder how they would have worked this into season 6, maybe Illyria would have given birth to Fred or something.
Eh, I think they'd just keep doing what they had done for Charisma Carptentar and not show anything down below. Although, as Illyria, it would have been very hard to do so I'm thinking that this baby's timing probably worked out for the best.
Congrats out to the Acker(or whatever the hell her husband's last name is) family.
Hurrah! I loves the little babies -- not like a troll would, though. Congrats to Amy and her husband.
Ack, I knew I should added this news to Rogue Slayer's subject line. Ah well, tis still a Whedonesque poster scoop so to speak.

And really nice news for Amy and her husband.
Yeah! I'm very very happy for her. COngratulations and I hope everything goes well
She already has his name picked out as well.
This is wonderful news for Amy, wish her the best.
Oh wow. Congratulations and best wishes to Amy and her hubby!
Just wondering but am i the only one here who has known Amy was pregnant for over a month now?

It's been mentioned in various forums and i'd assumed it was common knowledge but from what i've read here and in Rogue Slayer's thread everyone at Whedonesque seems kinda surprised.
Not to be crass, I mean, it's nice and all for her, but I have to ask. Was she married before the pregnancy, unlike David and Charisma? David's always seemed the most like an accident though, knocking up a playmate and all.
"Not to be crass, I mean, it's nice and all for her, but I have to ask. Was she married before the pregnancy, unlike David and Charisma? David's always seemed the most like an accident though, knocking up a playmate and all."

Not to be crass? Methinks crass.
yeah jack, I have to agree with fruit punch mouth, you did get a little crass in there.
"Not to be crass? Methinks crass."

Could not agree more. Why does it matter whether or not she is married? Or did we suddenly go back in time one hundred years?

Not to mention the fact that what Jack said about David was absolutely thoughtless. That is his child you are describing as "the accidental knocking up of a Playmate".
Ok people we seem to be going way off on a tangent here, let's just stick to congratulating Amy on her good news.

And jack knight, please refrain from making comments like that here in the future.
If you do the math on Amy's pregnancy...five and a half months ago was the middle of February....when WB announced ANGEL's cancellation. And yes, well after her wedding last summer.

Seconding Neopagan....ugh.
Actually it's closer to the beginning of March. Maybe Acker decided to have a child since Angel was ending. Although a woman at 5.5 months should be showing; some of the attendees who post here said she wasn't. I think Acker might need some of that Serenity cake.
It all seems a bit private to me. While she may have revealed the information at the signing, does that necessarily mean she would want a public discussion about it all over the Internet? I know everyone means well and it may just be my own sensibilities and upbringing talking, but it seems like an inappropriate topic for discussion and speculation. What are the guidelines of this site when it comes to discussing the private lives of the actors, writers, etc.?
Well, if Amy was sharing the info with several people, she obviously didn't expect it to be kept a secret. And while she may not quite understand the online fandom, I don't think she would have mentioned it if she didn't mind people talking about it. Not quite like we're trying to dig up her amnio results or find out how many centimeters dialated she is. Just talking about her being preggers and wishing her well! Well, most of us, I guess.
I doubt she had an expectation of secrecy, but it seems reasonable to expect some level of discretion. The topic lends itself to vearing off into territory that, in my opinion, doesn't belong in a public forum. While I see nothing at all wrong in wishing her well, I'm simply asking if the site has any guidelines when it comes to discussing private matters.
Well at the signing she was more than happy to tell people she was 5.5 months pregnant, so I'm guessing that she doesn't mind if people find out. Since it is an admission she made in public to numerous people, she could have not said a word and kept it to herself since she was showing so little that no one would have noticed. Here's a photo of Amy (doing her Lilah impression - which I ask for since Steph does a great Fred impression) from the signing - now you tell me she couldn't have gotten away without saying a word about her pregnancy. I think the Illyari leather outfit got to her husband. :)
killnj I treat each thread on a individual basis. I am assuming if she was talking about it at a signing then she was comfortable with people finding out.

However, if there were emails going around saying Amy was pregnant or there was speculative talk on other boards about Amy (based on her appearance for example), I would not wish the matter to be discussed here.

And as a rule we don't discuss board policy on site, so please feel free to discuss any concerns you have by emailing with me.
And please, guys, now that Amy's announced she's pregnant, be careful about critiquing her appearance. Every woman's tummy grows at a different rate :-) I was never nearly as skinny as Amy is and it was many months before colleagues could tell I was pregnant. BTW that may be why she's so happy to announce her pregnancy. Maybe she's at the stage where she wants EVERYONE to know, and not enough people are guessing.
Like I said in the other thread, she had mentioned it to the store staff (hence my initial discretion in my first post there), but as RavenU mentioned, I can confirm from talking with friends, who were at the store, that she mentioned it to several fans as well, so I'm under the assumption that she's okay with it being public knowledge.

As for her appearance, her belly is just now starting to show.

What I find amusing is that several Whedonesque regulars were at the signing and I didn't even know about it!

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Again, I'm not saying she expected it to be kept a secret. I do think she would expect the subject to be treated with great care, sensitivity and respect. And again, I think it is perfectly fine to wish her the best - as many here have done. My concern, yet again, is where such a seemingly innocent topic could go astray. We've already seen some evidence of where this discussion could vear off course. So, I think we as fans should be very mindful of what we say and do in a public forum. My opinion is not intended as a rebuke, but as a caution.
I don't think your caution is entirely necessary. The moderators do a good job of keeping the conversations in line, and I'd like to think we're all mature enough to treat the nice pregnant lady with respect. To suggest that we're otherwise before it has happened is kind of insulting.

Congrats to Amy and family!
Oh gawd. Just be glad for her and leave it at that. *sheesh*

Seems like we need to walk on eggshells here lately.
Congratulations to Amy and James on the news of their future happy, healthy, bouncing baby boy!
How time flies. It seems like only yesterday she was a mere slip of a girl living in a cave… ; )
"So, I think we as fans should be very mindful of what we say and do in a public forum. My opinion is not intended as a rebuke, but as a caution."

So you said. Several times over. People were just congratulating Amy, who publicly spoke to people about being pregnant. And the person who was out of line has already been cautioned by the moderator, and I think most of us don't really feel like taking numerous cautionary warnings from someone who's not a mod.

Anyhoo, I said it on the other thread already but still....Congrats to Amy! I was at the signing too and had no idea. It's not like you could tell by looking at her. Can't believe she was that far along already, she was still tiny! My sister's 3+ months pregnant but she already's got a big pregnant belly, hehe.
Given that the site is read by many people all over the internet, I didn't view my cautions as being directed solely to the posters on Whedonesque. My apologies for advising people to be considerate.
Oh, a big congratulations to Amy! I hope someone gets some shots of her when she's very, very pregnant--she's always glowing and I'm sure she'll be an extra-glowy mommy-to-be.
Agree with EdDantes that only one person said something out of line and the moderators immediately responded to it. Everyone else is just happy for her and wishing her the best!

RavenU, knowing that she's pregnant now and viewing your picture, you can see a bit of a tummy - I think.

Some woman put on a lot of weight when they are pregnant and some don't but at that stage of the pregnacy, the baby only weighs 1 - 2 pounds at the most - I know because my first baby was born three months premature and was considered big at a whopping two pounds, four ounces! Amy is tiny to begin with and is probably trying to keep her figure and doing healthy workouts and eating a balanced diet. I, on the other hand, took to heart the "eating for two" business and was quite big by the end of my full term pregnancy with my second child.

I just want to add my congratulations as well and I hope she and her husband have a beautiful, healthy baby!!
Maybe this was a celebration of the 100th episode....remember that it was finished right before the cancellation was announced.
Either way, congrats to Amy & family!
Am i the only one that finds it funny that we are talking about how little weight she has put on, and the earlier picture of Amy 5 and a half months pregnent is from a website called Angel Weight loss

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