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August 23 2004

Amy Acker voicing Huntress in upcoming Justice League Unlimited episode. Acker is voicing the Huntress in an episode called "Double Date" that will air next season on Cartoon Network.

Amy joins other known ME cast in JLU voicing cast. Another memorable mentions that I can recall right now includes Gina Torres as Vixen.

I don't think they've reached the UK yet but I've been reading rave reviews about them online. Particularly impressed that they did an Alan Moore story.
Morrena B (Inara) is doing the voice of the Black Cat on JL as well - so 3 verse actors have done voice overs on JL.
Glad to see she's getting work. She's a great actress!
RavenU, not being a DC comic reader i could be wrong here but do DC even have a character with the name Black Cat?

Marvel's Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) has been in several of the animated Spider-Man shows, is that where Morrena voiced the character or is there actually a Black Cat in the Justice League now?
Morena is voicing Black Canary, not Black Cat - hope that clears it up for you :)
Amy Acker mentioned on Saturday that the producers are *huge* fans of Joss Whedon, hence her casting as well as the casting of several other actors from the Whedonverse for voiceover work.
I know it was one or the other Black Cat or the Canary either way it's just funny. :)

Did I mention that I am still suffering from jet lag :)
Don't worry RavenU, DC always had the sillier names of the two big companies (Marvel being the other of course). If you've read about them for so long you don't notice anymore, but 'Green Lantern', 'Black Canary', 'Elongated Man' etc, are kinda silly.

So Morena is BC huh? Interesting. I only catch the show every now and then, but yeah it's pretty good, like the Batman cartoon from the same people. Like always, the stories are simplified compared to the comics, and tuned down a bit so kids can watch them, but I can still watch them too and enjoy them.

I always hoped they could do a similar job with the Buffy cartoon.
When is the show on? I've been meaning to watch it, but always forget when it's on.
Tks for the remind on Morenna RavenU.
That's gotta be funny. Amy is Huntress. Morena is Canary.
There's only a certain red head computer genius ex Batgirl Justice Leaguer left, who also happens to be a Bird of Prey (I'm nto really refering to the WB series, but actually to the comic book series that generated it).

If they'd introduced Babs either as Batgirl (which is more probable) or as Oracle, they would probably only ask the original actress who played her in the Batman Animated series to reprise the role. But it just make's me wonder, how fun it would be if they asked another ME-verse actress for the role.

Don't mind, just some of my fanboy nonsense mumbling.
Thanks Aapac, Black Canary was the girl that used to hang with Green Arrow right? Been a long time since i've paid much attention to DC at all.

And don't worry RavenU, i'm actually a comicbook fan and even i think some of the names are laughable ;)

Speaking of that, EdDantes, have to agree that Marvel always had a knack of taking the basic concept of the superhero and making it a lot cooler.

Green Arrow becomes Hawkeye, Flash becomes Quicksilver, Elongated Man becomes Mr Fantastic ... okay maybe that last example wasn't that great an improvement namewise but the character himself is much better :)

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