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August 24 2004

What's left to watch on Whedon-free T.V? Alias, Dead Like Me, Lost, Smallville, and Tru Calling are recommended.

Alias - Bordered on Terrible, last season. Lauren The Plot Device was drawn out too long. I mean we all knew Syd and Vaughn were going to get back together so did it need to take a whole season? Plus the Rambaldi thing is jouneying into X-Filesesque I-can't-bring-myself-to-care-anymore territory. Luckily Jeff Abrams has realized the folLy and next year may be better.

Dead Like Me. - Is it just me or has the show lost something? I was addicted to it last year but after the season premier the eps have been piling up and I'm not at all motivated to watch them.

Lost - looks extremely promising. If it doesn't get cancelled.

Smallville - Tuned out when I got tired of the monster of the week theme back in season 1. Has it gotten any better, and does Pete still drive a different car every week.?

Tru Calling - Even the author is amazed its still on the air. Obvoiusly some people like it, although I have yet to meet one. Must be the same people that like Charmed.
We watched "The Wish" last night. It was really good. Even the 7th or 8th time.

Watching exactly nothing in the way of new programming, unless you count news and sports.
The Daily Show is consistently awesome.

Deadwood will appeal to a lot of viewers as well. Complex plots and characterization, plus action and some surprising comedy.

Stargate: Atlantis has been fun so far. It's all about Rodney, really.
Hi Chris in Virginia, "The Wish" I haven't seen that in a long time (meaning 2 months!) Yes I thinks it's due!

I'm watching nothing on TV anymore. I might try Lost.
I agree with PMMJ, The Daily Show, brilliant, easilly worth the 4 downloads a week.

I liked the third season of Alias, though I recognise what people didn't like about it, and most of the changes they're making next year sound like it will make it even better.

Smallville has been improving since mid-to-late season 2, when they started arcs and did away (for the most part) with the monster-of-the-week. I'm really looking forward to season 4, and as I've said before, I'm glad I have to download to watch it, as it gets rid of the guilt some people will feel about watching the same network that cancelled Angel.

I enjoyed Tru Calling for the most part, tru (tru, like her name, geddit!) it was predictable and nowhere near what Eliza is capable, but it was relatively entertaining every week. The last few episodes of season 1 showed promise.
Passion, "Amends" is next...will probably watch that one tonight...the one after is "Gingerbread," which is not top-tier, but I still like it...after that, it's aces all the way!
Me too with the nothing on the tube. Like PMMJ said, I'm one of those waiting for Deadwood to return. Taped the whole first season, so its pretty much dvd and vcr land for me, with the occasional ppv thrown in. I usually tout HBO as the last bastion of quality tv, but right now, its kind of embarrassing. Six Feet Under is off on some self-indulgent tangent right now and SO not interesting. I've seen all the Curbs, and Entourage is abysmal. :(

My son and I watched OMWF last night. It was/is just terrific. The behind the scenes extra was nice to look at again also. If it isn't the greatest all time episode, it sure is close.
I've been enjoying Stargate:Atlantis, just some simple escapist entertainment, not great, but good enough to spend an hour on every week. It has potential.

Other than that, I'll be watching Lost, Alias, and Enterprise.
Eliza, whenever I think of Tru Calling, I think she missed the boat, and I think of the proposed Faith show. I'm sure it looked promising at the pilot stage and talks, but there's cooler things to watch.

I'll be watching:

24-Kiefer Sutherland is cool
Alias-Jennifer Garner is great

These 3 shows are the best of the current lot

Stargate and its spinoff, good as well.

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Arrested Development.
I'm already watching the new season of Stargate and its spinoff. Enjoyable fluffy stuff with the odd dab of witty dialogue. And Richard Dean Anderson steals any scene he is in. The man is a god.

Next season probably watch Enterprise and Tru Calling and I'll have a gander at Lost. But the show I really want to see is Carnivale. The first season has been picked up here but unfortunately the channel it will be shown on is not broadcast on my cable provider.

And I'm really looking forward to see Battlestar Galactica. The pilot was one of the best new shows I had watched in ages.
Oh yes I forgot Carnivale! Twisty-turny fun! The kind of show that sucks you in, but you can't really put your finger on the why. All the adjectives usually used to describe the show are negative. Glacially-paced, depressing...etc.

It is really original, though. And good enough for me to park my carcass every week to see what'll happen next. The acting is stellar. I don't think you'll be disappointed, Simon.
Deadwood was probably the best show of the year. Definteily the best new show. Waiting for that to retun and The Shield and Chappelle Show. Pretty much the only thing I'm watching right now is Nip/Tuck and The Daily Show of course.
Well it's out on DVD soon from what I can gather, so if my cable provider doesnt pick the channel up I'll buy the DVD blind so to speak.
I really liked MI-5 (Spooks in the UK) when it was on cable network A&E last year, but I don't have cable at home and my taping source is currently unavailable. On topic of course: the episode with ASH was a mindblower. I highly recommend this show, but it's in hiatus.

It hasn't started up again on the BBC, has it (Simon, et al.)?
Echoing the recs for The Daily Show and Arrested Development, and adding Scrubs to the list. Not that any of these are Buffy-style in the least, but I haven't really picked up any of the 1-hr dramas so I've got no recommendations in that category. But those first three shows are great comedy, and the Daily Show is frequently quite brilliant. John Kerry is on tonight....
But Carnivale really is glacially paced! The first episode was pretty great, and I thought it felt kind of like the first few episodes of Buffy season 7 or Angel season 4 -- like something big, evil and apocalyptic was coming. Yet by the end of the season I was bored to tears and beyond disappointed at the fact that nothing interesting had happened. Talk about a waste of potential. I think I'm going to skip season 2.

As for what I will be watching -- Alias (best show on TV), 24, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, The O.C., Tru (only cause I need something to mock), and I want to check out Lost and Desperate Housewives.

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The third series of Spooks is due to air here sometime in September and the second series is out on DVD soon.

I seem to remember reading that the episodes shown in the States had 15 minutes cut from them or something like that.
Spooks is due back sometime in September as far as I heard

Simon-Carnivale was shown on TG4 earlier in the year,though I know you might have difficulty getting that station, and they do have a habit of repeating series
Must be the same people that like Charmed.

I resent that remark ;)

Tru Calling is in need of improvement but has the potential to be an intriguing series. I'll give season two a chance, hope for the best, and maybe it'll remain in my Top 5. However, I'll admit that I've lowered my standards - Joss has spoiled me to the point where if I hadn't, I'd probably never enjoy anything on television again. Still, Charmed is hopeless.
TG4 got Carnivale? Cool. I can't get in Belfast at all but my folks who live in the Derry area get it no problem (helps they got the second aerial to pick up the stations in the South).
This next year i'll have Stargate and Atlantis for sure, i'll be giving Alias a chance to redeem itself (one lacklustre season doesn't take away the fact that the first two were excellent) and i also want to see what Carnivale has to offer.

So far i've noticed a lot of familiar faces in the trailer including Clea DuVall and the brilliant Clancy Brown so i'll take a look if only for that reason.

Sadly though that is the grand total of my expected viewing unless Sky One get Lost.

Maybe i could have phrased that better :)
I'm already watching Smallville (my guilty pleasure sci-fi/fantasy drama three years running now) and after that finale I know I'll tune in to the premiere. I've thought about giving up on the show a bunch of times, but what keeps me around is the fact that there're a few good actors in the bunch and, very very occasionally, there's an episode or two per season that reaches "quality TV" heights. The show could be sooo much better though. It's kinda depressing watching them waste all that potential on Clark/Lana bore-fests for the most part. However, the dramatic improvement of Enterprise this past season has given me hope that Smallville may be another genre-show that improves after a few seasons of struggling. When all else fails, I'm into Smallville for the eye-candy at least.

Of the other recommended shows in that article, I'll be checking out Lost. Alias if I ever get around to finishing my Season 1 & 2 DVDs and am able to rent Season 3.

Can't wait until Deadwood comes back (when? when?), can't wait for Carnivale Season 2 in January, and I guess I'll have to wait a long long time for the last season of The Sopranos. Six Feet Under only has a couple episodes left to go, I'm sure I'll be going through withdrawls waiting for the fifth (and most likely final) season of that.

Other than that, I've got stuff to check out on DVD. Wonderfalls (only saw the first four eps...was only really impressed with the first and the fourth, but I hear most of the unaired stuff is great). I still need to see the last three seasons of Oz, a couple sets should be showing up next year. I might watch Nip/Tuck. I wanna finish Season 2 of The Shield. I'm curious about HBO's least-known acclaimed series, The Wire, which debuts on DVD this October. I haven't seen Babylon 5 or Farscape, I've probably missed a few other cult hits...If I manage to get a hold of 24's third season, I may finally try to watch that series weekly. I think that'd be torture though, and that it wouldn't play as well as it does on DVD, though I'm sure the suspense-factor of having to wait would be worth it.

There's tons of TV to watch, just not all of it is actually on TV unfortunately. And not all of it is genre TV. Just gotta take a risk on some stuff (like Deadwood? No way did I think I would end up loving it, I've never been into westerns). DVD-viewing is becoming more and more appealing anyway.

And of course on the comedy front, there's Scrubs and maybe the possibility of checking out Arrested Development on DVD. Dunno if I'll give Joey a shot, I was happy to finally let my Friends habit die with the series finale.

I won't even get into all the classic cartoons that're coming out on DVD that I'd love to get and re-watch if the sets weren't so pricey. And then of course there's a few anime series I'd like to check out eventually...

Yup, I think I've got enough potential viewing to keep me satisfied for a couple years, even if network TV does finally become completely barren of anything appealing.
Diddo on what Simon said about Stargate and it's spinoff, Atlantis. Enjoying both of those shows. Looking forward to Alias even though I didn't think this past season was the greatest. Had actually given up on Enterprise this past season but because of the buzz that it got better have been catching it on reruns and it actually has gotten better. Lost sounds really promising. I don't have HBO or Showtime so I haven't seen any of those great shows that people talk about. I just bought the first three seasons of Farscape on dvd and just started watching those and am very happy I made the purchases (got good deals on Ebay). I do watch Nip/Tuck but haven't been as impressed this season. And I do watch Smallville but was getting so sick of the Clark/Lana part of it. I'm intrigued with Lex and his daddy and that's what has kept me coming back.

Oh yeah, I also think that Desperate Housewives show looks interesting and will be checking that out.

But most of the time this summer, I've been watching Joss Whedon's shows. I bought Farscape because of all the good buzz and I hadn't seen it and so far I really like it, so that will most likely be another show I re-watch on dvds if this upcoming TV season is a big flop (or cancels every show with promise for more CrapTv).
Joss Whedons shows, the last few years especially, have really raised my expectations to an obscene level, nothing can really stand up to it, with that said, shows like Enterprise (and I did enjoy the first two seasons) and Stargate are fun if I can just learn to expect less. Sometimes I'm pleasently surpised that way :)

I need a few shows during the year, I have so much school that an hour of tv a night is my only escape from insanity.
Mindpieces, then you didn't see the season ender of Carnivale? I won't spoil anything but you've got to see it. Rivals the 1st ep for the blowing of the mind.

I know this is an unpopular opinion (when has that ever stopped me), but I don't like Scrubs. The silly sound effects and constant Looney Tunes mugging from the actors makes me feel stupid for watching it. Nothing against Looney Tunes, though! Heaven forbid!

And Kris, the last time I was on the Deadwood boards they said March. I know, I know... there was speculation for September for awhile, but that didn't fly.
Right there with you Willowy regarding Scrubs. My husband likes it but I could never get into it.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Desperate Housewives (sounds like a horrible reality series, but the show's description has it coming off well and I think there're a few actors in it I wanna watch). Probably give that a look if it's not up against something I already watch.

Re: what MindPieces said about Carnivale
He and every reviewer and viewer who's said the show is slow-paced is right about it. The thing is, some viewers like that and some really don't (some reactions I see basically go something like, "Nice to finally have a series that doesn't rush the plot forward like it's in a hurry to get to the end", or "Way too slow"). Me, I thought there'd be a quicker pace based on the excellent premiere too, but I don't mind being made to wait so long as there's a decent pay-off (like if this turns out to be like The X-Files' main arc in the long run, I'll probably end up throwing a brick through my screen). What alleviated my anxiousness by the end of the season was the creator, Daniel Knauf, saying that Season 1 is basically a prologue, that it was very experimental in its format, and that the ball will be rolling in Season 2 and 3 (it's planned for three seasons max). And of course I loved the finale, I thought it was freaky and brilliant. As for everything that happened in between the premiere and finale...Yep, the show goes off on tangents. It focuses on characters that you wouldn't have expected it to at first, it separates characters that you thought were going to be in eachother's lives more. It turns out to be a lot more of a 1930s drama than a supernatural apocalyptic genre show. Which I'm kinda glad for, 'cause they can't do the Big-Bad-villain/crisis-every-season format like Buffy 'cause it's not that kinda show. The character development is thoughtful and thorough (well, actually kinda non-existent in one major character's case, but he gets off his ass and finally does something in the end). I guess I'm just patient with the show because I think they have something really special. There's so much potential. The cast is great. The production values--wow. The writing is there. If the only real critique I can make against a show with those strengths is that it's on the slow side, that's not a good enough reason to give up on it for me. I'm planning on giving the creators the benefit of the doubt, I'll go with the idea that Season 1 is a prologue to the rest of the series, I'll check out Season 2. After the gripping season finale I feel compelled to anyway, and I'm pretty invested in some of the characters.
And right there with you blwessels on Desperate Housewives. What I'm hoping is that it will be snarky and tongue-in-cheek instead of a lame rehash of Melrose Place. I think I'm getting the snark vibe from the previews, but I can't really tell. I guess we'll see.

And forgot to mention that I'm throwing my chapeau in the Lost ring. Looks really good. Hope it is.

Until then, its Jossland.
Wow Kris that was a great opinion piece on Carnivale without giving anything away! Good job!
I've turned mostly to Wondefalls and it's blander cousin, Joan of Arcadia. It's funny because the way the lineups are in Brazil, one follows the other. So Thursday night is talking to God/objects night!
Willowy -- I did see every episode of Carnivale, including the season finale, but still wasn't really impressed. To be fair, I don't really remember much about the final episode, it was on so long ago. Just a bunch of characters I didn't care much about getting wrapped up in a life or death cliffhanger. I've really only grown to become interested in Ben, Justin and Samson...and well, they haven't done much in the course of 13 episodes.

I guess I prefer my shows a little faster moving, or at least with some signs that the creator knows where he's taking things. Carnivale just seemed to throw some cryptic images against the wall to see what would stick, but unfortunately those images weren't creepy or twisted enough to make the show a Twin Peaks-like fascination. It was simply a confusing snooze-inducer that went nowhere.

Who knows, maybe the creator really will ramp things up in season two. I guess those who are patient enough will see.
“Six Feet Under is off on some self-indulgent tangent right now and SO not interesting…”

It could deal with something really complex and yet it continues to spiral down into humorless cliche and soap opera.

“and Entourage is abysmal.”

And unwatchable.

I should love Carnivale, but the characters are too one dimensional and it the first season left me wondering ‘Is that all there is? . I do love the production design, though, and Brother Justin is kind of interesting. It has potential, but the writers are a little too full of themselves in thinking they are digging deep into good and evil. I would probably like it more if I didn't have Buffy to compare it to.

Arrested Development, Scrubs (except for having guest star actresses that I can't stand and a sometimes frat boy sensibility), Gilmore Girls and The Daily Show won’t rot your brain. I’ll probably check out Alias for Drew Goddard, Steven DeKnight Episodes of Smallville and maybe Tru Calling because of Jame Espenson.
Lost sounds interesting, so I’m expecting it to be swiftly cancelled.
But I don’t *have* to watch any of these shows. I don’t *need* them. Joss Whedon shows have spoiled me forever.
Dead Like Me is just okay this season, but I've read some spoilers and it sounds like it's going to get really interesting (and have some actual arcs!) starting very soon. The last episode that aired (2x05) was also great.

Everyone should buy Wonderfalls on DVD. The unaired episodes are all excellent -- my three favorite episodes of the series were all unaired. Bryan Fuller, Todd Holland and Tim Minear did a wonderful job on that show.

Alias was bad last season, but JJ has apologized for that and said he's going to fix the show this coming season and make it good and fun again. Plus, Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard will be writing for it! And it starts in January and runs straight through its 22 episodes without taking a week off. I love that idea.

Gilmore Girls is still a favorite, due mostly to the dialogue. I've always been attracted to shows with great dialogue (which is why I actually like The OC -- while the plots are predictable, the dialogue is consistently snappy and hilarious).

Lost is great, and so is Desperate Housewives (which has a lot of snark, don't worry). I saw both the pilots a while ago; I think they're the only new shows I'm going to watch this season.
I'm really looking forward to "Lost" (though it is sad because there really isn't much choice for an hour drama with good writing, and hopefully gives genre a wedgie).

I liked "Alias", though I've only seen the third season (the problem with the series is it is an all or nothing proposition, I saw the finale of S2 and had no idea what was happening). Now that I'm all caught up, I'm ready for those Bristow hijinks.

I think "Dead Like Me" has really improved in the second season, particularly as George begins to grow up, and there is a definite arc developing. Whereas "Six Feet Under" seems to be regressing into a silly soap opera. I really recommend "Rescue Me", from Denis Leary, about NYC fire fighters. While Leary's character sees and talks to dead people, it is more that he is going nuts, rather than supernatural. But profane, funny, dramatic, and humane.

But for the most part, I think I'm going to be getting some couch cushions, and a whole pile of DVD sets and build a fort.
Arrested Development. Oh, yes.
I'm looking forward to the "improved" Alias, particularly without the three-week interruptions between episodes. I have also been a fan of 24, and will stay with it, despite all the cast changes. I'm going to give Lost a try, although, like so many others, I'm almost afraid to commit to a new series for fear of it being yanked after four or five episodes. The buzz on Lost seems so good, however, that perhaps it will last a full season. I catch the Daily Show when I can, and I'm an anything-but-Fox cable news junkie (although I'm really getting frustrated with the increasing time spent on what I consider pseudo-news -- and don't get me started on what is passing for political commentary these days). Otherwise, it's DVDs for me this year.
It doesn't really connect to the Whedonverse, but I'd like to toss in "The Wire" as a television series absolutely worth watching. It and "Deadwood" were the best things on television (for me) in the last year. With the fifth season of "Angel" following very close behind, of course!

The stories are decidedly grounded in the real world, and paced very carefully. There are long stretches where not much visibly happens, but small conversations, glances, pauses pay off with devestating effect two, three, or more episodes down the line. It rewards very close viewing, which is a trait it shares with Joss Whedon's television shows, I think. It features cops and robbers, but it isn't "Law & Order" with cursing. It has a very subtle message, about power, and law, and justice, and believes in it enough to show it to us with great care and patience.
I haven't watched Deadwood yet but it sounds more appealing than anything else out there. Seriously after being addicted to all of Joss' shows for 8 years I really don't know where to begin watching a new series, I mean I watch both Stargates and Niptuck but Stargate is really a monster of the week type deal and Niptuck is kinda angsty and gets kinda weird sometimes.(I better finish typing soon it comes on in 20 minutes) I'm definitly going to tune into Lost. It will probably be the only new show I watch this season. I'snt Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Park from Angel) in Lost I think I read an interview that said his character was named Jin or something. I trust what you guys say is good and what isn't because we all probably have the same viewing habits. But Smallville I started out as a big fan then I didn't watch any of season 2 then I watched some of season 3 because it came on before Angel but even then sometimes I would change the channel until Angel came on because I got tired of the will they won't they Lana/Clark thing. When is Lost supposed to premiere?
Forgot all about Smallville. While not Angel/Buffy-quality TV, when the episodes don't center around Lana, they can actually be fairly interesting. The stuff with Lana in it, though...ugh. Repetitive and boring. I am looking forward to SDK writing for Smallville, though.

I keep meaning to catch Alias but I'm afraid I'll be lost. So many Angel writers on there next season, though!
Alias: Never saw it, so can't comment.

Smallville.: Only caught last season because it was on before Angel. Was not very impressed. The Lex guy is the only actor in there (as well as the only interesting character I might add) and every time you think something interesting might happen the show races back to status quo so fast my head was spinning. And did every ep have to end with Clark and Lana having the exact same non-conversation with the same vague non-looks?

Dead Like Me: never saw it.

Tru Calling: Show sucks. Eliza rules. What can I say? I still harbor hope since there is potential there. Just not much chance of the makers actually utilizing it.

Lost: Heard everyone say it's gonna be good. I still have no idea what it's about.

24: Good show but the whole 'it's all still the same day!' is actually the weakest point for me because by now it's ludicrous to think all of that happens in one day. (Funny how his addiction shivers just went away in what was for him a few hours). If they just allowed it to be a period of weeks or something, it would be far better and mroe realistic. The whole 24 hours thing is more a gimmick by now than that it adds to the story. (And I get tired of people having the same conversations in the same room for what is to me months). Still, pretty high quality.

Daily Show: Rules the airwaves so much it's hard to describe. Jon Stewart for president!
No cable feast at my house, so I have to settle for picking crumbs off the broadcast network tables. It looks like Alias, Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development are going to be about it next year for anything remotely resembling 'commitment viewing' for me. (Not that they'll warrant being taped or rescheduling my life around them, like ME shows...)

Lost sounds intriguing, and with Fury's involvement I have hopes it will be smarter than the average TV-style disaster/ action-adventure drama; I definitely plan to check it out. The changes over at 24 are also appealing -- no more Jack at CTU. It's about time he had a day that happened someplace else! And maybe Kim can get by without being kidnapped this season (is it possible she won't even be around?). It sure doesn't hurt that ME writers are infilterating all these shows, which is really the only good thing about the lack of actual Jossage on TV this fall. The quality of writing all around will surely improve (even on Smallville, though I'll have to hear about it secondhand since it's a show I just can't seem to stomach. Micheal Rosenbaum, sadly, can't compensate for a too-generous portion of just about everyone else, and the prevailing sap factor).

Not sure about Tru Calling. Figure I'll probably tune in for the premiere just to see what direction they're going for, but if they don't signal pretty quickly that the good Tru/bad Jack axis is headed for more complex development, I'm outta there. For my one genuinely guilty pleasure, it's got to be The OC, but let's just keep that between us, okay? ;)

And then, if (when?) all the new shows fall prey to the axe, and the older ones are put out to pasture, there's always the good ol' DVDs of Jossverse shows, plus the box sets of all the cable shows I've been missing. And thank god AtS S5 is coming out before too long!
Smallville is a worthwhile hour of entertainment. Oddly, though, I find Lex and Lionel far more interesting than Clark, Lana, et al. Being slightly spoiled on the coming season, it appears my tune may change!

Even withdrawals from Angel haven't moved me to give Tru Calling another try. I've watched a handful of episodes (pre-Priestly) and felt that it was trying too hard with the style and not hard enough with the character development. They toned down the Run Lola Run interstitials, but I'm not sure they've made the characters three-dimensional yet.

Indifferent to J.J. Abrams' Alias, I am nonetheless looking forward to his next effort, Lost. The larger than usual cast along with some quality writers (e.g., David Fury) should make for a rich viewing experience.

The article sticks with genre shows, but there are certainly other shows worth our time.

The Daily Show has only gotten better with age. Jon Stewart has taken the show to places I don't think Craig Kilborn could have, funny as he is.

FX has a trio of shows that should be controlled substances: The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and newcomer Rescue Me are all excellent “dramadies” that keep me coming back for more. The shorter seasons for each may seem like a con, but I find that they benefit by having much more focused story-telling and no weeks off between new episodes. Just have to mention that tonight's episode of Nip/Tuck had a hilarious moment wherein Johnny Cash's Boy Named Sue was playing while the leading men were inserting breast implants (C-cups, I think) into a male patient :)

Scrubs, Chapelle's Show, South Park, Reno 911, Gilmore Girls, and Trailer Park Boys also frequent my living room.

Wonderfalls, Lucky, Firefly, and Angel have all ceased to be, but live on in the hearts and, if so fortunate, the DVD collections of many.
Regarding Smallville, I agree that Lex and Dad are far more interesting than Clark and Lana. I could never buy into that relationship because I know she ain't long for the Clark. Lois Lane, anyone?

Anyhoo, don't watch it much, but felt that was worth saying, because nobody seems to like them anyway.
What a great commentary! I agree with quite a bit of it. Personally I lost interest in Smallville midway through the first season, but perhaps I should give it another try. I don't have Showtime, and haven't found Dead Like Me in the video stores so I can't comment on that. And I quickly grew bored with Tru Calling, but I have been meaning to catch up with it once Jason Priestly joined the cast. Too bad they didn't rerun it during the summer.

Now Alias I love, although I must admit that I haven't seen the 3rd season yet (I am waiting for the DVD's next month).

I saw the Lost pilot at the Comic Con, and it looked amazing! If they can keep up with that kind of quality, and with their writing staff I think that's a reasonable expectation, then it's going to be a worthy successor to Jossdom.

I also love Carnivale and didn't find it too slow at all. Morbid and creepifying perhaps, but I was fascinated all the same.

And yea, when I watch something non-genre, Arrested Development and The Daily Show rock!
I'm just gonna watch repeats and rent lots and lots of videos...
"Six Feet Under only has a couple episodes left to go, I'm sure I'll be going through withdrawls waiting for the fifth (and most likely final) season of that"

No! No! Kris, what have you heard about it being the final series?? Please tell me! Alternitevely please tell me its not true! If I close my eyes and say 'Season Twelve' enough times maybe it will come true

" Whereas "Six Feet Under" seems to be regressing into a silly soap opera"

You are wounding me with your words!

“Six Feet Under is off on some self-indulgent tangent right now and SO not interesting…”

Oh, I've really liked this year. I've only watched up to Episode Seven (Combination of the UK and the POWER OF THE INTERNET TM) and I have really enjoyed it! It doesn't beat Season One or Two, but its far superior to Season Three, which frankly didn't hit all the right notes

Season Twelve, Season Twelve, Season Twelve, Season Twelve, Season Twelve,
I love Alias (tho by the end of the season I was getting a bit sick of all the Rambaldi stuff), Dead Like Me, Scrubs, 24, Carnivale (didn't think it was too slow at all, very engrossing) Wonderfalls was genius and I can't recommend getting the dvd's enough. Just started watching Nip/Tuck and it's promising, Sopranos s4 is as good as ever (IMO), can't wait for Lost and I actually really like Smallville. Enterprise and Tru Calling just about managed to keep my viewership, but only because of the lack of anything better to watch (if Enterprise had been as bad this year as it was last it was definately getting cut loose)
Apocalypse -- I agree with you that Six Feet Under is having a strong season. The blend of humor, drama and surrealism has always appealed to me, and characters like Nate and David have especially been having a fascinating year. It annoys me that critics like to jump on every show I love and bash it for having a "weak season" (Buffy season 7, the first half of Gilmore Girls last year, Alias season 3, and hey, I LIKED the Oliver drama on The O.C.). Maybe I'm just not as nitpicky as some people, but I've loved the recent seasons of all of these shows.
Dead Like Me first season is more than worth the bucks if you can find it on DVD (I got mine at Suncoast in the U.S.) I agree this season isn't as great yet but it definitely has potential.

Agree Nip/Tuck is fun to watch (just to see what they'll do next that's not the norm) and love Rescue Me so far.

Nobody mentioned The Dead Zone on USA. While not deep in the writing area it is quite entertaining (and I like Anthony Michael Hall since he grew up--he was such a nerd in his teenage movies).

I will definitely miss SG-1 when it's over this year (yes, Richard Dean Anderson is "a god"). I like Atlantis so far but can't quite warm up to the characters as I'd like.

Agree with everyone on the Daily Show, it rocks. I could never really get into Alias, but I may give it a new chance this season since there's so little to watch.

The Buffy/Angel/Firefly DVDs will surely keep getting a workout until another Whedon show is on the air. Can a DVD get worn out? Has this happened to anyone yet?
If you only watch one programme this October, watch Farscape.
Looks bloody awesome, the trailer was just released today.
"I will definitely miss SG-1 when it's over this year (yes, Richard Dean Anderson is "a god"). I like Atlantis so far but can't quite warm up to the characters as I'd like."

I wouldn't worry too much. Current ratings have got Sci Fi thinking about renewing for a ninth season with or without Richard Dean Anderson as a regular.

They want him to sign at least as a recurring character so that the character will be around for the expected big screen movies but the fact that Micheal Shanks and Chris Judge have said they would stay on another year makes it look very likely SG-1 will go nine seasons.

Edited to TOTALLY agree with Ghost Spike!

Watch The Farscape mini series, it is going to be fantastic!

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I don't know how much I'd like Stargate without RDA. To me, he makes the show and last season where there was minimal usage of him was so obvious and the show really felt like it was lacking something. I had heard that they were interested in not only a ninth, but tenth season as well. I didn't know that RDA may not be part of the package. I'm enjoying Stargate Atlantis quite a bit. I'm hoping it will continue to get better.

Also, as I mentioned above, I just recently bought the first three seasons of Farscape because of all the raving I've heard from people on this site and others and so far am enjoying it tremendously. I'm only half way through season one. It's been nice "discovering" a new show and being able to watch it without pop-ups and commercials. I highly recommend buying a show you haven't watched yet. Hoping to be caught up for the mini-series but if not, I'll just tape it and watch it once I've seen all the episodes.

I forgot to mention that I also like Everwood but was dismayed to hear that Ann Heche is going to be a regular and I'm not a big fan of hers because of her obvious need for publicity and it's turned me off of her acting abilities. Hopefully I will be able to forget all that and still enjoy the show.
I'm already kinda getting used to RDA not being around much.

Compared to the first five seasons where he was integral to pretty much every episode they have been writing around his schedule more and more each season to the point where he has almost become a recurring character at this point anyway.

Don't get me wrong though. O'Neill is my favourite character on the show and i have to say that the show really owes it's success to him but at this point i think it is strong enough to go on without him there as a full time cast member.

Hopefully it might even mean Corin Nemec will return as Jonas Quinn. Stranger things have happened.
Didn't Corin Nemec commit suicide? I could swear it was him.
Not that i'm aware of Willowy, in fact he appeared at a Stargate convention not so long ago so if he did it was very recently and i'd be surprised that i've heard nothing about it given the fact i check out a lot of Stargate fansites.

Time for a quick Google though just in case.
Nope, thankfully i found nothing about that Willowy.

I wonder who it was you have got him mixed up with?
Ahh sorry, my bad. It was Jonathan Brandis, from Seaquest DSV. Poor kid.
Re: Six Feet Under possibly ending in a year or so

Around the end of Season 3 last year, I'm positive I read an interview in which creator Alan Ball said the fourth season may be its last, that the show was coming to its natural close (something like that). He seemed very happy with the way things had turned out so far, but it sounded like he thought there wasn't much more to tell and/or he didn't wanna drag it out.

Season 4 doesn't feel like they're wrapping things up (if you went by the Nate & Brenda plotlines, you'd almost think they were the way Nate is dealing with that death from last season and Brenda is...considerably happier than she was. But none of that can last for long, it's too good to be true, as indicated by the most recent ep), so I'm pretty sure there'll be a Season 5. Haven't read any interviews with Alan Ball since then, so I dunno how he feels a year later.

I want it to end sooner rather than later though. I'd hate for the series to run too long. Four or five seasons is kinda perfect in my opinion, then I'll be ready for more American Beauty-quality film scripts from Ball (and the other SFU writers) and maybe another TV series in the future. If Joss hadn't branched out from the Buffyverse we wouldn't have gotten Firefly, I feel the same way about Ball. When he's ready for a new series though, I want Six Feet Under to be over. As much as some writers like to be workaholics, I don't trust that they'll always be able to spread themselves so thin. When Firefly, Angel Season 4, and Buffy Season 7 were on, only the first two of those really worked for me when all was said and done. I'm a big believer in original series creators watching their babies and handling them as much as possible from conception 'til conclusion.

I'll probably be sick over how much I miss the Fishers and their extended families when the series finishes, but I'd rather it be that than indifference, which becomes more and more likely as a series ages.
Thanks Kris

I've gotta say when Alan Ball says things are coming to a natural close, how can there be a natural close considering the series: its about people's life, and that only comes to an end when they die. It would be great though if they did all die in the last ep...............

Nate's hair falls into his eye, blinds him, and he stumbles down the stairs, taking David and the Plummer with him. Ruth finds her two boys broken bodies, and weeps uncontrollaby, before hitting George with her pot roast which is thrown in despair. Claire comes down, swears once and goes to get her camera. After taking some pictures of her dead family, she promplty slips on some-blood-that-just-happens-to-be-there and dies. The final scene consists of Brenda walking in making a sarcastic comment, walking away with attitude, while phoning Kroener to arrange the Fisher's funeral

Flash to white

Roll End Credits
"Hopefully it might even mean Corin Nemec will return as Jonas Quinn. Stranger things have happened." - The Neopagan

That would be nice, I enjoyed his character and thought he and Daniel could've had some interesting conversations. As for RDA, I feel the show really lacked last season with his pop-up appearances. It's been nice to see more of him this season with more lines instead of a one-liner here and there. I do miss him going through the gate with the rest of the team but I think they were clever in accommodating his wish to spend more time with his family by making him the General (therefore more scenes on set and not away on location). But if he does go, Jonas would definitely be a good character to bring back, the team seems a little lacking with just three people now.

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