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August 25 2004

SMG celebrate 2 years of marital bliss this week. And it's considered one of the entertainment highlights of this week from the AP. Is it me or do you feel they've been married longer than that?

I thought they were married longer than that. Huh. Well, happy anniversary smg and fpj.
To me, it seems they've just gotten married. How time flies. Wish a happy anniversary to Sarah and Freddie.
It does seem longer but 2 years is right. They got married in 2002, same year as me and my hubby.
Seemed longer to me, too.

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!
She only married Freddie to make me jealous, but I'm still holding out for her. Yup, I'm expecting them to break it off any day now... any day now...
Aftermac - I hear she's a Democrat and he's a Republican so who knows - maybe they won't make it past the election! Just kidding, I still love my mom even though she and I are polar opposites when it comes to politics!

Best Wishes Sarah and Freddie - hope you have many happy years together!

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