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August 26 2004

Confirmation on who Joss is bringing back from the dead in Astonishing X-Men. Do NOT read if you don't want to be spoiled for issue 4 as this leaves NOTHING to doubt.

Looks like the leaked picture that Simon posted in the previous thread was accurate.

Colossus is back.

Hopefully should be getting this issue today, and seeing as the issue came out in the States yesterday I don't think there's any need for a spoiler tag so I'll take it off.
Fair enough Simon, just thought id be safe rather than sorry with the spoiler tag.

Didn't want anyone dropping by this site and seeing that information an hour before they were setting off to pick up their copy of Astonishing X-Men #4 from the comicbook store hehe.
OMG. Colossus....

So much for Marvel and their..."NO more bringing back people from the dead....unless it's Jean Grey"
Perhaps his resurrection comes at a price - one moment of true happiness and it all goes wrong...

Who was it that Kitty Pryde was an influence on?

I've read the issue, and the final panels are so reminiscient of certain scenes between Buffy and Angel.
Got my copy yesterday and read it twice on the subway ride home, it was so good. That last page brought tears to my eyes and I hadn't ever read the story arcs where Peter & Kitty were a couple, let alone when he died! Funny, it didn't remind me of B/A at first reading, but Shroomy is right, it is similar to the S3 return of Angel. Still, I find that Joss has handled the return of Colossus with the emotional impact and high drama it deserves. I'm enjoying this cb immensely.

Loved the Ord scene at the school with the kids, complete with bad guy rubbing his brow in frustration, LOL! ("And you're sure they're not here? And you don't know where they went. This is very frustrating." "Did you wanna leave them a message, or...")

And Cassaday's rendering of Cyclops, a character I've always found booooring, has made him disturbingly hot to me! Thankfully, it has managed to completely wipe out my memories of James Marsden's vapid movieverse portrayal.
I love James Marsden as Cyke-- he's so boring it's delicious.

This was one of the most enjoyable comic reads I've had in years. Flipping that page and seeing Piotr bathed in red light knocked me out. I was uncontrollably giddy for hours. Thank Yahweh for this book.
My favorite moment, problably in the whole run so far, was in this issue. Those 3 panels that show Kitty just standing in wide-eyed shock as bullets fly around her and Colussus running through her. In the final panel her hand moves to her heart...indicating that maybe it has started to beat again.

Powerful stuff.
Yeah, James Marsden definately plays the old boyscout style Scott Summers in the movies. A far cry from the guy he became after the whole merging with Apocalypse affair.

His relationship with Emma has changed him a lot too. I just hope that when Jean inevitably returns again they don't go with the easy option of getting Scott and Jean back together again. Scott and Emma, Jean and Logan, that's how it should be as far as i'm concerned.
Ah crap, I forgot that this came out yesterday! Must get to the comic book store. Oh, and uh...I have no idea who Colossus is. So this should be interesting.
Some spoilers here if you haven't been reading Claremont's X-Men: The End.

Apparently (and I'm assuming that The End still takes place in the 616 universe) Scott and Emma stay together. In book 2 we learn that they have (I think 3) children. I think this is great since Scott and Emma are currently my favorite thing about the X-Men. They seem to make each other a lot more interesting.
Current word on all the "The End" series (X-Men, Hulk, Wolverine, the upcoming Spider-Man one by Stan Lee) is that they are not neccessarily to be considered canon and may or may not be the one true future of the Marvel Universe.

Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the X-Men: The End and Wolverine: The End series feature alternate futures for Logan? ;)
MindPieces: I also was unfamiliar with Colossus, as my first introducton to X-Men was through the movies, but I've found many comic book sites detailing their history, and have been able to fill in the blanks. Here is a site to help with Colossus.

I must say though, knowing the history or not, Cassaday's artwork so beautifully conveys the impact of seeing Kitty on this character. And vice versa. Wow, obviously they meant something to each other !
You know bringin back Colossus is VERY COOL, I wasn't expecting it, and some people have beenc omplaining that there has been very little major impact so far in the run, well here you are people, the one person many weren't expecting to get back is returning, how much do you wan tot bet that there will be huge ramnifications.
Well, since it was Colossus they brought back in issue 4, i'm betting I know who they "enemy living among them" is . . .
Marvel leaked a fake finale page of this issue (which appeared on Mile High Comics) to throw X-fans off the track on who was coming back.
Simon, i'm aware that the Mile High Comics "slip" was a foiler, but look at the promos for a certain mini-series set to launch in January. The character that stars in that is being reintroduced in Astonishing X-Men during the second arc.
This kicks ass! As soon as issue #3 hit and everyone started rushing to conclusions that Jean would be coming back I speculated that maybe SCOTT had rushed to the conclusion and we shouldn't just assume he's right. Wait till issue 4, I said. Maybe it'll be Colossus, I said.

Wee... being right is fun sometimes. :P

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