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August 27 2004

Buffy season 7 (R1) DVD now available for pre-order on

Its odd, yet very cool that Buffy season 7 is currently getting more pre-orders on Amazon than Spider-Man 2.

Can't wait for this!!!!

I personally thought season 7 was really interesting and well done so I have marked Nov 16th (I had the wrong date!) on my calendar.

There is of course the sad feeling that I have no more Buffy dvd sets to anticipate - however still Angel season 5!

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Finally! I've been waiting for this for MONTHS!
Mark that as two of us, Passion. Thought this DVD would be out on....nevermind. Now that I think of it, this season reminds me of season 4. The overall story arc kinda' broke down, but the stories theirselves ruled. 'Selfless' broke my heart. And 'CWDP' goes beyond what I think. Again, Joss has delivered his best work. I'll hush now.
I'll buy it to complete my collection, but I'm not a huge fan of season 7. There were some good individual episodes, but I rank this as the worst season of either Buffy or Angel.

There have been plot holes and inconsistent story lines in other seasons (Buffy season 5 for example), but nothing as frustrating as watching my favorite show fall apart before my eyes, as season 7 did.
Gotta say that I love the wildly divergent Amazon reviews at this point.
Robert W. Moore's review (the first one displayed) is interesting... while I would take issue with some of his opinions ("there is virtually no debate that this is the weakest season in the show's seven" Hahahaha where has he been?), I do like his statement that even if this was the weakest season of BtVS, it was still better than almost everything else on broadcast TV.

And there's no whining about the cover art! Yay!
I also love the wild divergence of reviews on Amazon. I have mixed feelings about Season Seven but I've packaged them up and placed them in limbo for the time being.....I want to be able to evaluate the season after the passage of more time. Something tells me that my feelings will ultimately grade towards either "good" or "bad" rather than the "good and bad - help, confused!" that characterizes them now.

I do agree with Robert Moore (a HUGE Whedonverse fan), though. Season Seven beats most stuff on network tv.
"The lameness of The First as the Big Bad. Cementing this was the terrible use of the great use of Nathan Fillion (who was spectacular as Mal Reynolds in FIREFLY) as Caleb."
hmmmm, all of the people I've spoken to rank Caleb as one of the best villains, up there with the Mayor and Angelus.

I also couldn't understand his comments about how theres no debate about this season, most of the stuff read about season 7 is some people arguing that its the best season, and some arguing that it's the worst.
I'll also buy this (my second-to-last Buffyverse DVD set, until Angel S5 is released...) to complete my collection, but it's the only DVD set I'm not excited about owning. It's by far my least favorite season (of either buffy or angel) and I have a very ho-hum feeling about owning the DVDs. Like others, though, i enjoyed reading the amazon reviews. It's always fun to see how fans of the whedonverse, who agree so totally on the greatness of the shows, can disagree so enormously on the individual merits of seasons or episodes. I don't understand how anyone can consider S7 the best of buffy (even if they don't put it at the bottom of the list), but I appreciate that there are those that do, and remain open for someone with a good argument to convince me it's better than i think it is.
(interesting tidbit i picked up from Robert W. Moore's review: I had heard Joss was hoping to bring Tara back, but I had never heard the details of how he planned to do it. What a shame it never came to pass... Now i'll always think of what could have been in an alternate buffy reality. Also, i do agree with his point that even buffy at its worst is better than most of TV!)
I, also, will be buying season 7 mostly only to complete my collection. There are a few things we have to look forward to, however, beyond the episodes themselves, like the "Chosen" commentary with Joss. I know I'm excited about listening to that.
I understand what you mean, Passion. It makes me a little sad, too. This is really the end.
And we know you want to see the feature on the Potentials

Don't deny
Reading the reviews is great; its certainly less daunting when there are 16 compared to season 1s 500. Have to say that this was the most disappointing season for me, but not the worst. That honor goes to ats s1. Yeah, its still an honor, compared to everything else on TV. Will of course be buying it for the commentaries and featurettes, as well as eps like Selfless and CWDP.
For me, Seventh season is one of my best, and favourites.

I really enjoy it, the maturity of characters, the drama, and yes the humour. I don`t understand why people think they lost all the humour. It`s more drama this season, ok, but still have humour.
I prefer drama,more than humour.

I understand people don`t like the Potentials. They were many, many, many, yes. And they take away screentime of Xander, Anya, Dawn and Giles. Not all the Potentials had a story behind them, but a few ones yes. Anyways, the Willow/Kennedy arc is the inly thing i hate in the whole series.

But i really don`t understand some of the reviews in Amazon. Apart from Potentials and screentime,and the lost of humour, they criticize things that for me are virtues.
For example:

Buffy as a leader. I think it`s a new concept for the role.
Spike fighting himself and dealing with his new soul. It`s not a copy of Angel. It`s diferent. We see the process, not the result.
Buffy as a loner, for the "first" time, and how Spike turns into another kind of support for Buffy. How she changed her mine about he, bacause he`s no longer the monster he was. And the new relationship of trust, between them.

I like all the "War Speeches" of Buffy. The message of who deserves to be the leader, at the end.

The First Evil as the final Big Bad. He`s THE FIRST. The source of all the Evil. Who else can be the last? :p The perfect choice.

Also, the added of Caleb. For me it isn`t a desperate formula <_<

And then... Chosen. The best way to end the series. It left me the fell of complete closure, and with desire of more. That is a signal of well made things.

I think i`m not leaving nothing to comment :p

Sorry for my english.
One thing that's always puzzled me is the reluctance of Americans to buy multi-region dvd players (mine cost under $50). I bought the season 7 dvd five months ago - no way was I going to wait! As for the standard of season 7, sadly it gets worse each time I watch it - a steep nose-dive after the magnificent preceding seasons. Oh,and the final dvd has one voiceover from Joss that made me grind my teeth - he goes out of his way to praise Iyari Linon and the Kennedy character, more than any other member of the cast. Maybe others feel differently, but it riled me.
I actually think it's cool that Joss praised Iyari. Nothing worse than watching one person get butchered for a character she played.

With that said, season 7 was a good season, not a great one, but no where near as painful as I found the first season, which I have repressed to the best of my abilities.
Funny how different everyone's opinion is of this season. Before I bought season 6, I wasn't looking forward to any of the episodes except for "Once More With Feeling". Now that I own season 6 and have reviewed everything again, I can't remember why I wasn't thrilled about the season overall. Season 7 isn't as dark and introverted for the characters as season 6 was.

Okay, no I'm wrong. It's more introverted for Anya, Willow, and Spike, but Buffy knows who she is and her role in things. She's not the one who is coming to terms with her life, as she was in most prior seasons. Shes eased back into being alive, and being a mother figure to Dawn. Dawn is in the position that Buffy was in when she started: high school. Buffys become the leader and also the disciplinarian for the rest of the characters, including Giles. This is a very different role for her, but altogether a natural progression in a person's life, if you think about it. You start out in life trying to find your place, you find your way, and to come to terms with that place. Once you finally accept your place in the world, you can help others navigate into their own. Wow, it is true; you really do become your parent(s).

Faith, albeit on the lamb from the law, has also come into her own maturity, yet not on the same level as Buffy. This is evident when the others try to make Faith fill the role of the leader. (This would have been an ideal point for Faith to start her spinoff into her own series.) All of this being said, and understanding Buffy's role, (becoming her mother, in a sense,) then in retrospect this season is brilliant for different reasons from it's predecessors. Good job, Marti! (Joss was busy with Firefly, so most of the credit should go to her.)

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very exciting! only two more sets to complete the collection--but there are only a handful of episodes in season 6 i am looking forward to, because i remember not liking the season overall, but then again i am now watching season 5 and i actually think its a lot better than what i remember, so the same could happen with 6 (but not double meat palace, sorry folks, lol)in my opinion, season 6 was the worst of either buffy or angel...

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