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August 27 2004

Spooky time for Amy. Angel favourite Amy Acker is looking forward to a haunting good Halloween in London. Also, she's rumored to be in the Hilary Duff film, The Perfect Man.

The American actress, who played science boffin Winifred "Fred" Burkle, in the series Angel, is part of the star line-up for Halloween 2004.

She will be joining co-stars David Boreanaz and James Marsters for the weekend spectacular of ghouls, ghosts and, of course, vampires.

The native Texan says she has an adventurous side and seems prepared for London on the scariest night of the year.

This should be an excellent con. David and James on stage together with Amy. And Jane to offer insight. Wow!
Yeah, it could be one of the biggest cons ever!!!!
Is it nearly October yet?

This just gets better and better James ,Juliet, David, Amy Jane and er Luke
Luke....who's Luke (wink,wink)?
I wonder if the rumor about Amy in a Hilary Duff movie is true. It might be good exposure for her, rather like Charisma on "Charmed," but she deserves so much more.
Hold it - how will Amy be able to do this convention she'll be 7-8 monthes pregnant by then and I know doctors usually ask expectant mothers to curtail their travel after the 2nd tri-mester.

She was 5.5 months in mid Aug. - she'll be 7.5 then - I think someone needs to recomfirm this with her and her agent.
Raven, maybe she's already across the pond?

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