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August 28 2004

It's a wrap for Serenity, says Jewel in blog. Wrap party is Saturday night and whole troupe is exhausted. "What a place to be in right now. I feel great. Tired, but great," says our Jewel.

Seems sad point in the road to April, 2005, but I hope we'll get insider reports during post-production. (Bleh, fixes spelling.)

Wow, They went SO fast! I'm shocked!
And now, we wait.

Let the search for brown coats, with suitable flair, begin. ;)
That was fast, wasn't it. She doesn't have to worry though, they'll be all doing it again in two years time : ).
God, that DID go fast! *is the parrot of 'whedonesque'-- doomed to repeat what everyone has already said*

*counts on fingers the months 'til April*

Seven months! I don't think I can wait that long! I'll just have to sing the 'Firefly' theme to pass the time. "Take my land, take my sea..."

Is it April yet?
Angel season 4 in September, should be able to drag that out, find some books to read between that and the November Buffy seson 7. Read a few more books, do some hwk, until Febuary, Angel season 5. Than there is only 2 months until Serenity.

It's not too long if you take it in steps.
Well, think of it this way...Basically, every three weeks of a an hour long (i.e., 41-48 minute) TV show is the equivalent of a longer-than-average theatrical movie (every two weeks the equivlant of a shortish one). By that standard, this was a pretty leisurely schedule!
Jewel's comment about the wire-work, etc. seems ominous. It was like she was talking about someone we wouldn't expect. Anyone think River is going to become a fighter?
lovelorne: Oh come oonnn, what kind of a fan are you?

"Take my land, take my sea..." ???

I'll help you with the first line:

"Take my love. Take my land ..."

Hint: Yes, later on there is a line with land and sea in it.

Awesome. Can't wait for the movie. *_*
"Take me out to the black, tell 'em I ain't comin' back. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me." -Z sings
I'm going to be on pins and needles until April 22. River was one of the more mysterious characters in 'Firefly'. No telling what twist and turns Joss has in store for us.
Does this mean I will now have to rename my poem to Serenity's (next to) Last Transmission?
ZachsMind, you brought tears with that poem. Does Joss know you're available? I've run across your work before on the 'net, but I missed this one. Serenity was the 10th character. If I may, recommend you keep the ink well fresh. I don't think Joss is done with Serenity yet. Again, wonderful poem.
Hi. I am someone with insider info on Serenity. I am connected to the producion in some way. I must be vague so as not to belay my identity. While I must maintain professional confidentiality, I can give bits and pieces to anyone who wishes to know. I have seen some of the film, as well as been on set while Joss was directing. Anyone interested?
No thank you, insider3582. We can wait. Also, you may want to check whatever info you have with a Whedonesque moderator, via e-mail, before posting that kind of data on this site. FYI.
insider3582 email me and we'll talk about it, my address is my profile.
PowerToThePeople, you are a mean person, and you anger me with your rude yet honest comments!

For you information, I happen to like the 'land and sea' line the best, so I started from there. If you're going to get all technical on me, and harp on me for not starting at the beginning, then I shall have to remove you from my 'Christmas Card' list and place you on my 'People I throw Rocks At' list.

But I'll only throw the little rocks at you, the bigger ones are for an unnamed person *cough* Iyari Limon *cough* at the upcoming con.
I guess this goes to Simon more than insider3582: I'd be happy to hear about some generalities (silly stuff that went on, camera broke when Mal was goofy, catering truck didn't show up one day etc), but not plot points or not the kind of info that Joss would be unhappy to see online.

And FYI, insider3582, thanks for offering, though, not wanting to sound ungrateful. BTW, Simon is the Main Mod 'round here.
But, lovelorne, there is no "Take my land, take my sea..." lyric in the whole song. You must be thinking of "Burn the land and boil the sea".

And please don't throw small or big rocks at sweet Iyari. Personally, I like to conserve my supply for when Kennedy comes on the screen. I've gone through 5 TV sets so far. Not to bright, I know. Maybe I should switch to something softer? Nah.

I agree, Drifter. I need as much behind-the-scenes stuff as possible. I'll steer clear of the spoilers if any are posted, though.
Oh...lissie biff, you're right! OoOoOops. :S

There is just no way of getting out of this without being embarrassed, is there? Oh, well. Might as well make the best of it.

'Take my cheddar, take my bree, but you can't take the swiss from me...'

And I sang it right!

[ edited by lovelorne on 2004-08-30 09:34 ]
I didn't mean what information insider3582 had to offer was wrong or unappreciated. I meant he may want to check with a moderator for possible copyright violations before posting. If I was out of line, then I wish to apologize to insider3582, Simon, and the other members.

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