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August 28 2004

Julie Benz thanks fans for supporting Angel. The clip is from her recent appearance at the SFX Convention in Toronto.

She was great. Very down to earth and open. One of my favourite questions dealt with the "cliffhanger" of the end of Angel. Why did she think Joss had done it that way. Emphasizing that this was her opinion only, she said that she thought that Joss couldn't bear to end the show, and so he didn't. She talked about how difficult it could be to get back into the character of Darla and felt that she didn't quite succeed in the episode where she comes to talk to a grown Connnor. That was partially the fault of new writers, she felt. She has another Q & A on Sunday, no doubt someone will post more then. Maybe even me!
Me again, all alone at the tiny con in Toronto! (Well, obviously Faith is here too, somewhere!) According to Mercedes McNab, the Angel mini-series, with each episode focusing on a different character is just awaiting the green light then Joss will be doing it. Mind you, this is also the woman who, when she was told that in an upcoming episode, she would be working everyday, all day, went to the net to get spoilers to see what the episode (clearly about her) was going to be about! The other interesting tibit was that if the show had not ended, it was going to be Spike who died in the big fight - not Wesley!!! She is not working and admitted that she was starting out all over again.
"The other interesting tibit was that if the show had not ended, it was going to be Spike who died in the big fight - not Wesley!!!"

Well if that was to be the case then it wasn't going to be a very long death (again) as i know of two writers seperate comments on what was to happen in season 6 who both mention details on Spike's involvement. Not to mention that they contracted James for two seasons. I think she may have been mistaken on that detail to be honest.

Hopefully Mercedes is more accurate with the Angel mini-series information though because i'm really hoping that goes ahead.

Lioness, did she happen to mention if Harmony plays any part in them?
Agreed. Spike was to be used more in the next season. Not to mention the fact that JW still had in the back of his mind a Spike/Faith spinoff down the road, I seriously doubt Spike was set to die.
I went on Sunday hoping to catch Julie Benz at the Q&A, but the power in the entire convention centre -- along with that in the downtown, west-side quadrant, went out, just before the noon start. (And the Yankees and Toronto were playing next door!) I hung around the dealer floor for a while but you can only do so much in the dark ;-). But after watching the girls (ahem) in their anime character costumes cavorting all over the place, I left the centre and went for brunch. It looked like it was going to be the Great Blackout all over again. I later overheard it lasted an hour and a half. Anyone know? So I don't know whether Julie did the Q&A in a dark, steamy threatre.

When I returned, I saw her in the autograph lines, easily the most popular star in the large autograph area. I had nothing for her to sign but watched for 10 minutes and saw how delighted she was to meet the fans, especially the youngest ones. In one case, a dad, mom and young daughter got her signature, then Julie told the girl how she was going to ask her a question and expected her to get it right, laughing all along. Didn't hear the q, sorry. She was so at east and immediately put everyone else at ease. Real class. And, did I mention she is way pretty? Don't know how the makeup folks could stand to uglify her with the vamp face and pale complexion.

Could only go Sunday and missed Mercedes, although her and Emma Caulfield's autographs could be bought for considerable cash. Dealers, love 'em or hate 'em.

Last, I have to say that Anime is taking over. There were four streams at the show: comics (still pretty big), sci-fi, horror (biggish) and anime. I'd say that on Sunday, anime fans outnumbered everyone by comfortable margin. Dealer tables were bulging with import books, DVDs, t-shirts, posters, stuffed characters. And most of the dressed fans came as any number of characters from the world of Japanimation. Okay confession: my only purchase was of the stuffed Cowboy Bebop character Ed, holding Ein. Cute.

Overall, it was a lot of fun, and it was just as enjoyable watching everyone else have a good time. I would venture to say the show was a huge success, judging by how packed all the aisles were.
Strange. My earlier comment has disappeared. To recap: My bad. I was corrected at the con today by someone who also heard Mercedes but has better hearing! She said that J., not James was scheduled to die. So there you have it.The Neopagan, Mercedes didn't say whether anyone had approached her to be in the miniseries but judging from her interest, she either hopes or expects to be.
Drifter, if you hadn't been in line an hour before Julie's Q & A today, you wouldn't have gotten in. It was one of the small rooms and it was packed. We had some generator powered lights - enough to keep going but it did indeed get hot and steamy in there - not only because her husband, John Kassir joined her! Funny - when the power died, it went dark for about 6 seconds before the generators kicked in. Julie laughed and said "I took off my top while it was dark!" And all the males sighed.
Yeah that makes a lot more sense given that Gunn was near death before the battle began plus i'd heard absolutely nothing about his involvement in season 6.

Thanks for the update on Mercedes too Lioness.
Since I live in Toronto, me, my cousin, and my sister were gonna go on friday.Unfortunatley only she was sceduled for friday.All three stars, Emma, Julia, and Mercedes, were to appear in Saturday.But I couldn't make it for Saturday, cause we had to go to church.And on sunday, we were busy also.Me and my cousin, might go to the october convention, which features the actors who played Glory and Knox.
TheSlayer246 - you mean Sunnydale Central? I went last year and really enjoyed it. You know that everyone is there because they are into Joss' worlds, not anime, Star Trek, comics, whathaveyou. Not that there is anything wrong with those - as Drifter pointed out - it makes for great visuals.
If you are going to buy tickets though, I recommend you do it sooner rather than later - they need 50% by August 31st or it may have to be postponed.
We might go, unless there is another convention which features more Buffy stars.I wanted to go because I am a big fan of Buffy & Angel.It would have been fun to go, unfortunatley we were too busy.Maybe next time, we'll make it to a convention.On Friday, the first day of the convention, we didn't go, because only Julie was featured that day.The rest were all comic book writers.Me and my cousin only wanted to come because our fav Buffy stars were coming.We weren't sci fi fans.But we were sci fi fans of Buffy and Angel, only.So instead, we went to watch Hero, which was a good movie.I already explained why I couldn't go on Saturday and Sunday.

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