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August 30 2004

Adam Baldwin issues post-wrap party whoop. Short but sweet statement so very early in the a.m.! Link direct to essentials of AB's statement, without poli dressing.

If you want to wade into poli thread, go direct here but be warned:

You really, really don't wanna dive into that political thread. Although I'm totally psyched for this film. It can't come soon enough, I say.
Nothing in the 'verse could make me venture into that political minefield over yonder, but I appreciate the poster who did, saving me both time and needless hospitalization.

Surely can't wait for Serenity to take to the sky. Every time I think about the theme blasting in sterophonic glory above my head (rattling deep in my bones, thank you George Lucas and THX sound technology), and picture Cap'n Mal's beloved boat floating against the pinprick black like a golden jewel, I get the shivers. Good shivers.

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