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August 30 2004

The Buffy season 8 opening credits. The official opening credits for the Buffy season 8 fanfiction at Download the mpg.

I hope this is ok to post. I found this last night and thought they did a very good job making the credits look so authentic. It's not difficult to imagine that these could have been the opening credits for a new season had Buffy stayed on the air.

OT: On the page there are pics of the Angel season 4 box art. Again, there is no Wesley on the box. He'll probably be absent from the cover art of the fifth season as well.

I'm allowing this to stay up, there may be moderator consenus for the opposite when Europe wakes up in a few hrs.

It's quite well done, the only problems with it are Jonathan and Anya getting killed. A bit over the top and kind of turns the two events into "sound bite" sized novelties.
Cool video for th eigth season credits. However I would have added Faith to those credits with Andrew and Kennedy. And lets not forget Clem.
Yeah, this vid has a strange obsession with character death. Tara, Anya, and Jonathan are all shown in their death moments. Also, the editing's a bit sluggish, but that's a quibble.
Hey, where's Ms. Calendar's death at? Oh, and don't forget Joyce's dead body. Did I miss that one?
Credits are quite difficult to make on a home-pc, you need all the right clips, unless you have all episodes on your pc, or dvd-ripping software. Clips of characters deaths, are probably easier to find than a clip of someone just smiling or saying something.

This is a good job, better than my attempts.
That's weird. I've watched that 4 or 5 times and the only death I've noticed is Anya's.

I watched it again and this time I saw Andrew stabbing Jonathan and Buffy jumping off the tower, but I still did not see Tara's death.
Four paws studio did a good job making one as well...

edited cause you know...I know how to spell "one"...

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tara's death is one of the very quick flashes towards the end
Oh you're right, now I see it. Yep, lots of death in that video.
Thanks for that link, Rogue. I like the 4Paws one a lot. Eliza Dushku as regular cast member! Excellent.
I really like the 4Paws one too. Hell, they're both good, though I do like the idea more of Eliza Dushku being a regular on the show.
I'd never come across jet wolf before and got caught up in watching all his Buffy vids. Some of those are really great! Thanks for the link!
When I download it (on Windows media player) it is just 25 seconds long, and cuts off write in the middle of Iyari Limon's credit. ARe some of you seeing longer, complete credits?
Yes, we are. I used RealPlayer to view it and saw the complete credits.
I'm using Media player and saw the whole thing. I saved it first and then opened it as opposed to just playing it right off. I liked Jetwolf's better though, more action. But, I can't say I'd be thrilled if Kennedy was added to the credits if there had actually been a season 8. Tara was only added for the episode she was killed for, Spike, Lorne and Harmony all had many, many episodes before they were added in the opening credits. Found it interesting that they both used her and that both versions used almost the same shot of Buffy at the end. Enjoyed them both though and kudos to the creators!
Iyari Limon in the credits? Hopefully just for one episode, where Tara is resurrected and banishes her to a hell dimension.
What do you all have against Kennedy?
The character never rang true to many of us. Speaking for myself, her part came across as exactly what it was, the only option Joss had available, as Amber Benson chose not to return. Kennedy came across to me as a "quick fix", in an attempt to have the show end with one of the main cast happy, and in a relationship, which is the scenario Joss has said he wanted.

For those that enjoyed the character, more power to you. I envy that those who liked Kennedy didn't have to deal with the damper that her presence put on my Buffy enjoyment.
the actress seems fine, I just didn't like the character, and it just seemed way to soon after Tara's death...

It didn't ruin the show for me or anything, I don't sit up at night crying "why Joss! Why!!!!!". I definitely wouldn't make her a regular character.... I like to think of her as just a fling for Willow :)
Well, I've cried over the Kennedy relationship quite a few times. And probably the only place I'll ever admit that is online, but hey. Here’s what was wrong:
“We’re going to make this about moving on, because that’s the only option we have. I don’t want Willow stuck in typical gay celibacy on TV. I’m interested in where her heart will go once she’s lost her true love, so let’s do that instead."-Joss
She wasn’t put in a relationship because it fit with her and the story, but because Joss wanted some action for his gay character. It was so she could be smiling and have a girlfriend at the end, and that’s obviously going to ring false. Willow’s arc should have been her redemption and dealing with what she had done and the loss of Tara with help from her friends. If Joss wanted to see how she dealt with having another relationship, wait a few years and make the movie then. A few months go by, and that’s just not realistic, right or needed. I don’t see how he could have thought putting her in a romantic relationship was his “only option”. It did spoil the season a bit for me, yeah. She shouldn’t have an episode to get over it. She should have gotten a season to get a bit better, and be glad enough that she’s alive and loved and helped save the world in the end. But what she did and what she lost should still be with her, even so. There’s no need for her to be completely healed, even if it is the end of the series. As we’ve seen with Angel, it never goes away. Joss messed with that, so of course it’s going to feel phony. So, for me, it wouldn’t have just been wrong with Kennedy- even if Oz came back, he would only be there so the writers could take a shortcut.

Sigh. The credits are nice.
No problem! I love Jetwolfs videos...and came across it a long time ago when looking for a video... I just remembered how cool it was to have a season 8 opening.

Now there are two to choose from! I'm sure there are many many more we all just don't know about.

Although I still miss Willow and Oz.... Maybe I'm the only one...
Does anybody know if there are any sites with credits/music videos of Angel and Alias?
Hi, everybody. I'm the guy that brought so much death to the opening credits. This is actually the first time I've seen actual critique against it and... it's sort of fun. :)
Anyway... It took me about 7 hours in total, spread over 2 days, to make these credits. Those 7 hours also include the time it took for me to actually figure out how to use Adobe Premiere, I had never seen it before then.
The death of Anya was always there, if there were one scene that I really wanted in the credit it was that one. Tara's death got included because the only season I had on the computer was season 7, since I had already deleted the previous seasons when I got them on DVD, and I still really wanted a Tara moment. So the only thing left as far as I can remember was her death from a "previously on" segment. Jonathan's death just ended up being there, and in retrospection you're probably right, it's a lot of death there. But I rushed to get it finished and I wanted a lot of different characters in there (still a bit disappointed that I didn't get an Amy scene in there).
The addition of Kennedy and Andrew instead of Faith wasn't really something that I could control. The writer chose which character that was a part of the main cast and I made my credits according to that.
If you have anything else to add please send it along cause I'm very much interested. :)
Wow... Just watched the 4Paws one and wow.... I confess your credits kicked my credits ass, and all of the real ones aswell. The only thing I don't like is the fact that there are so many shots of people talking in the clips, that's always annoying since you don't actually hear anyone talking. But, that's one great credit that you got there.

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