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August 30 2004

Joss co-written song featured in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. It's called "My Lullaby".

It's probably a bit more accurate to say co-wrote, since this originally came out in 1998. :)
Damn, didn't catch the 1998 thing. I was wondering why it sounded familiar but I hadn't heard anything about it recently. My posting rights should be limited from 12-9pm, seriously heh

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Don't suppose any one has actually heard it? I loved the first movie but I refuse to get any of these direct to DVD Disney sequels.
I've got it on video, it's a very cool song - it's the one that the bad guy sings - it is, like the article says, very similar to 'be prepared'

in fact, the whole movie is generally a reprise of the first movie, just having moved the characters around a bit
Those direct-to-dvd disney sequels are terrible, I've got Lion King 2 somewhere, wonder if it's worth looking for to hear the song.

Strange that with all the crap sequels disney have turned out after the last few years, they lost Pixar due to the fact that they wouldn't let them do Toy Story 3, seeing as the first sequel is one of the very, very few good Disney sequels, you'd think they'd be all too keen for another one.

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My son got a video of this movie as a present and I intended to exchange it. Guess I won't...

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