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August 31 2004

J. August Richards interviewed about the end of Angel. To tie in with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's release of season five on VHS, BBC caught up with JAR to discuss the show.

Every other year, everybody was like "Oh, I don't know if we're coming back." But this year, everybody was like "Oh, we're definitely coming back." So I should've known.

I still don't understand this. :(
basicly he means that whenever there negative about it, the show goes on. So he should have know that the one time they were sure it would come back, it wouldn't continue.
Here's an interesting thought. Would David Boreanaz consider doing an Angel movie that went straight to DVD?
One time I said to Joss, "You should have a vampire drag queen on the show." He looked at me, and he said, "You're on."

JAR in fangs, fishnets and freaky eyeliner... Oh, Joss, why did you deny us? It isn't about what we want, dammit. It's about what we need. ;)

Re: DB and straight-to-DVD -- I dunno, but I seriously doubt it. Some of the movies he's done have already barely escaped that fate. I can't really imagine him embracing the move to a lower-profile outlet for his work unless his big screen ambitions totally pan out. He seems to be committed to a film version of AtS and nothing less.

Could it be that because he's both acted and directed on AtS, he's more concerned (and aware) about how typical budget limitations for sci-fi and fantasy TV projects could potentially hurt the Angel franchise by compromising the quality fans are used to seeing?
"The cancellation took us by surprise but you know ironically there was something okay about it. I remember when I was a little boy watching Entertainment Tonight, and hearing about shows that went to a hundred episodes and wishing that I could be a part of a something like that, and here I am."

They should all be very proud of what they accomplished. Still, as the networks are starting to dribble out this seasons new shows, I have a gigantic empty feeling because Angel Season 6 isn't among them. :-(
What a nice guy. I've always been sorry that Gunn's story was never as fully explored as it could have been.
Yeah, WWBD, not a lot of Gunn backstory development...a new series, anyone?
Nice interview and even nicer guy. It's always good to hear how enthusiastic these people were for the work they were doing.

I'm assuming that this was done before they finished filming due to some of the comments made. I wonder if he was aware that he was going to be killed off at the end of the season no matter what, not so sure that he was from what he was saying.

As for David being involved in direct to DVD movies, i'm very doubtful about that. Regardless of the end format they would still be made on a telemovie type budget which is the issue i assume is David's problem. The fact that he wants to see things done on a grander scale. Guess we will have to wait and see though.

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Even if there was a 6th season, wasn't JAR not even going to be in it? Wasn't the original plan, pre-cancellation, for him to die on-screen?
I also doubt David would consider a straight to DVD movie (or Joss for that matter). He made it quite clear he would only return to the role in a silver screen picture. A straight to DVD movie would be seen as a compromise. Neither Joss or David would accept that, IMO. It's all or nothing.

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